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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on ABC
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    Revenge "Resurrection" Review: New Blood

    This week's episode reset the series in ways I love, bringing back some key players and introducing new characters.

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    Things get complicated as Emily continues to delicately weave her way back into the Graysons' lives, while remaining tied to Amanda and her unborn child.

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    • Resurrection

      This was another great episode of revenge that continued to wrap up some of the loose ends from season 1, it was fast paced fun and completely melodramatic...... all things you want from a revenge episode.

      Its Great to have this show

    • Resurrection

      Resurrection was a superb episode of Revenge. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of intriguing character development, drama, and action. It was interesting to see the characters in their various situations. I was very entertained and enjoyed the story lines. There were definitely a few good surprises as well as Visual Mastery.There was a lot of maneuvering and I liked how every thing played out. There was a lot of excellent character conflict between Victoria and Charlotte. I couldn't believe how far to the dark side Emily ventured as she lied to faux Amanda. Ashley is just as scandalous as she plays father and son. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!moreless
    • Absolutely and completely incredible!

      One thing that Revenge never fails to deliver is that your jaw will hit the floor almost every minute, because it is just shock and surprise one after the other. What a brilliant storyline and plan concocted by the Graysons against the White-Haired Man! That was incredible and just executed to perefction!

      Meanwhile, things got really interesting for Charlotte, and what on earth is going on with the paternity! That is some twisted stuff!

      I'm just absolutely stunned by the quality of this show! It is beyond amazing and I can't wait for more!moreless
    • 2x02 "Resurrection"

      You thought the first episode was awesome??? Revenge presents a new drama and more Victoria in an episode that sets up nicely the rest of the season.

      "The bitch is back" -Amanda Clarke (Emily Thorne)
    Todd Grinnell

    Todd Grinnell

    Dr. Jeffrey Thomas

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    Michael Albala

    Michael Albala

    Andrew Parker

    Guest Star

    Hugh Holub

    Hugh Holub


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    Margarita Levieva

    Margarita Levieva

    Amanda Clake/Emily Thorne

    Recurring Role

    Barry Sloane

    Barry Sloane

    Aiden Mathis

    Recurring Role

    Jennifer Jason Leigh

    Jennifer Jason Leigh

    Kara Wallace Clarke

    Recurring Role

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      • Padma: (after startling Nolan, who was monitoring Victoria on the clam cam.) This is what you do all day? Watch Nature Channel videos?
        Nolan Ross: (with a sarcastic tone) Oh. You caught me... Who are you again?
        Padma: Padma.
        Nolan Ross: One of my lawyers?
        Padma: Accounting Analyst.
        Nolan Ross: Ho... huh... you look different in 3D.

      • Nolan Ross: (while being strangled by a startled Emily, whom was having a dream, where she sees her mother turns into Victoria) ...Bad dream.
        Emily Thorne: (after throwing Nolan to the floor) ...Don't do that again.
        Nolan Ross: This is why you shouldn't fall asleep watching horror movies.
        Emily Thorne: (after turning on her laptop with the camera feed from Victoria's apartment) I fell asleep monitoring Victoria.
        Nolan Ross: Exactly.

      • Emily Thorne: (voice over closing scenes) For those who believe in the Resurrection, death is inconsequential. In the Resurrection those that were dead live and those who live believe they shall never die.

      • Nolan Ross: (choking on Emily's death grip) Bad dream.
        Emily Thorne: Don't do that again.
        Nolan Ross: This is why you shouldn't fall asleep watching horror movies.
        Emily Thorne: I fell asleep monitoring Victoria.
        Nolan Ross: Exactly!

      • Emily Thorne: (voice over opening scenes) For those who believe in resurrection, death is inconsequential. It's not an ending but rather a new beginning. A second chance, a reunion. The very idea of resurrection is so seductive a concept it's easy to forget, before you can rise from the dead you have to spend a few days in hell.

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      • Nolan:Don't you think it's a little bit dangerous to be catnapping out in the open, or are you actually baiting the white-haired Man-ibal Lecter to come for you?"

        Reference to reknown Hannibal Lector films starring a serial killer pyschopath first featured in the film Silence of the Lambs.