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wont return till march

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    it is unbelievable that this show will not be back till march 9th. I will forget what happened in the last episode. what is wrong with abc. this is a very long time in between episodes. that scene two weeks ago with emily shot in the stomach and swimming to safety was insane. no one could do that in real life. I don't get the scene when daniel says that emily was sterilized. what happened he just told the doctor's to sterilize her. I don't get it. a doctor would never do that until he spoke with the patient. jack does not go with that girl at all. he belongs with emily. does she have a memory problem or what? very confusing show now. the writers do not know what to do with the show. maybe they need a long break to figure out what they will do next. can anyone explain the show sunday night . or the week before? thanks mary

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