Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Conrad tells Victoria he's going to the West Coast on business, but he actually meets up with Lydia in the city for one last tryst and to pay her off with a cool 10 million dollars. Victoria's spy catches that and reports back to her.

Though banished by Victoria, Lydia returns to the Hampton. She wants to get her house back from Emily. She makes veiled threats, which Nolan observes through the whale camera he planted in Emily's house.

When Daniel finds out from Tyler that his father has been unfaithful, he refuses to work at the family company, Grayson Global. As a result, Conrad freezes Daniel's massive $100 million trust fund. He then buys a top-of-the-line Mercedes for Victoria, to make up for how angry she is about the Lydia payoff.

Charlotte, still upset from last episode, can't wait to get into trouble in the Mercedes. She enlists the help of Declan.

In spite of the discord in the Grayson family, they all prep for their next gala during family dinner.

Emily and Daniel make up, much to Victoria's disappointment. But things aren't going perfectly for Emily. The photo she sent of Lydia and Victoria to Lydia has a picture of her as Amanda in the background, and Lydia might be on to her.

Nolan goes to Lydia's to see what trouble he can cause, but Frank beat him there. Lydia has fallen off the roof. Nolan retrieves the incriminating photo of Amanda/Emily.

Meanwhile, Charlotte gets arrested for reckless driving without a license and she and Declan got hauled into the police station. Emily, Daniel, and Jack show up to bail the youths out. Daniel asks Jack if he can bartend at Jack's place. He takes Emily home to bed while Nolan tries to get in touch with her to tell her he has proof that Frank killed Lydia.

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