Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2012 on ABC

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  • Absolute genius!

    This has got to be close to one of the best ever episodes of Revenge! An amazing continuation of the storyline, with some pure brilliance on Emily's behalf in order to simultaneously save both Jack and Daniel. It was extremely fascinating to watch and I can't believe some of these events and definitely can't wait for the continuation!

    Emily's work in this episode was downright genius! Amazing plan and she basically killed like ten birds with one stone. It was absolutely phenomenal!

    Meanwhile, the cliffhanger at the very end makes me want more!!! I can't believe what's going on and I definitely can't wait to find out what's next!

    Please keep it up, Revenge! Absolutely phenomenal storyline! Great work! Can't wait for more!!! :)
  • What makes Revenge great!

    After an uneven last episode, I was so happy with this one. The episode was great and Revenge at its best.The pacing was great and it all had all the ingredients for a perfect soap.

    - It seems that Domink is not coming back... thank God. I mean, the chemistry was great and it helped in showing more layers to MS character, it was just so out of the blue and it didn't has that well with the existing story lines. He was sort of an unwanted distraction, but his exit was quick.

    - The whole love speech Victoria gave was so cheesy, I could almost imagine Fabio appearing out of nowhere with the fan, long hair and shirt open.

    - Charlotte and Declan are sort of interesting now. I mean, at least she's a bitchy druggie now and he has some sort of storyline. I even sort of feel bad for her now...

    - Loved when Nolan referred Lee as mini- Frank. Hilarious!

    - You've got to admit that even if Emily is sort of a psychotic fembot she's really clever.

    - The show is so well plotted and genius. Last week we were wondering would make a copy of the key and now we now!

    - I love the fact that the show pretty much exists in a different world. I mean, in Revenge land it actually did snow around this time, when in real life there was hardly any snow on the East coast.

    - Victoria pimped out her daughter. I don't know how I should feel about it... That being said, I loved how Victoria was upset when it didn't work out. Mother of the year!

    -Seriously, Emily? Purposefully ignoring his phone call? You know he can see your every movie like you're staying at the Bates Motel. Amateur. That makes Daniel, Norman Bates and Victoria, Ms. Bates.

    - I smiled when I smiled when Daniel uttered: "Do you think I'm stupid?" Emily....don't answer. Sorry, Daniel is such a weak willed person, so I'm hoping the show does something to give him a bit more edge and grit. By that, I don't mean him being violent.... There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.
  • 1x18 "Justice"

    Now this is what Im talking about! Revenge delivers a outstanding episode with some great scenes and lines. The ending was seriously good and I can't wait for next week.
  • Justice

    Justice was a perfect episode of Revenge and I found the story lines, character development, and plot progression to be significant, revealing, and adding more depth to the series. The actors are magnificent and very talented. I loved how this episode really showed the characters as pieces on a chess board. Emily found out some disturbing news that gives her plans a whole new breathe of fresh rage I'm sure. I loved how every thing played out and I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!