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  • 3 Years of awesome TV drama squandered by the last episode

    I loved this series all the way through the end but there are some issues to point out. First of all it continued for far too long even after she got her successful revenge, Once she's been able to turn Conrad Grayson in, it should have ended there. Then, the show from that point on continues in a very strange way, as though the producers had to fill in empty spaces, but still it's a good drama, even if way out of context. My main problem is the final episode. I don't think Amanda/Emily should have had her rosey happy ending, living happily ever after with Jack Porter. Throughout the whole of the series it came pretty clear to spectators that eventhough Jack is her childhood friend, she had little or no interest in getting together with him, infact she rejects him twice. Also, Amanda/Emily turned from right and just to wrong, no lesser of an evil than Victoria, I think they should have died together as series finale, it would have made lot of more sense.
  • The show should have been cancelled a long time ago!!

    Enjoyed watching the first two seasons but after that the show became monotonous and a joke. It seems like they run out of ideas which made all the characters scripts very dumb. Very annoying and predictable end. Just disappointed.
  • This Show shouldn't end yet

    This Show is amazing and I watched most of it and all of it with my family. Its the most heart warming show you'll love. I wish it didnt end. I want another season. I watched every season and episode from the begining.
  • loved it!! thank you

    i just signed up on this site at this moment, needed to have my input on the Revenge finale. I have been a loyal follower for the past four years, seen every episode, and unlike so many other series endings or series finales, this one absolutely rocked!!!!! Though a couple times it was not going the way I wanted and raised my voice at the tv, but all was good in the end. Congratulations Revenge creators for getting it right and having your loyal fans like me very happy with the way things ended. I have closure on a great show I have watched for four years and it is not a show I would have watched but the star was from Port Perry, which is about 15 minutes north of Oshawa where I live, so I gave it a chance and loved it, and am very happy that she is with Jacjk in the end.

    I enjoyed watching Emily Van Camp for the past 4 years and wish her all the best in the future, really enjoyed tghe show and we are very proud in her accomplishment, andf thank you for the creators to make the finale what any true fan would want!! Thank you Bobby
  • Die you sod Die

    I used to watch it and really liked it but near the end of season 2 it was getting stupid .Have only watched the odd episode after that it is finally over i will skip through a few episodes and then go to the ABC for finally putting an end to this drawn out saga that was going nowhere but down hill since season 3.
  • Petition

    please don't cut off this show,. I'm dying watching the twist and turn of every episode. Why are you doing this to all your viewers here in the Philippines. please don't cancel this one otherwise I will kill myself for sure. Just to get your attention that we are desperate and hopeless and we will never watch any CW show ever .
  • Strong Start Weak Progression

    When the show began, it was all fun and games. The show had clear villains with a clear mission. Sure, it may have been soap opera-like at times, but what great drama isn't these days? Somehow the show lost its greatness. I'm not sure if it fell short because the writers ran out of ideas or what. But, I miss the first season.
  • Smh every gud show they cancel why Revenge i love this show been watching it since day 1!!

    CW pisses meh off like tf why are yhu ppl cancelin all tha gud shows this tha 3rd one smfh just like beauty and the beast/star crossed all three canceled sum BS!!
  • Bring Back the Glamour and old Characters

    The key to bringing back the success to this show is to bring the glamour back and some of the characters back and make them humanizing - Daniel, Victorias husband, the little brother. I feel all died needlessly and were beloved characters. We all started watching the show for the good looking people, the glamour, and the intrigue. Now it's just turning into bad story lines and bad outfits to boot! What will Emily do with the bartender/cop? She made most sense with Daniel and they are such a cute couple in real life.
  • Margaux

    Could somebody pleeeeaaaseeee kill her already? She's not a propper "villian" like Victoria and she's seriously annoying!

    I love the show but cut Margaux out already!
  • great show season 4 better then season 3 and 2 in fact season2 portly worse season it were some fans abode the series.

    great show wouldn't mind end at end season 4 i don't mind short season 5
  • my all time favorite show!

    I LOVED the first two seasons. . .I miss a few of the characters (mainly leading men) from the current season, but i still love the show. . .i hope it has several more seasons!
  • Its Not My Fav Anymore

    I used to love this show but has bored me the last season. Poor Jack needs to be cut a break and let him get Emily in the sack at least once!
  • great show but....

    I've watched revenge from the start have loved every nail biting bit. End of season 3 threw my jaw to the floor so many been some good stuff this season but I feel a bit like they've rushed things through this season I feel they could've done more with the malcolm black story. Getting a little agitated by some of the things they are coming up with. I mean now Margo wants to take Emily down it's getting over the top, To me it should still be about Emily vs Victoria Personally though I love the show and the characters I think it should be wrapped up this season or if they get a 5th season they should go hard and go out being remembered for something awesome

    This show has kept me tied to my tv for the last month. I am now all caught up and waiting anxiously for the next episode! I absolutely love how it continues to get better and better! I am a little upset about the good characters dying such as Aiden, Declan, Amanda, and Daniel. I hope it ends good! This is probably my favorite show ever. It would be great to see some of these characters show up later like Daniel

  • It has gone down hill

    not as good as the beginning
  • Clever tradagies !!

    its a great show something we will never do so it's interesting to see everything that Emily ends up doing I recomend this show which I have to friends and they are also enjoying it. The only negative I would say about it was killing one of the good charectors also season 3 got me mad but not mad enough to stop watching it but it still kept me on my toes can't wait till march 8th when season 4 continues.
  • Sound BITES!!!

    As I watch this show with my girlfriend, I can't help but think how bad the sound sucks!!! The background noise is louder than the conversations going on or the echo makes them sound like they are in a tunnel!! There was one episode where 2 people were talking in a kitchen and there was a cricket twice as loud as the actors. It was pathetic!! FIRE THE SOUND GUY!!!
  • How has this not been cancelled?

    How does TV this awful get made? I had high hopes for this series, as it was listed as "recommended" by IMDb for anyone that enjoyed The Good Wife. I couldn't even make it through the tediously-dull pilot episode. It was disjointed (I presume the cold open has a relevance at some point, but it seemed to bear no relation whatsoever to the rest of the pilot It was boring. And its cast looked barely old enough to be out of school, which damaged the credibility of the main characters somewhat. Some more blurb because apparently reviews need to be ten lines long, even if you're writing about a show that you'd have difficulty watching for ten minutes without falling into a coma.

  • What did you expect?

    I remember the press special they did after the first season, where they admitted that when they started, they didn't know the show would be what it was, so the had been writing on an as-you-go basis. The show has become a soap opera with gaping plot holes, because the story was designed to be a one season story. Good job stretching for season 2, but by the time the Faux-manda showed up, everyone should've known what this was. And now that they've killed Daniel I really just can't even pretend to do it anymore. You guys do NOT know where you're going, which is fine for daytime soaps, but this is prime time!
  • viewers REVENGE

    , violence, blood all need to stop watching. No more character development etc. What is this program where "Ye Olde Revenge" , once was?????? And these scenes are done in near tell who is kicking who etc.
  • to wrap it up

    why cant they just disappear into the sunset?? more more bad tired here... :(

    i mean, good show, great story let it go already...
  • parstl

    Season one was a 9 and I almost let it completely go in season 2 with the whole conspiracy story line and the faux Amanda. Season 3 was better but I think they're killing off or cutting out too many main characters. I think Daniels not really dead bu t hidden in some secret hospital. The relationship between Emily and David (her long lost Dad) is cool to the point of distracting. It's weird to see Victoria without money. secret Conrad stash will turn up. It's worth tuning in just to see what the writers will reach for next. Would like to see one or two recurring ccharacters of color who are not police or completely subservient like Ashley. I know rich African Americans who frequent the Hamptons. The lawyer played by Courtney Vance a year or so ago was a nice temporary character. I'll continue to record and watch.
  • One of the best shows there is

    After an amazing season 1, revenge had a rocky season 2. Understandable; it seems like a difficult premise to maintain. Coming back with an amazing end arc of episodes with season 2 and a phenomenal season 3, I would have been very disappointed to see the show go off the air. So maybe the David Clarke arc isn't amazingly believable, and the Amanda/David relationship is executed poorly. With what they got, Revenge is doing amazing. I still find myself at the edge of my seat during episodes, and in my opinion, season 4 is one of the best ones yet with all their cliffhangers and plot twists. Should it probably end on a high note for season 4? Maybe. But do I want to see a season 5? Definitely
  • Was Good At First

    Season 1 was amazing, but from there it went completely down hill. Season 2 was awful, 3 was bearable and now the 4th season is the worst of all.

    I'm getting whiplash by the story line, I've got no clue what's going on. It's like they're trying to keep us interested but it's doing the complete opposite.

    They should've ended this show a long time ago. It's disappointing because they have some really good actors/actresses on this show. The actress who plays Victoria is the only reason I'm continuing to watch, because she is an amazing actress.
  • Forced to Choose My Own Ending for the Whole Series!

    I'm giving the series a 9 b/c my 10 was sabotaged by the finale of Season 3! I really enjoyed this show and finally had time to watch Series 3 during the year-end holidays. My holidays ended unhappily, however, because the final episode of Season 3 ("Execution") was a very rotten kick in the stomach and gave me a bitter taste in remembering the whole series! Strong characters we rooted for and loved either died horribly (Aiden) or became too warped in personality (Victoria, Daniel), and all the new characters were unappealing or disappointedly unheroic (David). The whole show became a dark cartoon during the Series 3 finale instead of a heroic story. I have decided that I will remember the show as if the second to the last episode of Season 3 ("Impetus"-Episode 21) was the REAL finale! I may peek at Series 4, but I will have to consider it almost as a new sideshow and nowhere near the original "classic" it had been because the writers took the class away and stole the happy and satisfying ending. Still very crushed! Declan's demise also hurt the series because he was perfect for Charlotte and an important character to complement and motivate Jack, his older brother. The series' most recent writers unfortunately had to prove the saying that "all good things must come to an end" and that revenge is not very sweet at all.
  • Great show, hard to wait

    This show keeps you going and wanting to see the next epesode now! I can't believe they are messing around with it and not showing the show every Sunday at 10pm. That's 2 shows in one month and no hope of another next week. So.... lame
  • meeeh

    this show doesnt make sense anymore :\ and i miss Aiden <3
  • Like a train wreck..


    A lesson of tolerance. Nails on a chalkboard. Root canal. The first season of Revenge was entertaining and clever. The second season somewhat entertaining and somewhat clever. The third and currently into it's fourth and mercifully last season, it's downright dumb. Dumb and getting dumber.

    Painful to watch but like a train wreck or traffic accident on the highway I have to slow down and tune in every week to look. I have to see out for myself if it can out-stupid last weeks episode.

    Yup. It can. It does.

    Another new character. FBI agent Kate Taylor. An FBI agent who looks like she just got out of high school. We're expected to accept she's a real pro who wants to tie David Clark to Conrads murder. Right. With the terrorist bombing of a plane (way back in season one) plus David's over the top wealthy background and the millionaire Conrad Graysons social standing in the Hamptons the FBI is going to send in this young girl to solve it all. Jack mentions something about DNA on the knife. Her line to Jack: `never assume rookie'.

    Rookie? I want to put my fingers down my throat. We see the two of them a bit later at a restaurant or bar. Their hands touch and she appears to all of a sudden have the `hots' for Jack. Good grief. So many stupid things. It never ends. I can't list them all.

    I have to confess, I PVR record the show because I simply can't watch it in real time. PVR helps as it allows me the option to replay (with the volume louder) the mumbling and whispering of dialogue.

    For those not familiar with the business, you'll notice that a lot of the actor's close-ups are cropped at the top of their head as I suspect the mic is hovering about an inch out of frame. Each and everyone one of these actors should be required to hold the boom pole for an entire show. Maybe then they'd bump up their levels just a bit. Com'on guys. Speak up. Man I feel for the poor sound mixer.

    Or maybe they're whispering because the lines are so embarrassingly bad. They must bite their lip when they get a new script. Are you guys (note to producers) serious? You think this is quality stuff? You want me to read this crap? WTF. Oh ya. Pay cheques on Thursday. Yea!

  • wispering

    the plot has become ridiculous they need to stop wispering especially emily do you agree?
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