Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2012 on ABC

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  • The twists continue! Amazing episode! (Possible spoilers for this episode ahead!)

    I found this to be another mesmerising episode of Revenge! There's simply no words to describe the brilliance of this show! It's definitely the best new show of the year, and I think it's about to creep into my Top Five shows of all-time, if it hasn't done so already! :P

    Big revelations with Charlotte today! That was probably the most exciting part! Can't wait to see how this pans out for her and the Graysons! Meanwhile, Daniel finds out that Victoria lied about how Charlotte was conceived. It's really beginning to unravel for her, if it hadn't done so already.

    Also, Amanda's back and the storyline with her and Jack is as interesting a s ever! Couldn't believe how Jack just stormed into Grayson Manor! It was an amazing scene!

    Wow, I can't wait for next week! We finally find out who the body is on the beach! CAN NOT WAIT!!!! Keep it up, Revenge!!! :)
  • Perception

    Perception was a perfect and superbly entertaining episode of Revenge and I really enjoyed watching as the story lines intertwined and crashed together with some some what disastrous results. It was interesting to see how Charlotte's origins came into play along with Grandfather Grayson. Emily played every thing really cool though it didn't all work out her way. Amanda decided to give in and reconnect with Jack but he left too quickly. There was suspense, drama, intrigue, character and plot development along with beautiful cinematography, great acting and an entertaining story line. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Superb episode with a lot of reveals!

    - A truly great episode with a lot of twists and turns. So many storylines were rolled into the episode, making it very fast paced and exciting.

    - The episode did a great job in highlighting Kara's and Jack as characters and actors. They did a great job and it actually managed to to show Kara in a new light. In addition, it served to give both of the characters new layers.

    - Emily knew Daniel....? Interesting. Her fake accent was terrible though, almost worst than Declan's if that's possible. By the way, she used to have brown hair and glasses and Daniel didn't notice her? Ouch, shallow much?

    - Emily's wardrobe was awful this week, she dressed like a Taylor Swift body double.

    - Papa Grayson was played by one the greatest soap villains: Greg Sumners aka William Devane from Knots Landing!

    - You know what I would love to see? An episode focused on the point of view of Marguarite, the Graysons maid, she must think everyone is batshit crazy!

    - They seriously have to work on Ashley and Charlotte, as they're both so dull and uninteresting as characters. They should bitch them out and give them an actual storyline ( seriously Charlotte is going to have a drinking problem now, yawn..)

    - The ending was unbelievable, they did such a good job setting it up. Now Emily's carefully planned life and lies is being breached.

    - I know as a fact that Tyler will be back on the next episode. I know he had noticed there was something under the rug on the episode Duress.... but I think Kara is the one who took the box and is the murderer. I mean it would make a lot of sense... Emily took Jack away from her, she was willing to give all up- including Emily, with the "don't call me that anymore !"- for Jack. She went after him, but it was late. So she took the plans and is going to take Emily's love and "happy ending" away, just like Emily took away Kara's.

    - Another great moment and a showcase of Madeleine's talent: Victoria walking out into the garden and taking up that cloth and saying Charlotte's name. It was really sublime and downbeat.