Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 23, 2012 on ABC

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  • Wow!!

    This was a great way to end what has been one of the best and most addictive shows to come along in quite a while. This episode was brilliantly written and paced the fight sequence between emily and the white haired man as fantastic, i loved the one small scene between emily and victoria so bitchy, The cliffhangers in this episode were also jaw dropping, Is Victoria dead? Is Amanda,s baby really jacks, will charlotte survive, what will come of ashleigh and daniel. And where is emily's mother! Cant wait for season 2
  • get a life people who are thumbing down

    Seriously thumbing down every positive comment get a life people!
  • So how do we engineer a second series?

    For a team of directors and writers that have produced such a well constructed, tight and suspense loaded series to date, this episode was not just disappointing but it effectively destroyed both their collection integrity and creditability by cynically engineering a plot designed solely to enable a second series. Shame on you all. Just as Emily is about to kill Whitey she visualises the time her dad helped her save the life of a wounded bird and suddenly decides the best way to honour her father is embrace the qualities he loved most about her and lets the man live. We are taking about the Emily that has destroyed the lives and homes of people she considered implicit in the framing of her father and is setting about destroying the lives of the whole family, without a shade of remorse. This is the Emily that is cold, calculating and will not let anything distract her from her path but she suddenly allows a killer, who has not only killed her father but, if released will almost certainly attempt to kill her because he knows her identity and Nolan and probably Jack too. That's why she lets the white-haired man live? It is out of context, against her personality and her whole character and contrary to the way the plot has moved. So why? Simply, it is the only way they can contrive a second series.

    If that is not disappointing enough, the final scene is the worse plot hanger ever constructed. Here we have irrefutable evidence and compelling witnesses to the most heinous crime ever to have taken place on American soil, one of the largest miscarriages of justice ever seen in the US and one of the largest financial frauds, so, given the FEDs know of the murders, cover ups and vested interests involved, you think that they would take some precautions? Yet we are expected to believe that not only does it seem that they have not made any copies of the evidence, but they put all of this on one plane that they charter (as if the US Government does not have access to a few military ones) and then tell the whole world from which airport where the plane is leaving and at what time. But then wait, Whitey, who should be dead, is seen doing something with the undercarriage just before the plane leaves and then we hear it has exploded. What is a surprise! Do we get the impressions the writers were sitting round the table saying: "I bet no one saw that coming ho ho ho"

  • Huge metal hammer in both hands, held by a woman driven by revenge? no my friends Emily did not miss calculate this one.

    Girl keep that ring! Emily's heart renching good bye to Daniel spells end game for her manipuLation project. She explains that she was with him despite the Grayson name but really Emily has caused so much heartache and pain in this family that in a way sheh has caused some of the characters to take such drastic action which leads them to do monsterous things. Yes the Greysons are far from the average family but Emily has gone to the extreme to destroy what little loyalty is left between the family members. Remember that slap between Victoria and Daniel, incredible! fantastic, intense scene. Poor charlotte is a victim too, she litarally ends it all over the thought of loosing her mother, and all the events leading up to this climatic scene. seven devills by Florence and th emachine is the perfect tune to sing The Queen of Bitches to hell. Or is she really gone? Victoria said it herself it will take a lot for her to not amend her sins which could fill a novel. But for me the ultimate player in this game is Amanda who returns with a special present for Jack. Yes the baby bomb, dam, I did not see that coming! parternity test anyone?The price of revenge Emily is that the only person getting burned is you!. And finally the great escape scene where Emily's ninga slash spy techniques comin handy and she escapes from the cluctches of her fathers killer with Nolan. Nolan so greatful exclaims I am not worthy, yes Emily has many sleeves up her arm including a key for her cuffs! But i did not see her actually allowing her fathers killer to go free after everything!
  • 1.22 'Reckoning'

    Whe the hell just happened??? This was one incredible ride that kept me on the edge of my seat, I knew something huge was coming but this was a new twist and turn evry 5 minutes ;) and the last minutes were full of huge life-changing cliffhangers for our characters.

    [WARNING: If you still haven't seen it you better not read what's below]

    Emily confronts the man who killed her father and when she has a chance to kill hims he lets him go instead (she wanted to honor her papa, but she shoul have killed that psycho), then parts ways with Daniel who turns to a drink again (probably had sex with Ashley at the end of the episode), Victoria (joined by Lydia Davis) is ready to expose her husband and the evidence is now in the agent's hands and all they need to do is to testify against Conrad and his criminal friends in Chicago. Victoria found out Conrad hired a guy to kill her love - Daniel Clarke. The real Emily is back and very pregnant (Jack was more than happy to show it to poor Emily who was totally heart broken). The plane explodes (the same psycho Albino set it up) and apparently everyone is dead (including Victoria and Lydia). At least Nolan still has the hardware (doesn't matter that the evidence was destroyed) and he shows this very suspicious video from Aug 28, 1993 to Emily where Victoria mentions that Ms. Clarke is still alive. It was just a scam.

    Hmm, see ya in September guys. That's gonna be a long long summer ;) 10/10
  • There aren't words to describe the sheer brilliance of hthis episode!!!

    WHAT AN AMAZING FINALE!!! <333 OMG, I am so craving the next season already! How on earth am I supposed to wait for Season 2!? What an epic series of events, including some huge shockers and an incredible revelation at the very ending! It's as though a whole new world is opening up!

    Can't believe some of these events! Honestly, I am just stunned! This is honestly the best hour of television I have ever seen! No exaggeration, whatsoever! Just simply incredible!

    I don't even want to spoil oany of the events! It's just a serise of unbelievable and amazing and unpredictable events! I am just stunned and extremely suspensed! The wait for Season 2 is going to be a LONG one!

    Revenge, you have truly outdone yourself! Amazing finale! Amazing season! Can't wait for more!!! :)
  • Incredible finale!!! All the way down to the last song (Florence + the Machine's Seven Devils). Perfect...

    Okay, Wow! What an awesome last couple of episodes, but this one was really great. We have 3 potential deaths: Lydia, Victoria and poor Charlotte. I doubt that Victoria is dead and I think that Charlotte will be back next season also... As for Amber Valetta's Lydia, well I don't really care either way. She wasn't one of my favorites, but it was fun to see the dynamic between both of Conrad's ladies.

    Okay, of course they bring back "Amanda" (Emily)... That really made me mad, but for entertainment purposes I understand. We couldn't have thought she would just be gone completely without turning up at some point, but pregnant? And at the very worst time. I was hoping (if nothing else) that before the episode's end, she could have told Jack the truth and for us to have seen his reaction. That is really all I wanted, but of course they can't make it that easy. I wonder if he put his hand over her belly to see if it was real, but then again he doesn't know how crazy she is like we do.

    Charlotte lost Declan for good this time with the stunt she pulled. Like mother/father-but-not-really, like daughter I guess. Now her mother is possibly dead and the one person she needs wants nothing to do with her... I bet he is going to feel bad when he listens to that voicemail later on...

    So what is the deal with Daniel turning out to be a complete tool? He and Ashley are good for each other because she is just like Victoria and he Is just like Conrad... It seems that was where the two were headed alone with booze while he is vulnerable after his breakup. And i liked her so much in the beginning.

    Even though the white haired man sabotaged the plane and What Emily thought to be all the evidence to exonerate her father, I am glad that she didn't kill him when she had the chance. There is no way she could have gone back from that. It seems now that he wasnt the top of the pyramid after all, so it worked out... sort of.

    Now, Emily knows that her mother is still alive and that this whole mess goes way beyond the Graysons reach. I cannot wait to see the next season!!!!!! This show is truly amazing!
  • Sigh.....

    I enjoyed most of this episode. But there were very little NEW ideas in the plot line.

    So pissed that Emily is about ot tell jack and WHAM amanda shows up pregnent. Oh please......been done before and so boring. Emly loves jack and why would she allow jack to be with a murderer. You would think she'd wonder if the kid was even jack's kid. The show is turning into a soap opera. Very disapointing.

    and OMG......who really believes Victoria and the others' really stayed on that jet.

    I'm betting Victoria got off the jet before it took off.

    Also when emily was fighting with the grey haired man....he said "you're more like your mother then your father" I knew that was a HINT that her mother was alive and a fighter.

    I'm guessing her mother was an assasin
  • 1x22 "Reckoning"

  • A reckoning that took us by surprise

    OMG the last episode was simply beyond everyone's imagination. The best thing was that while it gave us some answers at the same time it left us with more questions. Where should i begin with. Firstly is Victoria Grayson dead or this whole plane crush is something fake (I think Victoria is alive)? The plot took an unexpected turn as it seems that the asssassination of David Clarke was done by government as i assume. Emily's mother is alive and plus Emily did not even bother cut the tongue of this guy, she just let him live (stupid idea).Fake Amanda reappeared just to make us hate her more , not to mention the fact of her pregnancy (if it is Jack's baby).And last but not least i adore Nolan whom i really liked from the series beggining. You never know what is gonna happen in this series.

  • Bravo Revenge, you really have outdone yourself! This episode was EPIC!!!

    Oh my freaking gosh, this episode was EPIC!!! It is insane how good it was! Still can't wrap my head in it - Victoria's dead?!?!? No freaking way, she's awesome! What about the music and slow motion when she was boarding the plane, that was freaking beautiful, Madeleine Stowe is incredible, please Victoria - survive!!! This show without Victoria would be like skiing without snow - crazy, ridiculous and boring! Don't get me wrong, I love all the other characters, especially Emily, but Victoria brings something else to the table, something beautiful, intriguing and mesmerizing at the same time, and maybe that's just me, but I do like her and would hate to see her leave. I guess I really can't imagine this show without her, so truly hope that she's alive! & boy next 3 months till season 2 will drive me nuts! That is just plain mean Revenge, why are you doing that to me?!? Why?!?

    And what about Charlotte, will she live? Really hope so, poor girl deserves some happiness, or even better, she can start her own vendetta against Conrad, who killed her father and now her mother also. And by the way, what's up with Daniel, he seriously is going to replace Emily with that trash Ashley... but guess he deserves her, especially after he turned on his own mother who was trying to do the right thing, and protected the evil daddy dearest a.k.a Conrad. He is seriously f**ked up, just saying... & by the way now when Jack is out of the picture, Emily should regroup and destroy Conrad, after all - show IS called Revenge, so he should get some for all the good work he's done. So anyway, the show is unbelievably good and at this point I really think it will get only better, just hoping they will save Victoria after all, would hate to see her leave...


    1) Does anyone else hope to see Victoria again or is it just me?

    2) Who will screw who over - Daniel/Ashley or Ashley/Daniel?

    3) Will Emily's mom be good or evil?

    4) Will Nolan get new boyfriend in season 2?
  • airrwaldorf

    I would say it's a trashy show but I like though. Very unpredictable and twisted. Last episode is hard to guess, lots happening. The thing is that I have to wait for the next season !!!!! Cant wait for too long. Heartbreaking poor Emily. The real Emily is back and pregnant but i cant be sure that Jack is a father?? It might be Satoshi Takeda , who knows right ? hahaha. cas' she had been with him..
  • Reckoning, the production team and actors know what they are doing and do it perfectly!

    Reckoning was a superior, surprising, perfect and extremely entertaining episode and season two finale of Revenge! The story lines and character development blended together with precision. I loved how somewhat predictable the story seemed and just when you get comfortable some thing shocking or surprising throws things in a whole new direction. The story was definitely well written, the acting was perfect, the editing was beautifully done and I must say the music was phenomenal and fit each scene very well. I loved when Victoria decided to get on the plane, it was a beautiful scene for many reasons. The game just got a whole lot bigger and as some questions are answered a new crop of questions are brought up. I certainly look forward to watching more seasons of this awesome series!!!!!!!!! Teams like this should produce many other shows, stick together and make beautiful work!
  • Revenge at It's Best!

    Take note Shonda Rhimes, THIS is how you do a season finale! This show has easily become my favorite new show of the season. The suspence, the drama, the action, the revenge! This show is like Dallas, Melrose Place, and The Count of Monte Cristo all rolled into one. Everything about this show is just great, the writing, the acting, the drama, it's an A++ show. The finale didn't dissapoint, and we got a lot of good payoff. I liked that Emily didn't kill the White Haired man, how could we root for the hero of the story if she killed someone? My favorite scenes still have to be between Nolan and Emily, I love these two together. The song at the end just made the episode perfect. I love Florence and the Machine, and 7 Devils is pretty much the perfect song to end the season. I have to give props to the writers, this is the first show to make me literally jump out of my seat. Faux Amanda being pregnant!! HUGE shocker to me! I also like that it's Emily's mom, not her dad, that is still alive. I was thinking this whole time that her father must still be alive, but they throw a curveball and make it her mom. I hope they do a good job casting the role, looking forward to that. The only story line I'm not a fan of is the whole Charlotte pill popping. I find her kind of annoying at times, so hopefully they get past it and maybe have her interacting with her half sister, Emily, a little more. I want to see them build a relationship. Of course now that faux Amanda is back they might have her and Charlotte interact since she thinks that's her sister, not Emily. All I can say is september get here quick!
  • Those promos weren't kidding!

    Okay then. WHOA! Absolutely stellar ending to (in my opinion) a near-perfect first season. If the show actually goes through with what it wants us to think (for those who have seen this episode, you know exactly what I'm talking about) then that would be revolutionary for TV (and especially a network show). So excited for this fall, it may be the new show that I am most looking forward to! Other than Fringe of course, but Revenge is starting to reach toward similar levels of greatness, just in a completely different manner and genre.

    Also, that Florence + The Machine song at the end was absolutely perfect, just sayin!