Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2013 on ABC

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  • old fashioned revenge

    This was an old school revenge of the week episode something that the show really hasn't done much of since early season 1. the takedown was pretty good but still not as juicy and fun as the ones we saw in season 1, The ryan brothers plot continues to consume the porter plot and I really am not enjoying it
  • revenge "power"

    i thought that this episode was ok but it still isnt as good as the episodes from season 1. i think that this episode is a sign that revenge will get back to its basics but i didnt find this episode good it was still better than most episodes this season but just not good. so far revenge hasnt played one good episode this season. im going to give it a 7 but thats only because this episode is a sign that revenge will get back to its core values.
  • Power

    Power was a perfect and exhilirating episode of Revenge. I really enjoyed watching because there was lots of action, plot progression and character development. Jack and Declan get tangled up in their own web trying to free themselves from their business partners. It was sad to see how things unfolded. I loved watching Emily weave herself back into the Grayson's lives getting closer to Daniel while letting Victoria think it was her idea. Aidan learns more about his sister. Marco continues to try making up with Nolan and Daniel has an interesting first day as CEO. It was awesome how Emily gave strength to the Judge's wife who made some great revelations. I liked how every thing played out along with the drama and intrigue. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Music

    "Criminal Love" by Jesse Sarr plays in the background when Jack Porter and fake Amanda Clarke are arguing in the apartment above the bar in last night's episode of Revenge. Get the song here: or google Jesse Sarr Criminal Love
  • Immaculate plot!

    Some of the storylines prior to the brek were getting a little boring tbh (only some obviously) but I think this episode reinvigorated it! There was so many interesting developments and shocking surprises that we witnessed - some episodes have lacked that but today was definitely not one of them.

    This Helen woman is really fascinating. I enjoy that she is playing a larger role and I wonder if Emily Thorne is on her radard? :P

    In other news, some big developments at the Stowaway - I wonder haow that one will play out? And then there is still a matter of the 'flash-forward' or whatever you want to call it of what we witnessed in Episode 1 of the season. Hard to tell how it will play out.

    I don't really like that guy Nolan had as an employee (Marco is it?) and that is one storyline I do not enjoy.

    Some great developments at the function as Emily pulls out her red Sharpie to draw off another big red X/ :P

    This episode was a phenomenal return, and I hope Revenge continues to play out as breathtakingley as it is doing! :)