Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on ABC

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  • The suspense is building!

    Another fantastic installement. The suspense is building towards the mid-season finale. It's very hard to find a show that gives pretty much every single one of its characters an interesting storyline and this episode has done this perfectly. Literally, everyone of the characters had an interesting thing to do/say in this episode. The tension is building nicely and i Think we are on the verge of another explosive mid-season finale. CAN NOT WAIT!
  • 2x06 "Illusion"

    Big episode for Revenge. A lot of character development and some pretty well done scenes. Specially the last one. Revenge makes an impression with one of the strongest episodes yet.
  • Brilliant as usual, but not quite to the perefct standard of other episodes.

    While this episode was simply brilliant just like every other one, the one thing this episode lacked wa s consistency throughout the entire 43 minutes. There were lots of scenes at the bar with no significant developments there, which kinda dropped the bar a little.

    But there were some AMAZING developments at Grayson Manor as Conrad is framed in truly spectacular fashion! Lots of mystery still surrounding this Initiative. This mystery woman makes another appearance.

    Then there was the absolutely SPECTACULAR cliffhanger at the end! What will Treadwell do?

    This episode was really great, and I throughly enjoyed it, but I do feel as hthough it was more of a build-up episode, building up to bigger and better things in the future!

    I scored it 9.5 because it was very good, but not quite perfect due to a couple of small things like I mentioned before.

    Keep up the high standard, Revenge!
  • Great episode!

    The episode opens with the typical voiceover that you know is going to set the tone for the episode.

    We get to see flashbacks of Amanda remembering Mommy and Me time (which I must say I'm not the biggest fan of the new Amanda actress. I know they had to get a younger girl since this was further back in time but I would've preferred the orginial girl with pig tails and faded freckles or something.) However we see that Amanda has more in common with her mother than she orginially thought.

    We have the Grayson's doing this big showy wedding. We know why. It's to protect themselves in court from one another. Of course Conrad gives her the protecting of a handgun (ah modern day romance.) I loved that Victoria didn't wear white. I mean she had 2 kids so it makes sense. However what she wore was elegant and graceful so it screamed Victoria Grayson. We didn't get to see their vows which is fine becuase whatever they said in front of the general public would be a P.R. sham just like Charlotte implied.

    Charlotte is moving back towards Declan? Why? Because "he's the only thing that's real in her life." Other's may mock that but I buy it. Nobody likes fake and phony even Charlotte Grayson. And young Romeo is coming to the aid of his rich Juliet by climbing her trelace and into her bedroom. Ah Shakespeare never goes out of style.

    There really wasn't any new information given about the whole does Grayson Global own Nolocorp which was a bummer. However I think in time that's got to come out. It will destroy Nolan and in turn fake Emily/real Amanda. Will it happen or will Nolan be able to handle Daniel Grayson as he implies?

    I love how Emily put him in ice storage and then used him to deal with Mason Treadwell. I love how that guy keeps showing up (writer types can be like that.) And now Emily realizes she's got to deal with him once and for all. She gives Amanda the tools she needs to fool him into believing that she is the real Amanda. She also sends him on a wild goose chase. But apparently it wasn't as wild as some chases have been in the past because all signs point toward the Graysons having killed Gordon Murphy. However Victoria (unwittingly) shares a nugget with Mason that sends him looking into Emily Thorne. And it looks like he's figured it out. (Should've had Tyler kill him Emily back in Season 1. This guy is determined to unravel the whole story and part of the story is you are lying about who you are.)

    Does Victoria know that Kara Clarke and Gordan Murphy were an item? She implied it but she never said it. P.S. It totally looked like Kara was going to push her over her balcony bansister - which would've been awesome! Maybe it will still happen.

    Jack proposed to the mother of his child. But he does that. He wants to be in love and he wants to be in a committed relationship. If it doesn't work out with fake Amanda he'll find someone else. Maybe he'll try to steal Charlotte from Declan I don't know. It seems kinda silly but at this point I try to roll with it.

    We learned that the Initative is seeking out Grayson Global for financial assistance again (most likely money laundering where Grayson Global gets to skim some of it off the top for themselves.) Will Grayson get back into bed with them knowing what they are capable of? He implied he never would've helped them if Conrad had known the money would be used to blow up a plane of innocent Americans.

    There was a heartfelt closing between Aidan and Emily. I wonder if she's going to be drawn into him again. She turns him away but she would do that with Jack and sometimes it seemed like she was about to crumble and run away with him. Only time will tell (as most Revenge plot-lines are).

    Great episode. We learned some stuff, new mysteries were introduced,
  • Illusion

    Illusion was a superb and thrilling episode of Revenge. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. The story lines were awesome and very entertaining. There was a lot of character posturing and it was intriguing to watch the various characters competing with each other even if they were unaware. I liked how the story played out and I look forward to watching what happens next! This episode had multiple layers and contributed in its own way. I liked how every thing generally played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • A grayson wedding

    This was another over the top soapy episode of revenge that was flat out fun to watch. The cliff-hanger was really great so excited to see how Emily will deal with Treadwell.