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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • A classier "Alias" meets a more mature "Gossip Girl"

    Well, I don't know wether it's the load of crap television has been feeding me lately, but this show felt like a breath of fresh air in an endless sea of cheap, resycled shows. It kicks off with a murder, and continues with a mystery; the ever so seducitve Emily Thorne.

    Emily is making her hamptons dayview at an event held by Victoria Grayson, the queen. She instantly befriends Victoria's son, and helps reveal the wrong doings of Victoria's husband, leading to a very embarassing exile for Lydia who's, sleeping with Victoria's husband.

    Throughout the episode we learn about Emily, who's actually called Amanda, and what her true intentions are. We find out the Graysons framed her father for a crime he did not commit, and now Amanda is out for revenge, with apparently Nolan by her side.

    Very well written. The events were put together brilliantly and entertained all the way through. It's not the most original plot, but it has been executed in a very gripping manner led by a selection of bright, sexy characters; especially Victoria and Emily.

    We already seem to have established a romantic arc. Amanda/Jack and soon to be Emily and the Grayson boy. Not too much romance which dosen't seem fitting for a show in this genre but it gives it a darker, more serious vibe. I'm expecting lots of romance in the future though judging by the wedding at the beggining.

    The scenes are well shot. I find the beach settings beautiful and make for a perfect canvas for these characters to start complicating their lives in.

    Lots of potential here. If every episode this season is atleast half as good as the pilot was then I hope this gets picked up for a second season.
  • Pilot Episode

    The Pilot episode of Revenge was perfect in every aspect from the writing, directing and acting to the cinematography, editing, and over all feel. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it introduced all the major characters efficiently and effectively and had a lot of character and plot development to establish story lines. The actors really fit their parts well. The drama and intrigue are very engaging and I like the method of story telling used. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • They've been previewing this show for about 5 months in Australia, and I must say, it's living up to the hype!

    This was a great seaso n premiere! I loved the first scene, which sets the mysterious and intriguing tone for the episode and the season.

    Then we go back five months, an d I have to admit that things went a little slow for a while, but I definitely don'y mindt that, because it gave a chance to get to know all of the characters and mett all of them.

    Some great moments throughout the episode, and I absolutely cannot wait to see more!!! Keep it up!!!
  • The ending had me begging for more.

    I had no expectations when I started watching this show. The main reason I actually decided to watch it, was because of Emily VanCamp. I liked Everwood so when I saw her I though I should give it a shot. What I liked most about this episode is the way the viewer is informed of her past, the flashbacks that blend with the current time are fun to watch. It shows you early on what happened to her and also has you rooting for her from the start. The ending had me begging for more.

  • A+. Very intriguing plot line. Emily VanCamp who's staring, is doing a bang-up job. This show has more potential then anything I've seen recently, possibly years.


    Extremely sexy yet evil to the core, Emily Thorn is fooling everyone around with charm and intellect. This has to be one of the best shows in years I've seen and it is getting better and better with each episode. I'm hooked. Love to watch this has a 2 and half hour movie, but then again things would be missed so maybe this for the best. freaking love it is all i can say :)

  • a promising start


    this was a really promising start from the revenge pilot, i have to be honest when i heard about this show i thought it soudned really dumb and woundent last long but after this pilot i think that opion has changed of course it is early days and i am still concerned about how long this show could run without it becoming repetitive but we will worry about that when we have to for now i am ust going to say that i found this pilot to be delicious juicy fun that left me wanting more

  • I absolutely live for mystery and drama shows with great webs of detail. I am pleased to say I was captivated by this show!


    Gotta love shows about pure and simple revenge... As a child, Amanda Clarke moved with her single father, David, to a beach house in Southampton, NY. He tells her that he loves her double infinity, and hours later, FBI agent bust in and arrest him for treason. She is taken away screaming while he screams this is a mistake. David Clarke was framed by a group of colleagues and close friends. His boss, Conrad Grayson alleged that David supplied money to terrorists that were responsible for a plane crash that killed 246 Americans. Who really did it??? I can't wait to find out.16 years later, Amanda is 24... But Amanda Clarke doesn't exist anymore. She is now Emily Thorne and she has sworn revenge on all those responsible for ruining her life and the life of her now deceased father... She rents that same house for the summer, where her neighbors are the Graysons. I love the way they wrap up all the details... This is definitely one of those shows that, after the season is over, you can start over and catch all those little things you hadn't caught before all the secrets were revealed...The first person that she goes after is Lydia Davis, David's secretary who testified against him, and also the owner of the house she is renting, who is going through a messy divorce. Michael Davis is supposedly having an affair with someone half Lydia's age... My money is on the girlfriend somehow being Emily... But, Lydia is seeing someone else too... Conrad Grayson. Thorough planning and scheming results in Emily exposing the relationship to Victoria in a very public way, while still maintaining her secret identity... Wasn't it fun to watch how Victoria said so long to her closest friend... She publicly humiliates her without actually bringing any bad attention to herself in the process... except from Conrad, who knows exactly what Victoria is doing...
    The show actually starts present day, at an engagement party for Emily and Victoria's golden boy son, Daniel, where he gets shot and killed on the beach yards away from the celebration. But it backtracks to five months earlier when Emily arrives in town. Through a series of flashbacks, we see into her memories of her time in Southampton as a child. They had a puppy, Sammy, that she was playing with when she met a young boy, Jack (who was standing over Daniel's dead body, though I, for one, don't believe he actually pulled the trigger, being more of a humanitarian himself) and they became instant friends. Walking down the street (five months ago) she recognizes Jack and her old dog, Sammy, who has grown also. Sam recognizes her too... Jack tries to introduce himself and get her name, but she rushes off without telling him. As she gets in her car, it looks like realization, or at least an inkling spreads across his face... He still clearly cares for Amanda, since that is what he named his boat.
    There is someone in town who knows who she really is... After spending who knows how long in a juvenile detention facility for who knows what she did, Amanda was released on her 18th birthday. Nolan Ross pulls up outside. He was a friend of her father's and came to tell her that (1) he's dead... sorry, (2) he was innocent, and (3) he left a box, engraved with the double infinity symbol, for her. Inside is a letter telling her he didn't do what he was accused of, journals, photographs from her childhood and a key to a lock box in Zurich. Nolan also tells her that her father was the only one who believed in his company and invested in it. So now, since David's death, she is a 49% owner... That means a lot of money... A LOT!! 6 years later, when she makes her way to the Hamptons, it doesn't take Nolan long to figure out who she is. When he does, he offers to help her, but she declines. He's a quirky little thing isn't he? Odd to say the least, but I think he will be a good ally to her.
    I like Charlotte Grayson. But, she is slumming with Declan and her mom will not approve. And Declan? LOVE HIM... He is outspoken and pretty real. A far cry from his gay Upper East Side character on Gossip Girl (which I love =D)
    Predictions?????? Hmm, I really want Emily to be the girlfriend of Michael Davis, but who knows... She sure did a lot of planning for this and we have a long fall/winter season to watch how it unfolds... Could Daniel maybe be sick? he mentions being really tired after reaching the Hamptons and wants to lie down... But then again, he could just have been tired. He has a rocky past though with drinking.
    But the thing that really gets me... the affair that Victoria had with David... he had a watch that was engraved from her: 'David "until forever" Victoria'... When she makes the phone call to David the night he was arrested it almost made it seem as though she was calling to warn him. But she and her husband were standing on the porch. maybe the police had her call to make sure he was home... too soon? maybe... Either way, in the ending scene, Victoria can tell that something is up with Emily and calls some unknown man to dig up all the dirt on her... She is not going to go down easy... Fun.

  • Potentially very good, interesting idea


    I was looking forward to this show, but it was only ok. As it was the premiere and the fact that there were a lot of good points will probably make me stay around for a while.

    Characters are interesting, but a bit broad. No one really stands out, but they work ok together.

    The flashbacks are a bit twee, but the plotline itself is interesting

  • This show has great potential.... curious if it will live up to it


    this episode is a kick-ass start to a series, brief introduction of the main characters and brief introduction of what this is all about the flash forward got your attention but personally I don't like them that much in general it ruins a part of the unknown... but i get it is sometimes necessary to get attention...

    overall the series shows great potential for storyline and character development and I hope it will do good