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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on ABC
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In the pilot episode, an event in Emily Thornes' childhood is revealed that shaped who she has become today. When she returns to The Hamptons, she soon learns everyone's hidden secrets and sets on her goal not to forgive those who destroyed her family but to get her revenge on them.


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  • A classier "Alias" meets a more mature "Gossip Girl"

    Well, I don't know wether it's the load of crap television has been feeding me lately, but this show felt like a breath of fresh air in an endless sea of cheap, resycled shows. It kicks off with a murder, and continues with a mystery; the ever so seducitve Emily Thorne.

    Emily is making her hamptons dayview at an event held by Victoria Grayson, the queen. She instantly befriends Victoria's son, and helps reveal the wrong doings of Victoria's husband, leading to a very embarassing exile for Lydia who's, sleeping with Victoria's husband.

    Throughout the episode we learn about Emily, who's actually called Amanda, and what her true intentions are. We find out the Graysons framed her father for a crime he did not commit, and now Amanda is out for revenge, with apparently Nolan by her side.

    Very well written. The events were put together brilliantly and entertained all the way through. It's not the most original plot, but it has been executed in a very gripping manner led by a selection of bright, sexy characters; especially Victoria and Emily.

    We already seem to have established a romantic arc. Amanda/Jack and soon to be Emily and the Grayson boy. Not too much romance which dosen't seem fitting for a show in this genre but it gives it a darker, more serious vibe. I'm expecting lots of romance in the future though judging by the wedding at the beggining.

    The scenes are well shot. I find the beach settings beautiful and make for a perfect canvas for these characters to start complicating their lives in.

    Lots of potential here. If every episode this season is atleast half as good as the pilot was then I hope this gets picked up for a second season.moreless
  • Pilot Episode

    The Pilot episode of Revenge was perfect in every aspect from the writing, directing and acting to the cinematography, editing, and over all feel. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it introduced all the major characters efficiently and effectively and had a lot of character and plot development to establish story lines. The actors really fit their parts well. The drama and intrigue are very engaging and I like the method of story telling used. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • They've been previewing this show for about 5 months in Australia, and I must say, it's living up to the hype!

    This was a great seaso n premiere! I loved the first scene, which sets the mysterious and intriguing tone for the episode and the season.

    Then we go back five months, an d I have to admit that things went a little slow for a while, but I definitely don'y mindt that, because it gave a chance to get to know all of the characters and mett all of them.

    Some great moments throughout the episode, and I absolutely cannot wait to see more!!! Keep it up!!!moreless
  • The ending had me begging for more.

    I had no expectations when I started watching this show. The main reason I actually decided to watch it, was because of Emily VanCamp. I liked Everwood so when I saw her I though I should give it a shot. What I liked most about this episode is the way the viewer is informed of her past, the flashbacks that blend with the current time are fun to watch. It shows you early on what happened to her and also has you rooting for her from the start. The ending had me begging for more.

  • A+. Very intriguing plot line. Emily VanCamp who's staring, is doing a bang-up job. This show has more potential then anything I've seen recently, possibly years.

    Extremely sexy yet evil to the core, Emily Thorn is fooling everyone around with charm and intellect. This has to be one of the best shows in years I've seen and it is getting better and better with each episode. I'm hooked. Love to watch this has a 2 and half hour movie, but then again things would be missed so maybe this for the best. freaking love it is all i can say :)moreless
Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe

Victoria Grayson

Connor Paolo

Connor Paolo

Declan Porter

Christa B. Allen

Christa B. Allen

Charlotte Grayson

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

Josh Bowman

Josh Bowman

Daniel Grayson

Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler

Jack Porter

Brian Goodman

Brian Goodman

Carl Porter

Guest Star

Christina Chang

Christina Chang

Karrie Thurgood

Guest Star

Amy Parrish

Amy Parrish

Kate Reynolds

Guest Star

Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta

Lydia Davis

Recurring Role

Emily Alyn Lind

Emily Alyn Lind

Amanda Clarke

Recurring Role

Nicholas Stargel

Nicholas Stargel

Young Jack

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Trivia: Lydia Davis, David's former secretary, is the first person that fake Emily Thorne takes down on her path towards revenge. Lydia gave false testimony against David Clarke at trial.

    • When Charlotte and her friends go to the Porters' tavern, she asks for drinks with alcohol and Declan asks them for IDs.We learn in a later episode that he won't be 18 for months,under New York law he wouldn't be allowed to serve them alcohol whether or not they had IDs.

    • Goof: The story opens with an on screen graphic telling us it is Labor Day weekend where we see the murder of Daniel Grayson. The next graphic tells us it is now five months earlier when we see Emily moving into her summer rental on or just before Memorial Day.

      Five months before Labor Day would be early April,a full two months before Memorial Day.

    • Although set in The Hamptons, the pilot for Revenge was filmed in North Carolina and the rest of the series filmed in California.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Emily: (Closing Voice-over of the episode) When deception cuts this deep someone has to pay. My father's chance to bring justice to the truly guilty was stolen from him. His only option was to forgive. I have others. They say vengence is a dish best served cold but, sometimes it's as warm as a bowl of soup. My father died an innocent man, betrayed by the woman he loved. When everything you love has been stolen from you. Sometimes all you have left is revenge. Like I said this is not a story about forgiveness.

    • David: Voice over of the letter he wrote for Amanda a.k.a Emily) My dear Amanda, if you're reading this then two thngs have come to pass. I'm finally able to provide you with the life you were unjustfully denied and sadly. I won't be able to share that life with you. I hope these journals provide answers to the questions you've had all these years. I am not the man they say I am. I did not do the things they say I did. All I ask is that you promise to do the one thing that's been so hard for me to do. Forgive.
      Emily: But that was a promise I couldn't keep

    • Daniel: Don't let my mom rattle you. Intimidation is practically a sign of indearment with her.
      Emily: I'd hate to be on her bad side.
      Daniel: Yes you would.

    • Daniel: (Commenting on the tattoo on Emily's wrist) Double infinity?
      Emily: Something like that.
      Daniel: That's a long time.

    • Daniel: (After he offers to get Emily another drink) Oh, no I've had about all the club soda I can take.
      Emily: You don't drink?
      Daniel: Use to, epically. I gotta admit it's nice meeting someone who never knew the old me.
      Emily: Yeah, I know the feeling.

    • Daniel: How many Harvard men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
      Emily: I don't know, how many?
      Daniel: One and the whole world just revolves around him.

    • Emily: Lydia hi.
      Victoria: Oh, don't tell me you've taken up volunteering at the MET as well.
      Lydia: Emily's renting my house for the summer. We met briefly on the beach.
      Emily: And then yesterday at the South Fork Inn. I hope your husbands feeling better.
      (Victoria figures out from this that Lydia was with Grayson at the Inn)

    • Emily: Grey suit boys kinda cute.
      Ashley: That's Daniel Grayson, Victoria's tragically privileged spawn. Daniel wrapped his convertible round a tree on his way home from the White Party last summer.
      Emily: Didn't hurt his face much.
      Ashley: Yeah, didn't work out quite as well for the waitress he was shagging. His parents paid off everyone and their mother to keep him out of jail.

    • Emily: Look at this party, congratulations.
      Ashley: Oh it's too early for that you've seen Titanic.

    • Declan: Ladies.
      Charlotte: We'll take three rum and diets.
      Declan: Gonna need to see i.d's.
      Charlotte: Uhm, we left our I.d's at the beach but, we have plenty of money.
      Declan: Yeah, sorry I'm not interested in your money.
      Charlotte: Are you interested in my phone number?

    • Waitress: Jack will you take care of the mean girls table, it's too early in the season for me to start making enemies.
      Jack: Why should this year be any different?
      Waitress: Because you're sailing off to save the world and this place can't afford bad press.

    • Charlotte: Do you think I'm tanned enough for my first day on the beach? Or do I need another spray?
      Victoria: What you need is another bathing suit.
      Charlotte: Compared to what the rest of my friends are wearing, this is practically a Burka.

    • Emily: You wanna get drunk on cheap Margarita's later?
      Ashley: With or without you. (This is said as a general response not as a question)

    • Ashley: I want your life.
      Emily: You love your life.
      Ashley: Yeah you're right, I just want your money.
      Emily: What's mine is yours. Should I get us some glasses.
      Ashley: I wish it's for Victoria Grayson.
      Emily: Who?
      Ashley: You are hopeless. Victoria Grayson, reigning queen of the Hamptons. Not to mention your new next door neighbour.
      Emily: Queen Victoria?
      Ashley: Believe me she's earned the title.

    • Victoria: All though we've only known her for a few short months. Emily already feels like the piece of the family puzzle we never even knew was missing. In a word, I approve! And as anyone can tell you approval is not something I give away freely. (In an angry whisper to Emily) Where the hell is my son?

    • Victoria: Fire and Ice. When we first sat down to discuss tonight's occations I was immediately taken with the idea of an evening inspired by primal bookends. Fire and ice. Beginings and endings. And the love between a man and a woman.

    • Declan: I feel like a jackass is this tux.
      Charlotte: Well stop acting like one and you'll stop feeling like one. Trust me if your friends could see you now.
      Declan: I'd probably get jumped.
      Charlotte: Hey you really want out of that tux. (This is said within the context of a sexual come on)

    • Nolan: Nice night for it.
      Emily: Nice night for what Nolan?
      Nolan: Celebrating.
      Emily: You shouldn't be here.
      Nolan: That makes two of us.

    • Emily: When I was a little girl my understanding of revenge was as simple as the Sunday school proverbs it hid behind. Neat little morality slogans like, do un to others and two wrongs don't make a right. But two wrongs can never make a right because; two wrongs can never equal each other. For the truly wronged real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places, absolute forgiveness or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.

    • Lydia: (Talking about the house Emily's living in) Some good memories were made there.
      Emily: Well hopefully I can make some of my own.
      Lydia: So long as we don't have to take it out of your damage deposit. Welcome to the Hamptons.

    • Lydia: That water is ice cold.
      Emily: Only at first, after a while you can't feel anything.
      Lydia: Sounds like my marriage.

    • Lydia: (Talking about the house Emily's renting) It's bad enough having some stranger renting it out. I can't bear the thought of losing it to one of the she-wolves.
      Victoria: Well don't let them see your weakness. It's the first thing they use against you.

    • Karrie: Lydia we were all so sorry to hear about you and Michael this winter. You were one of those couples that everyone roots for.
      Lydia: I have no doubt.

  • NOTES (6)

    • This episode had 10.02 million viewers on its original airing.

    • Featured Music:

      Hold On by Angus and Julia Stone
      For you by Angus and Julia Stone
      Sound the Alarms by The Pastelles
      Say La La by Keegan Dewitt
      California Breezes by John Vandervelde
      Summertime by Latin Bitman
      I Raise Up by Bushwalla
      Summer Dust by The Love Language

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 21, 2011 on Citytv
      Sweden: January 12, 2012 on TV3
      Norway: February 2, 2012 on TV3
      Australia: February 13, 2012 on Seven
      United Kingdom: May 28, 2012 on E4
      Switzerland: November 19, 2012 on SF zwei
      Czech Republic: January 28, 2013 on Prima LOVE

    • In a promotional deal with Kindle, ABC allowed fans to download the script for the pilot. This script included a special code which enabled fans to have a special viewing of the pilot episode online three weeks before it's initial television debut.

    • The role of Emily's father in the pilot was played by Marc Blucas; however, this role was recast with James Tupper due to Blucas' commitment to the USA Network drama, "Necessary Roughness."

    • The circular symbol that is carved into the wood on the fence on the porch of Emily's house and is also her tattoo stands for Double Infinity.


    • Emily: Look at this party, congratulations.
      Ashley: Oh it's too early for that, you've seen Titanic.

      This is a reference to the 1997 film Titanic by James Cameron staring Leonardo DiCaprioand Kate Winslet. Based on the famous 1912 sinking of the cruise-ship of the same name.