Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Emily attends a training session with Satoshi Takeda in martial arts. She tells him about the two obstacles that are standing in the way of her goal – Tyler and Amanda. Satoshi advises her to use her obstacles to do her dirty work but to stay clear of the blast. Meanwhile at the Grayson mansion, Victoria has been served divorce papers from Conrad. She takes out her stress on Ashley who offers to do whatever she can do to help. All Victoria wants is for Daniel to move back home.

Tyler continues to pop pills continuously – an anti psychotic drug. He's very pleased with the fact that he closed in on Nolan's $20 million investment and tells Ashley to get over what she saw and join him for the journey upward. He tells her he does whatever he needs to do to close the deal and that's what she saw. Nolan informs Emily that Tyler has been doing research online on David Clarke and that he started this project after he had recovered Lydia's speech. Emily wants Nolan to retract his investment. She believes this will drive Tyler into blackmailing Conrad. When Nolan steps away to make a call about the investment, she finds the video of Nolan and Tyler together. She uses this information to set Daniel on Tyler. She tells him that she thinks the only reason Tyler got the deal is because he was blackmailing Nolan.

Amanda comes into the bar after to have breakfast with Jack. He believes that she's the real Amanda from his youth but Sammy doesn't seem to be taking a liking to her. After an uneasy trip down memory lane, she pays a visit to Emily who gives her a diary of hers from foster care. She tells her to read it carefully so that she can keep up with her new identity.

Daniel wants Tyler to move out of the Grayson house but Victoria is happy to have someone around. With Daniel and Conrad out of the house and Charlotte deciding to move in with Conrad, she feels more comfortable with someone in the house. Ultimately he decides to stay with his mother. Charlotte decides to move in with Conrad after her plans to move in with Declan falls through. He doesn't want to take Victoria's bribe money and wants to make himself into the kind of guy that Charlotte deserves before they start a life together.

Daniel asks Emily to accompany him to his meeting with Satoshi and to serve as translator. During the dinner, Daniel tries to convince Satoshi to invest with him though he and Emily are having an entirely different conversation in Japanese. Satoshi tells her that her desire for revenge is being clouded by her heart. At the end of dinner, Emily tells Daniel that Satoshi plans to invest $50 million with him. Daniel brings this good news to his father and also tells him about Tyler's blackmailing Nolan into investing. Tyler is shocked when Conrad tells him about the sex video and his decision to fire him. However Tyler counters with the fact that he knows about what happened with David Clarke. Ultimately, Tyler remains an employee of Grayson Global.

Ryan Huntley, a high profile lawyer, approaches Victoria about representing her in the divorce. Conrad had asked him to handle the divorce but he turned him down. He said he would rather represent Victoria. When she agrees to use his services he tells her that she must give him full transparency with their financial statements.

Tyler visits Nolan and after a heated discussion about the sex tape, Tyler swipes the flash drive with the video. While looking at the footage, he also finds a video of Lydia with more incriminating evidence against Conrad. Nolan knows that Emily leaked the information about the video. He confronts her about what she's done and tells hr that its better that her dad is gone so that he can't see what she's become. Emily has lost Nolan as an ally and Satoshi has also left her because he believes she's fallen in love with Daniel and is no longer true to her quest.