Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 23, 2012 on ABC

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  • Incredible finale!!! All the way down to the last song (Florence + the Machine's Seven Devils). Perfect...

    Okay, Wow! What an awesome last couple of episodes, but this one was really great. We have 3 potential deaths: Lydia, Victoria and poor Charlotte. I doubt that Victoria is dead and I think that Charlotte will be back next season also... As for Amber Valetta's Lydia, well I don't really care either way. She wasn't one of my favorites, but it was fun to see the dynamic between both of Conrad's ladies.

    Okay, of course they bring back "Amanda" (Emily)... That really made me mad, but for entertainment purposes I understand. We couldn't have thought she would just be gone completely without turning up at some point, but pregnant? And at the very worst time. I was hoping (if nothing else) that before the episode's end, she could have told Jack the truth and for us to have seen his reaction. That is really all I wanted, but of course they can't make it that easy. I wonder if he put his hand over her belly to see if it was real, but then again he doesn't know how crazy she is like we do.

    Charlotte lost Declan for good this time with the stunt she pulled. Like mother/father-but-not-really, like daughter I guess. Now her mother is possibly dead and the one person she needs wants nothing to do with her... I bet he is going to feel bad when he listens to that voicemail later on...

    So what is the deal with Daniel turning out to be a complete tool? He and Ashley are good for each other because she is just like Victoria and he Is just like Conrad... It seems that was where the two were headed alone with booze while he is vulnerable after his breakup. And i liked her so much in the beginning.

    Even though the white haired man sabotaged the plane and What Emily thought to be all the evidence to exonerate her father, I am glad that she didn't kill him when she had the chance. There is no way she could have gone back from that. It seems now that he wasnt the top of the pyramid after all, so it worked out... sort of.

    Now, Emily knows that her mother is still alive and that this whole mess goes way beyond the Graysons reach. I cannot wait to see the next season!!!!!! This show is truly amazing!