Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on ABC

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  • Revelations

    This was a pretty good way to end 2012 for revenge, however I will say that I am not really enjoying the ryan brothers storyline nor am I really liking this whole company storyline having said that this episode was fast paced and fun and I am hoping these storylines all come together in the second half of season 2
  • Revelations

    Revelations was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Revenge. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of intrigue and drama along with the foreboding of major changes. There was tons of great character development and plot progression. It was great to see the intricate web and how every thing is tied together. All of the plotting and planning was exquisite. It was fun watching Daniel step up and really play the game. The story with Jack and his partners had some interesting revelations and I am definitely enjoying it more now. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was great. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • whats going on this season?

    to be honest i think that the writers have ran out ideas this season. i dont know whats going on i want to love this season but i'm just not feeling it. it seems to me that theres really no clear plot and that the writers just put together a bunch of random storylines its getting boring. its a shame destroy what was once a well constructed show to a disjointed show. i will stil watch for a few more episodes and if it doesnt improve i wont watch anymore. because right now im already on the verge to stop but i literally force myself to watch now this used to be my favorite last year.
  • Revelations

    Well Well Revenge got back to normal and more in this episode. Amazing seeing Nolan with a plan of his own instead of Emily (Amanda) this time and can't wait to find out what it is. The initiative are becoming more compelling than ever and remind me a little of Nikita's (whatever they called them) Percy's bosses (many may disagree but this is the way i see it). Daniel taking the throne was expected and ii never doubted that to happen. I wanna see what Jack will do now that he knows everything regarding his new partners. There were many cliffhangers that i can't wait till the show returns.

    I love this show!!! From the beginning of season 1- episode 1-- this show has captured my attention. Love this show!!!!!!!
  • WOW!!

    excellent episode! I love Nolan and his loyalty to Emily/Amanda - I sure hope she appreciates it, maybe show something in the future with Emily sticking out her neck for him?

    as for Aiden, on my word, is he hot! I'm also loving the Emily and Aiden relationship. I was always torn between Daniel & Jack - but screw em both, AIDEN woman, AIDEN!

    Where should I start from?Wow I am pretty amazed. First of all I admire to which degree Nolan defends the Emily's true has really given up is a manipulative bitch not to mention clueless situation gets extremely dangerous for everyone.
  • cliffhangerssss

    many cliffhangers in this episode and wow this was the best episode of the season so far can't wait for it to return next year
  • Wow! Phenomenal!

    This episode was downright amazing, with soem huge developments and 'revelations' taking place in multiple storlines. Daniel in particular was at the centre of everything today, and I am really fascinated to see what the Initiative has in store next. Looking forward to it!

    Meanwhile, that Marco guy or whatever his name is, is back six years later and idk what he wants exactly, but hopefully there will be some drama involved there.

    But the most fascinating developments were with the Porters and everything that happened there - to be honest, that storyline bored me before, but now that we know some important info from the flashback episode, it is actually extremely interesting, and I can't wait to see how it plays out!

    Phenomenal episode, and I can't wait for more Revenge!