Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 23, 2012 on ABC

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  • So how do we engineer a second series?

    For a team of directors and writers that have produced such a well constructed, tight and suspense loaded series to date, this episode was not just disappointing but it effectively destroyed both their collection integrity and creditability by cynically engineering a plot designed solely to enable a second series. Shame on you all. Just as Emily is about to kill Whitey she visualises the time her dad helped her save the life of a wounded bird and suddenly decides the best way to honour her father is embrace the qualities he loved most about her and lets the man live. We are taking about the Emily that has destroyed the lives and homes of people she considered implicit in the framing of her father and is setting about destroying the lives of the whole family, without a shade of remorse. This is the Emily that is cold, calculating and will not let anything distract her from her path but she suddenly allows a killer, who has not only killed her father but, if released will almost certainly attempt to kill her because he knows her identity and Nolan and probably Jack too. That's why she lets the white-haired man live? It is out of context, against her personality and her whole character and contrary to the way the plot has moved. So why? Simply, it is the only way they can contrive a second series.

    If that is not disappointing enough, the final scene is the worse plot hanger ever constructed. Here we have irrefutable evidence and compelling witnesses to the most heinous crime ever to have taken place on American soil, one of the largest miscarriages of justice ever seen in the US and one of the largest financial frauds, so, given the FEDs know of the murders, cover ups and vested interests involved, you think that they would take some precautions? Yet we are expected to believe that not only does it seem that they have not made any copies of the evidence, but they put all of this on one plane that they charter (as if the US Government does not have access to a few military ones) and then tell the whole world from which airport where the plane is leaving and at what time. But then wait, Whitey, who should be dead, is seen doing something with the undercarriage just before the plane leaves and then we hear it has exploded. What is a surprise! Do we get the impressions the writers were sitting round the table saying: "I bet no one saw that coming ho ho ho"

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