Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2012 on ABC

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  • Loved it.

    This episode was so over the top soapy but that really does not matter it was so fun and entertaining, I loved Amanda bringing her stripper friends over to the Grayson manner and the scene when Amanda fell off the balcony was so soapy and fun. Love revenge so addictive and season 2 is good so far...
  • What to expect when you dont know what to expect?

    Good God! what an incredible episode this one was. This show throws everyting at you every single episode and you think it has exposed all its cards but NO, the writers just keep coming with the best possible twists to keep you hooked. This is what TV viewing is all about! keeping you glued to your seat all the way through.

    A marvellous episode, just incredible!
  • Intuition

    So much to say, where do I begin? Best episode of the season so far! Everything about this episode was intense! I knew it was Amanda's blood on the floor from when the episode started, but I just wondered how it got there! I'm so glad that Victoria actually wasn't evil enough to purposefully push her off the balcony I admit. That whole scene was well done and intense (I wonder if Amanda will pull a Lydia and wake up from her coma with amnesia?)! Hopefully the baby will be ok too! Aiden going after Emily's mother, and being easily fooled was hilarious! The Clarke females are clearly a force to be reckoned with! It was an amazing way to bring Emily's mother back onto the scene as she heard about the accident on the radio! What was sad was that Emily's mom tried to drown her! I think there's more to the story than what leads on though (well I hope so anyway lol). Emily breaking down and crying was heartbreaking as well! Her going to Aiden for comfort was good, and I kind of like those two together lol On a side note, I'm curious to see how the Daniel/Ashley relationship will work now that Daniel knows Ashley is (well was) a double agent working for her dad (but Daniel is stupid, so now that he knows she's really on his side he probably won't care lol), and I LOVE Nolan/Padma together, but I hope Nolan comes back as the Robin to Emily's Batman soon! They're great partners in crime lol I know I didn't cover everything but I didn't want this to be excessively long lol Excellent episode overall!
  • Incredible!

    I honestly don't know where to start with this review, because there were so many incredible and unbelievable events throughout this episode. I loved the way the episode started. I think it got everyone on the edge of the seats from the very get-go, which was brilliant!

    I'm not really sure about the storyline with Declan, but I think that guy's after something for sure, and I wonder if it will tie on to the sunketboat storyline at all? Interesting development with Charlotte and Declan though...

    So many interesting developments at Grayson Manor during the baby shower! I can't believe some of the stuff that happened, and the very end of the episode was stunning! Can't believe it!

    Then there's a decent plot with Nolan. I'm warming up to the new girl Padma, even though I didn't like her at first.

    Another point of note was everything that happened with Kara, not to mention Conrad's talk with that woman, who I presume is from the Initiative!

    I can't wait to see where this is going next! It is absolutely incredible!
  • Intuition

    Intuition was a superbly entertaining episode of Revenge and I loved watching because there was a lot of character and plot development, intrigue and deception. It was interesting to watch Victoria try to get David Clark's journal and to see Daniel catching on to Ashley. I also liked that Emily maneuvered Amanda to get information from Victoria. It seems Declan's troubles keep increasing along with his brother Jack's and I thought the revelation of whats really going on was interesting. I couldn't believe some of what happened and I was definitely in suspense. I look forward to watching what will happen next!!!!!!!!!
  • Revenge at its best.

    I have to say, that from her first take down in the pilot episode I was hooked. I was hooked because there is never a bad episode, and every once in awhile there is a episode like this. A episode so breath taking and jaw dropping until the last second. It was soap at its best. What make revenge so good is the fact that the writers are not afraid to write a show that is so over the top crazy.

    This episode will be one of the best episodes of the series. Best episode of the season so far in my opinion. When I spend the last 30 minutes of the show in awe of what I am watching you know its good.