Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on ABC

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  • This show is beyond incredible!

    Renvenge is fast becoming one of my favoruite shows. It is so much fun to watch, not to mention very suspenseful and edxceptionally addictive! I am really loving it!

    The storyline today was great! Perhaps even better that ever before! I am really impressed! Eveyrthing with Lydia was extremely interesting, and I don't want to give away spoilers, but it was cmopletely incredible!!! I am stunned!

    I hope that this show stays this great for every week, because right now, it is one of the highlights on my week! :)
  • Guilt

    Guilt was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Revenge. I really enjoyed watching this episode as the drama and intrigue unfolded into a wonderful story full of character and plot development. It was awesome to see how everything intertwined and corresponded. I like the characters and their actions are very human, which is makes it easy to relate. The suspense in this episode kicks things up a notch as Lydia is portrayed as a serious threat to the Grayson's. I like how deep the drama is delving and I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • Good episode showing the continuance of Emily's well thought plan...


    Another negative character is eliminated and we get closer to the core of the problem...This episode releaved a lot, thanks to Nolans scheme, it shows the confession of Lydia, the murder of Lydia, which is to be blamed on the Chief of Security of the Grayson family, and also the speach might be extra evidence...All this might come in handy for the next episodes and wil certainly makes it more interesting...

    This episode also showed the possible reasons that Tyler may have for attempting to get revenge on Daniel...This may be the start of placing several character that will give this show a big touch of unpredictability, making the plot more complex and surprising.

  • egneveЯ vs. Return to Eden, thrilling story, good-hearted and devilish personas, Agent Nolan XXX, Æmily as Picasso's muse (Spoiler free)


    Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke, the two sides of an angelic beauty and vengeful daughter. But she's no Two-Face as the first hasn't killed her former self yet, even if I wouldn't mind the show to be darker and disturbing. They just share the same body and soul. In fact Revenge reminds me of a mini-series that marked my younger days, Return to Eden. It first aired in 1983 and its story had a high impact on me. It told the tragic life of Stephanie Harper and her rebirth as Tara Welles. From dangerous crocodiles to a nice plastic surgeon it had all the ingredients to viciously charm its audience. The mini-series was actually so successful that it became a TV series. No one tried to kill Amanda but her father was framed for a murder he didn't commit. However like Stephanie she decided to change her name and use her talents, beauty and intelligence, to ruin the life of the monsters behind her traumatic experience. To sum things up Emily Throne is to Revenge who Tara Welles is to Return to Eden. We'll see if the first knows when it's time to back off before it's too late !

    Last time I complained about the repetitiveness of the some patterns applied by the writers. Their work is so brilliant that I knew they wouldn't disappoint us and keep the audience under pressure. Guilt delivered in all departments and was fueled by what makes the show so addictive and interesting. First it was less predictable and blurred the lines that define the characters shape even more. From Nolan's suspicious good intentions to the shocking death of Lydia (Amber Valetta) it had all the elements of a great thriller. Don't worry revealing Conrad's mistress fate is no spoiler as it's actually the very first scene of the episode, like Daniel's death in the pilot. So it almost felt like peeping at the finale, making the story even more captivating and unpredictable. It got even better when Emily continued to lose control over the puppets she's supposed to master. Indeed because she's only an apprentice and could use the experience of someone like Victoria Grayson.

    My favorite part about this installment was that it focused more on the Graysons, the wife and the husband. The players on the chessboard kept moving to secure their respective Kings and the return of Lydia was refreshing compared to the recurrent payoffs. However they always managed to serve the main story so they weren't fillers, only signs of the upcoming storm. Moreover should I even mention that Valetta looked ravishing in her elegant black and white evening gown ? Objectively her acting was good and she really made me care for her character because no one deserves to die like that. Of course she was guilty but killing someone isn't the solution, it's just wrong. Beside Lydia the story was also a lot about Daniel's friend. Do you hate him ? I do ! From his devilish smile to how he manipulated them I was curious how he would prevent his plan to backfire. Its outcome made me hate him even more ! The Graysons and Emily have definitely found a new player to at least snatch a few of their pawns.

    The sweetest and cutest couple in The Hamptons was also back. Indeed even if Declan and Charlotte's roles have been anecdotic so far their short scenes are always welcome. Moreover I already anticipate how much their probable involvement will influence Emily and others. It's specially true for Nolan because his acts demonstrate that his skills have limits. It's one thing to hack someone's computer, it's really something else to jump in a pool full of tiger sharks. Don't expect him to go all James Bond on you but the upcoming episode should be pivotal for him. It also applies to Emily because she could also regret of trusting Nolan for example and of course hurting innocents. Indeed her controversial goal is a motivation for the moment but her project could quickly become a nightmare if she isn't careful enough. Picasso said something about destruction being a form of creation but once her painting is done Emily could left a broken Amanda behind her, if it's not already the case. It's probably my wild imagination that drives my words but the metaphora was inspired by the creative split screen featuring little Amanda and the vengeful young woman she has become. During this short sequence it seemed the last was trying to reach for the first, defying the rules of time and space in the process, in order to reassure her. Planes crash and people die but you can fall sleep now because I will eternally be by your side.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

  • Spoiler Alert! I loved this episode. I feel like they are doing a wonderful job of developing the characters. Fun to watch.


    Every week I wonder if Emily will fall in love with Daniel. He is not his parents and I think she must have a semi-decent opinion of him. However, falling for him can't be part of the plan.

    After bringing Lydia Davis back like that I'm wondering if every person that Ms. Emily Thorne stomps on will end up getting a chance to come back and find out what's going on.

    If you are into forgiveness this is not the show for you and this episode was no exception. No forgiveness is offered to Lydia as she tries to get "Queen" Victoria to be her friend again. Lydia refuses to forgive Emily for the part she played in exposing her affair. Very few characters seem to take responsibility for their actions. Most our quick to blame something or someone else.

    I knew that Hank was willing to go far for the Grayson family and in this episode we see how far. He kills to keep the family's secrets. Hank could end up being a big threat to Emily Thorne.

    Her biggest threat by far is Nolan. I still can't figure out what role he will play in all this. Is he really watching out for her? Or is he just watching because he's a billionaire who's bored. Only time will tell.

  • loved it


    loved this episode of revenge, this show is so good its scary and so unbearable addictive at the end of each week i simply cant wait for the next installment, there was no real revenge plot this week which is ok as it proves that show wont need to rely on that for every single episode, i loved the scenes between victoria and lydia they are so ice cold and delicious, the ending scene was shocking with lydia falling from the balcony, cant wait to see the aftermath of this weeks events,