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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 09, 2012 on ABC
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    Revenge: Early Aughts Rewind!

    "Legacy" didn't tell us a whole lot of anything new, but it gave us a chance to rag on our favorite Hamptonites' 2002 makeovers, so I really didn't notice until the end that we'd been hoodwinked of our normal "Buh-Bwha-HUH?!" moment.

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    Flashback to 2002 as we follow Amanda Clarke as she is released from juvenile detention; Nolan Ross tells Amanda what happened to her father David and she begins to read his journals; Amanda puts her plan into action as she begins to stay out Grayson Global so she can get the revenge she deserves.


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    • One of the worst.

      So bad with the flashbacks I switched channels and watched something else. I can only hope for the show to return to normal, quickly, before I drop the show altogether.
    • 1.20 "Legacy"

      Flashbacks will always be and always have been such an important part of this show. If done right, they really bring this amazing feeling to the audience when we get to meet these characters even before we were introduced to them.

      Unlike that previous flashback episode aired in February (15 I think, called Deception, wasn't it??) this was not very interesting for me as a viewer and sadly I must admit that ever since the hiatus ended in April and they returned with the last 6 episodes I have not been very intrigued and found myself even a little bit bored watching it. And that is a shame because Revenge used to be so juicy just a few episodes ago. I believe we have still have the best ahead of us and that the season finale will only leave us wanting more with our mouths wide open. 7,0/10moreless
    • Even for a flashback episode, it was phenomenal.

      So this episode was obviously set in 2002, and it gives us great insight into the events from back then that instigated Emily's quest for Revenge.

      Really, this episode was suspenseful and intriguing, even though it was set ten years ago, and it left me happily surprised! I thought it was going to be a boring hour, but it was extremely interesting, and the last line ws just an epic climax!

      Can't wait to get back to 2012, though! Lookign forwardt to what comes next!!! :)moreless
    • Legacy

      @ Gerald, I think there may have been a few things that you misinterpretered, making the episode somewhat lacking for you.

      '-So why did Jack's girlfriend feel the need to get Nolan punched in the gut for doing the family a solid? (This point kind of leads to another problem I had with this episode....why introduce questions like these that revolve around characters we'll likely never see again?)'

      I'm not sure if others agree with me, but I read your review prior to watching the episode so my expectations of this particular scene were that she 'arranged' to have him beaten up.

      She didn't kiss him to get him punched, earlier in the episode she talks about having no money and being stuck in Montag, when she listen's into Nolan and Porter Senior's conversation, she overhears that Nolan is a multi billionaire. She then decides that he is a way out for her, emphasised when she says 'Me and Jack don't want the same things anymore'. It's basically showing you why Jack and Nolan weren't overly friendly when the season started and what happened to his girlfriend. Hope that helps!

      As for the episode itself, I actually think it was done really well, the whole season is built on flashbacks and this was needed to show her transition from not wanting to know, to feeling the grief and guilt over Roger's death. It portrayed her innocence and the moment that she decided enough was enough and that they needed to pay. I think it was handled very well.moreless
    • Legacy

      Legacy was a perfect episode of Revenge and I really enjoyed watching because there was a ton of character development and context development for the various plot lines. I loved seeing Amanda in the past and to see how she found the path of Revenge. I think the flash backs were very well done. There could have been certain improvements here and there but over all the episode was a success. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • This episode opens with Emily at a club in December of 2002 dancing to "In Da Club" by 50 Cent. However, this song was not released until 2003.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Nolan: (in flashback) I promised your dad that I would look after you.
        Amanda: You don't even know me. I met you once, six months ago.
        Nolan: Yeah, outside the gates of your lovely one-bedroom at Elmwood Detention. I gave you half my company.
        Amanda: If you came to get your money back, you're too late.
        Nolan: I don't want it back. I just want you to use it for something other than your own self-destruction.
        Amanda: Well, destruction's in my DNA. Take it up with Darwin.
        Nolan: Wait. You didn't read the journals, did you?
        Amanda: So what if I did? He'd still be dead, and I couldn't do anything about it.
        Nolan: This isn't about changing things, Amanda. This is about knowing who your dad really was. You have to read those journals.

      • Amanda: (in 2002 flashback, crying) They framed my father. You were right. You got what you wanted.
        Nolan: (talking about David Clarke) It's what he wanted.
        Amanda: I met a friend of his tonight. He knew everything, and he was gonna help me, and now he's dead too!
        Nolan: What?
        Amanda: And unless somebody does something about it, they will never get what they deserve!
        Nolan: Amanda, more than knowing the truth, your father wanted you to get past all of this.
        Amanda: (cries harder) Then why did he give me those journals? One way or another, these people are gonna pay. They're gonna pay for what they did.
        Nolan: You cannot take down the Graysons all by yourself. You will never get close enough to expose them.
        Amanda: The hell I won't!

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