Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on ABC

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  • #208 'Lineage'

    This was the best episode of the second season yet. Mostly because of Victoria's flashbacks. We flash forward back to 2006 - those were the less complicated times for the Grayson family. The times when Daniel wanted to become a poet and Victoria's mother Marion (Adrienne Barbeau) comes to visit her daughter after 35 years of estrangement. She also brings her new guy with her. This rather unpleasant visit brings so many bad memories for Victoria. We learn many things about her character - her mother used to treat her like trash, she even made her kill one of her men (but I don't know if it was her fiancee or a husband?) when Victoria was only 15 years old and being manipulated by her mother she had no other choice. Another mama's boyfriend used to sneak into her rooms during some cold winter nights but he wasn't looking for blankets - he was molesting her on regular basis. Mother probably couldn't deal with it and kicked her beautiful young daughter out of the house. Victoria let some of those things slip during a dinner at the mansion and not only her mother's new conquest immediately runs away after hearing these horrible things but she is also left broke with no place to go begging her wealthy daughter to let her stay in one of the guest rooms. Victoria opens the door and wishes her good luck landing on her feet again, nicely done Victoria. That woman isn't afraid of anything. She's my favorite character.

    The other flashbacks were not that interesting - well, maybe the one where Emily meets Aiden for the first time and they start working together which only makes sense when you go after the same guy. We also got a little glimpse of Ashley's past when we saw her audition for a position of a Russian prostitute. Luckily for her, Emily saw it and handed her some cash at the toilet, of course Ashley had no idea who was the mystery girl who helped her since she could only hear her voice. And there was also some uninteresting stuff with Jack's and Declan's deceased father and Nolan's company. All in all - I enjoyed it more than the last couple of episodes. This season is definitely a step down. [8.5/10]