Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2013 on ABC



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    • Emily: I am so sorry that I lied to you. That I didn't tell you the truth in the first place.
      Jack: I know..I think about all the opportunities you had to tell me. That night under the fireworks, the night Sammy died...
      Emily: I wanted to.
      Jack: But you didn't. So I ask myself, why? Why was this so important to you? Then a couple weeks ago, I was leaving my uncle's place in Pittsburgh, and Carl was asleep in the back. I looked in the rearview, and just as he was waking up, his eyes caught mine, and...he just sprang to life. And in that moment, I saw the love that a child has for their father, and I understood why you're doing what you're doing. (moves in closer and holds her face in his hands. Why you told me when you did. To save me. (kisses her passionately, then stops) I didn't know how I felt about you until this moment. (moves away) And I'm sorry. I just don't feel anything. I'll keep your secret, but it's just me and Carl now. Leave us alone.

    • Jack: You're responsible for what happened with Conrad today, aren't you?
      Emily: He had no right being governor in the first place.
      Jack: So you almost kill him? Isn't that exactly what you were stopping me from doing?
      Emily: I'm not killing anybody, Jack. But I will let them suffer. These are terrible people doing terrible things. This is what they deserve!
      Jack: Did Amanda get what she deserved? Did Declan? Will I once the Graysons start connecting dots? Because they know what Amanda Clarke was trying to do to them. They just killed the wrong girl.
      Emily: (getting irritated) Yeah, you're right.
      Jack: (long pause) Finish this by the end of the summer, then leave for good, or I'll tell everyone the truth. (walks away)

    • Emily Thorne: (closing voice-over) Fear is the most primal of emotions, it can linger as a memory burnt into one's mind of a parent taken too soon. Or burrow into one's soul as self-doubt over a child's rejection. But the one thing we all fear the most is the unknown.

    • Emily Thorne: (opening voice-over) Fear. It's a fire that burns from birth in even the coldest heart. It motivates and paralyzes the best of us or is used as a weapon by the worst. But when your path is one of treachery and deception, the greatest fear of all is that the truth is absolute.

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