Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2013 on ABC

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  • Boring

    Revenge managed to publish yet another bland season 2 episode this week.

    Granted,a lot of things happened that where supposed to be exciting but they failed because a lot of them have be done before. seriously?? how many times is daniel gonna pressure emily to marry him?how many times is Aidan going to be jealous about it?how many times is ashely gonna be fired by conrad and then blackmail her way back AND ,how many times are the Greysons going to be embarrased on live TV??, it already happened like 4 times already and they survived it, and Victoria Grayson is not a politician's wife so how can i really feel that she lost something here. why would the rest of the world really care that one of the real housewives of the Hamptons has a bastard baby,(its not illegal)

    the Falcon thing was so underwelming. first of all , how old is that girl now? ,and how old was she when She helped put David clark away cause i think Amanda Clark was 6 back when that all happened. also if she is one of the deadliest hackers in world she is stupid enough to put a harddrive that she got from an external party with unknown allegiances into her One labtop, and get a virus put on it and all her information exposed. C'mon!!!

    what annoys me , is that the revenge writers have pretty much created their own mythology with the computer stuff here, its like a fantasy world , but even with that they can't even respectfully adhere to their own rules and logic. the falcon actually believes that Nolan , her competition needs help erasing his own records, when they both do it for leisure, OMG.

    PLEASE don't even get me started on how people in this show find out each other's secrets by listening in through doors. a few episodes ago, the greyson's literally spoke about helen crowley's murder while the Maid was serving Tea, it makes no sense!!!. and I hate how random people (like Jack and Decklyn) just enter the graysons Mansion without being announced , its a closed off Mansion for crying out loud

    I know revenge is a night time soap, i get it and i loved the 1st season for that, but now its getting sooo lazy and so stupid. whats with the Charlotte storyline , like who seriously cares????
  • Great Episode

    Was a great episode. Only one problem with it, what is the deal with Charlotte it makes no sense what she is doing, she suddenly goes from a girl who has gotten her life together and is happy back to this party girl? Even using her Grayson name again even if it was just to get into a club. The Charlotte we have seen lately would not have lied to Declen and wouldn't have ditched him either. Besides that was a great ep hope to see more like it.

  • Identity

    Identity was a dramatic and very entertaining episode of Revenge. I liked the character development and intriguing situations that arose. It was crazy to see how desperate some were, prompting drastic action. It was sad to see wedges form between those who were once close. Daniel makes a move for Emily. I was in suspense and definitely entertained. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Spectacular as usual!

    So glad that Revenge is back as Season 2 nears its end. The storylien today was centered around the Falcon person and there were a couple of shocks about the Falcon's identity. Nolan was great in the episode.

    Very interesting events at Grayson Manor too, not to mention Emily's complicated love life. It is all s o good!

    Not really sure where Ashley's true allegiance lies. We shall see...

    Not sure where the Charlotte storyline is going either, but hopefull y it is something good.

    Can't wait for the last couple of episodes!