Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2013 on ABC

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  • Help S3

    I need to see S3
  • Could not believe Conrad was behind everything going on all this time. I will rate it as 9

    Just got done with final episide of season 2 - can't wait to see how far Conrad Grayson gets by with everything he has done. Letting his people think there was a initiative. What will Jack do now he lost hus wife who he thought was Amanda Clarke, now loses his brother. I also can't believe the girl actually set up Nolan after all.

  • revenge

    i thought that fear was a very promising episode from revenge because it actually set things up in the right direction by bogging down all the subplots from season 2 so that we could really get back to what this show a success in season 1, but though it wasn't perfect but still promising. hopefully the rest of the season will be more like season 1
  • revenge confusing

    in the beginning of the show you see emily get shot then you see that she is having a dream. she tells jack that she is the real amanda clarke but was that for another future show? then jack kisses emily like he really is in love with her and then says I don't feel anything. I don't get this opening show? am I the only one that found this show confusing? I love Nolan but parachutting into a party was just ridiculous!!!!!!!

    does Jack really know that emily is amanda? love to hear from all of you on this
  • Kinda Meh!!! but am still hopeful

    The first of episode of revenge was not Bad, and that's being kind. So let's forget,anti-climatic season 2 resolutions (Nolan already out of jail,)the brushed under the rug storylines (Charlotte's baby and her new sexuality???) Don't mind the plot holes (danciel and Victoria can't tell Emily's is acting evil) and convoluted plot points (Nolan parachuted in to avoid security, Emily SO easily changed the medical records and pinned it on "Ashely"???) WHATEVER it was still entaining

    Season 3 is on a mission to take us back to the original, but here's the thing, season 1 was must watch TV because it was fun, scandalous and over the top but all the while managing to be very "Focused".

    There was something so cool about watching Emily and side kick Nolan take down people each week on the way to the Grayson leaders, Conrad and Victoria. that was the premise, that was it,simple!!! , and as far as i was concerned all the secondary characters, Danciel, Tyler, Amanda, Jack, Declan, Ashley, Charlotte and Aidan were minor distractions that made her mission a little challenging and raised the stakes, but ultimately they were "distractions" and should have stayed that way.

    Revenge started to fail when it tried to bring these other characters into the centre. Seriously!!! who cared about Jack/Declan and their stupid Bar???, or Charlotte and her tantrums?? or even Nolan and his lame love affairs?? I love Nolan)

    Master takeda said it well, when he told Emily to screw everybody else and focus and that's what Revenge 3 needs to do,take out the B-level character dead weight and focus on Emily. Bring in new rivals for her to take down on her way to the Greysons, if she takes someone down, can that person stay down please, or it becomes pointless

  • Perfect beginning!

    So delighted to have Revenge back and it certainly didn't disappoint! Of all the season premieres I've seen for the new season, this was by far the best, and I have high hopes for Revenge moving forward!

    Excellent scenes with Jack and Emily, not to mention the crafty little web that Emily weaved.

    The character of Patrick is interesting. Very fascinated to see where that will go. I was also surprised Charlotte abandoned the pregrancy, which was unexpected.

    Emily is sure back! What a great episode! Also loved the ending! Can't wait for August 8th!