Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 16, 2012 on ABC

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  • Goodbye Sammy

    Poor Sammy, first time I ever cry on a dog, but what a dog! My heart ached to see him go to Emily for his last breath. And I have to say that the dog acted really well. I hope nothing bad will happen to Nolan, he kind of grew in me that guy. I will quote what Emily says at the end, that in my opinion really sums up Grief : "But grief is a merciless master. Just when you think you're free you realize you never stood a chance".
  • 1.21 'Grief'

    Wow, Daniel is such a weird human being. Betraying your own mama, working with the corrupt papa, not giving a crap about your pillhead sisteR, trying to bribe the most honest guy in Hamptons. Shame on you, Daniel Grayson. Just shame. Like father, like son I guess.

    I felt terribly sorry for Victoria when Lydia re-appeared in Conrad's penthouse and then he threw her out. She came back eventually and stole some incredibly important evidence regarding David Clarke's trial and death. But Daniel was smart enough (is that the right term?) to get it back from her just to please his father. And seriously, how twisted was that family therapy session?

    Emily updates her revenge to even more dangerous level and she should be thankful she has such an amazing friend like Nolan on her side. But life is sad and often unfair and it has a tendency to slap us back and it seems that Nolan is the only one to pay the price for his dangerous albeit very loyal actions. 8,5/10
  • Drama intensifies! Perhaps the most brilliant episode - for more than one reason.

    So much drama in tonight's episode! Aside from Sammy's tragic death, there was so many aspects of this episode which were simply phenomenal!

    Jack and Emily had a very interesting moment! I can't ewait to see how this plays out, especially as Ashley saw it all! Great suspense!

    Meanwhile, the very last scene of this episode was so intense and shocking, not to mention that I can't wait to see what happens next!

    Such a suspenseful, emotional, intriguing, critical, eye-opening episode, and in so many different ways!!! Please keep up the high standard, Revenge! I can't wait to see the finale! :)
  • horrible~

    3.0 I'll post this again....and see how long it stays online. I HATED the way they killed poor Sammy! I knew from day one...that Sammy would end up dieing somehow and bring Emiloy and Jack together. Wellllll the writers did NOT HAVE TO MAKE SAMMY SUFFER!!!

    Struggling to get to Emily's in the freezing cold.....I just fast forwarded it!!

    The actor that plays Jack was great though.....I was crying my eyes out. Revenge has been my favorite show up until now. It leaves a very bad tasted in my mouth for the way they tortured Sammy. I'm repeating myself......
  • revenge was sad last night

    last nights episode was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad i wish they couldn've killed sammy of in a less sad way. it was heartwrenching I really liked that it episode was by far the best episode ever!!!!!!!!! I could see a season finale looming.
  • Grief

    Grief was another perfect episode of Revenge because the story continued in some unexpected ways, there were some touching and emotional scenes and the ending was awesome and shocking. I was sad to see Emily and Jack share a last moment together with Sammy. It was interesting to see how easily Daniel follows in his fathers foot steps and Charlotte in her mothers in some ways. I was on the edge of my seat and found the plot progression very entertaining. I look forward to watching what happens next because it should be mind blowing!!!!!!!!!
  • Great, emotional episode.

    Another great episode, fast paced and with so much going on, it was almost hard to keep up.

    - As I watched the episode I kept thinking Takeda would not be pleased. I mean, if revenge can only be achieved by abstaining from any emotional involvement deeper than fury, then her plan is hurtling off the rails.

    - For the first time in a long time, we actually saw the real Emily. She brought back her emotions and let her guard down with Sammy's death and by kissing Jack. The fembot has actual emotions and Emily VanCamp did a truly great job.

    - Loved Emily's emotionless " I'm sorry" speech to Daniel, complete with eye roll.

    - I'm so happy Lydia is back, I hope she makes it to S2.

    - Before I could finish the phrase "That kiss is gonna bite you..." I saw Ashley standing there. Of ALL the characters who should NOT have that information....Ashley is number one on the list. She is clearly going to blackmail Emily.

    - I know I'm probably the only one but I was thrilled she kissed Jack. I like Jack, sure he's just too dam good and sort of boring sometimes but he's way better than Daniel.

    - Quote of the week: "You may be a lot of things: black belt in karate, impeccable dresser, and a certified sociopath, but you're not a killer."

    - Damnit, Emily finally acknowledges how awesome Nolan is. Of course something bad happened to him in the next 5 seconds. By the way, what a great cliffhanger right?.

    - I'm starting to really like Ashley, she's slowly evolving into a less awesome version of Victoria.

    Granted, she'll never be as awesome but she's no slouch in the manipulative bitch race either.

    - I'm sort of worried about one thing though, the whole Initiative thing. First of all what kind of name is that? I mean this isn't Buffy! Is the Initiative the terrorist organization that downed that jetliner for which David Clarke took the fall? Or something even bigger? Is what happened to Emily's father just the tip of the conspiratorial iceberg? I mean what the hell, one of the reasons the show works so well is the fact that the story is sort of grounded and fairly simple. The idea of a man and how he destroyed the other one was captivating and interesting.Expanding and attributing this destruction to coyly named shadow figures removes what we like most about the show: the characters. How many shows have fallen down the rabbit hole of poorly constructed conspiracy plots and not been able to crawl back out? I'm worried... really worried.
  • It's giving me grief

    And I don't mean last night's episode it was great as always. There is the season finale looming and presumably it won't go down very smoothly. After looking back an Emily's beginnings last week Revenge picked up the pace again.

    I loved the scene between Emily, Jack and poor Sammy. It was heart wrenching and lead to that one moment we (or at least I) have been waiting for since both met through the dog. But there's no telling what will come of it as the moment didn't go unnoticed. I won't go into details to avoid spoilers.

    The Graysons were at their best behavior again and reminded me of a pack of hyenas trying to rip each other's throats out. It seems that Charlotte is learning to step into her mother's shoes and Daniel clearly plunges head first into the dirty waters his father has stirred up in the past.

    And now we are left with only one episode left and one of the major players in jeopardy. Nolan has become a real trooper and I really hope we won't be left with his fate unresolved until next season.

    Grief comes in five stages and I'm expecting to go through a long period of denial and anger after the last episode of the season has been aired. Revenge is the most exciting show on TV right now and has provided its audience with excilerating and elaborate entertainment.