Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • A classier "Alias" meets a more mature "Gossip Girl"

    Well, I don't know wether it's the load of crap television has been feeding me lately, but this show felt like a breath of fresh air in an endless sea of cheap, resycled shows. It kicks off with a murder, and continues with a mystery; the ever so seducitve Emily Thorne.

    Emily is making her hamptons dayview at an event held by Victoria Grayson, the queen. She instantly befriends Victoria's son, and helps reveal the wrong doings of Victoria's husband, leading to a very embarassing exile for Lydia who's, sleeping with Victoria's husband.

    Throughout the episode we learn about Emily, who's actually called Amanda, and what her true intentions are. We find out the Graysons framed her father for a crime he did not commit, and now Amanda is out for revenge, with apparently Nolan by her side.

    Very well written. The events were put together brilliantly and entertained all the way through. It's not the most original plot, but it has been executed in a very gripping manner led by a selection of bright, sexy characters; especially Victoria and Emily.

    We already seem to have established a romantic arc. Amanda/Jack and soon to be Emily and the Grayson boy. Not too much romance which dosen't seem fitting for a show in this genre but it gives it a darker, more serious vibe. I'm expecting lots of romance in the future though judging by the wedding at the beggining.

    The scenes are well shot. I find the beach settings beautiful and make for a perfect canvas for these characters to start complicating their lives in.

    Lots of potential here. If every episode this season is atleast half as good as the pilot was then I hope this gets picked up for a second season.