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  • Strong start, now sputtering to a pathetic end.

    The first season was epic. The second was more far-fetched. The third is a pathetically-written soap opera. The characters have lost their depth, the plot has lost focus, and I, the viewer, has lost interest. As with all soap operas, every characters is somehow related to every other character, and they're all swapping love interests. Nothing seems genuine and no one trusts anyone else. It's just non-stop drama from every angle, and none of it is realistic anymore.
  • Who is Aiden?

    Aiden is played by British actor Barry Sloane
  • Aiden?

    Who plays Aiden? I was looking through list actors and I didn't aidens character actors name. Did I miss it.
  • Nolan please come back

    It keeps my interest every week. However, I believe that Nolan should have a more active and full role, I prefer him as the protagonist than every other male actor. His intelligence/craftiness and hacking skills are those that keep this show going...
  • Impossible to follow

    they have so many new characters that we have no clue who they are. Emily, you don`t know if she`s dreaming or if its real. I`m lost & don`t have any interest in it anymore. It use to be one of my favorite shows.
  • Started off really cool

    Revenge started off really cool and I liked the first season.

    However, in the second and third season, nothing really interesting happens and I get the feeling that the writers as well as Emily forgot what they actually set out to do.
  • Revenge

    Revenge is one of the only shows that has improved since last season. I really like how emily's revenge is actually going places and things are actually happening
  • sighs

    didnt like how this season ended. looking forward to the next one.
  • Something about revenge!

    For sure Revenge is one of the popular series in many different countries. The cold war between Victoria & Emily has been the reason that fans were watching it and waiting for real war!

    This season Emily's cover took a new way, but still something about it! something is missing in this season, like it needs to be more exciting, I guess we all wish to see Emily without that cover anymore, and that cold war turns to be real revenge as it started in the first season.

    Revenge still good but it needs to get better in the 3rd season!

    That's why I gave this season 7.5
  • Lost heart

    Revenge, with it's new director and perhaps abc financial goals??? has lost it's it's heart. I saw her love for her father double infinity as her motivation in revenge with the hope she would heal a new life. Seems they have lost the concept.

    If the show fails, it's not due to the actors. Fabulous.
  • Get rid of this douche

    Please lock Patrick up in a freezer for the rest of the show.
  • Looking Beyond What They Want You To See...

    As we can mostly all agree, "Exodus" centers around the wedding and more so, "Who shot Emily?" Well I'm going to stray away from that for a moment. Most of everything else to me as been covered. I'm a little disappointed with the most recent episode. I was expecting more for some reason. I was really hoping for more interaction between Jack and Emily this season, but instead they paired Jack off with Margeaux, who I cannot stand. In the finale Emily had to ruin their "final goodbye" to one another by telling Jack the truth about fauxmanda's death and how Emily was there in her final moments. I don't blame Jack for getting mad, but it killed me this was going to how it ended for them.

    I know a lot of people adore him, but I can't stand Aiden. I'll agree he's exceptionally good looking and he really does love Emily and she loves him, however I feel she's pushing herself to run away with him, when in reality she doesn't want to leave behind Nolan and Jack. Also, Aiden has done several things behind Emily's back and that, to me, makes for a very shady character.

    I loved Nolan in this episode, and his lines were quirky and funny as ever, but my favorite quote thus far, didn't come from him surprisingly. It came from a shocking combination of Sara and Jack.

    Sara: I saw Danny this morning. He didn't ask me but I know he wanted me to forgive him. I didn't because once I do

    Jack: over for good.

    I absolutely loved this part. It not only explained why Sara couldn't forgive Daniel but it also explained why Jack couldn't forgive Emily.

    I'm looking forward to the next episode however I really hope both Daniel and Charlotte find out about Emily's true identity. Mainly Charlotte because I feel it would help develop her character more since not a lot has happened with her this season. Emily's plan is unraveling which I honestly expected it to. No plan goes exactly how you want it to and I think the more you try to keep it within your control, the less control you end up having over it.

  • What next?

    Despite what others may think about the show, I really liked the first season (even though it confused me a lot!) It was full of tension and excitement and you didn't know what to expect next! It always kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to see more and I cared for most of the characters and when the season ended I couldn't wait for the next season to be out!! However when the second season aired I was a bit disappointed when it got to the third/fourth episode as it lacked what I loved so much about the first season and by the end of it I lost interest in some characters that I onced loved! (Aiden is hot but not relevant) Another thing that gets me about the entire show itself is that it is soooooo UNREALISTIC (which gets on my nerves a bit) but then again which show isn't! Also unlike the first season, the episodes did in fact start to become predictable (disappointing) :( as I'm in England, season three hasn't been aired over here yet but I have recently seen an advertisement that says coming soon! So I am looking forward to it! Let's just hope it's as good as the first season with more surprises and cliffhangers but not as unrealistic and predictable like the second! But judging from other peoples believe I'm gonna be disappointed!

    Despite my complaining and others complaints I doubt any of us will stop watching it haha!
  • Feel like getting some revenge on the Revenge writers

    I used to enjoy watching revenge. Seeing how the other half live with an added weekly dose of bitch juice and verbal violence, it was original, addictive and dare I say, fun.

    Roll on to season three and wow, what a difference a year can make. With each new episode, I can't help but think, enough already! The first two seasons made sense with a solid plot and believable stories but not anymore. Now it feels as if the plot is being dragged out for as long as possible and the individual stories within the plot seem to belong in a soap opera. In fact, Revenge is very much like a soap opera now that I think about it.

    However, I don't blame the writers, I blame the concept. We all naturally view revenge as a direct and focused emotion that needs to be satisfied. It's not a comfortable emotion to sit with so there is only so much revenge we can take before we want to focus on other things. This is where I think this show is at, at the moment. Also, the writers have an impossible task with this show that is focused around revenge because how can the viewers continue to like these characters who are selfish, spiteful, vindictive, conniving and scheming all the time. There is a point where you just think, enough already! give up on the revenge and get on with your life. After all, life is too short. In the real world, all of the characters in Revenge would have gone their separate ways and Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke would have got her revenge a long time ago. I doubt someone so committed to revenge would be so morally aware of her actions, or the perfect, flawless person that Emily is portrayed as.

    I've had more than enough Revenge now and this is one show I won't be sad to see go. Enough Already!
  • The Best Show Ever on TV <3 <3

    OMG!!!! LOV LOV LOV IT This SHOW IS GETTING SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD this is been the most intense show i have ever watch on TV im gonna be sad when the end is coming and its not far ;( ;(
  • Best drama on tv

    I've been a huge fan from the start. Excellent show. It's had its ups and downs but the twists and turns always leave you wanting more. Can't wait to suspend reality and step into the world of the Hamptons every Sunday night.
  • Good

    Very good love it
  • keep on doing your thing

    Revenge is a great show with great acting with great writers I can't wait to see what happens when it airs its going to be insane
  • LOVE IT!!!!

    I absolutely love this show I have been watching since it started. I am not a big drama queen I don't even watch them soap shows or reality TV shows they get on my nerves all the drama. I like shows that DON'T overdo it. love this show always have me on the edge of my couch. I record so I can fast forward the commercials. Can't wait for the 3rd season to start 9/29/13 I will be ready!!!
  • Amazing!

    Love this show so much and Emily kicks ass!
  • One of those shows I Tape and Save!

    I tape the whole series... and let me tell you, its hard to have to wait until the season is over but I wait and savor the tidbits of sound bytes~ it's worth it. Then, once the series is done taping... I take a weekend and do nothing but watch back to back Revenge.

    I dont miss anything, everything is clear and I am right there in the storyline, immerse in every dropp of mystery and betrayal, rooting for Amanda Clark to get her... REVENGE!

    I discovered this way of viewing a few years when Heroes was on and I felt like there was so much happened, I had to wait and see it on the weekend. During the week, I barely had time to watch tv, let alone my favorites! I found myself frustrated cuz ai was missing things and something wasnt right and I didnt have the old copies to revert to... This way I dont need it. I tape a couple of my favorite shows, or, just watch a few quick and easy shows during the week, and save of a few groups, then on Saturday, I puick a show to watch, popping waiting, ready to enjoy a few hours of my fav tv.

  • It's good... kind of.

    I don't know what it is but something is missing for me. I guess it's the characters. Just no investment in those, I just don't believe them.
  • Vengeance has never been better since this show aired!

    Revenge is definitely one of the BEST SHOWS ever made! The plot is simply amazing! the casts were so great on portraying their characters especially Amanda and Victoria! Kudos to Emily Vancamp! and are one hell of a bitch and i love your character! I CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER SEASON! thanks to torrent that i get the chance to watch this!
  • Can't wait for the next show

    This is ONE of my FAVORITE SHOWS CAST IS wonderful and characters are so believable. I could watch a marathon of episodes.
  • Must watch !!!

    Good movies!

    This show is one of my Favorite shows! I LOVE THE STORY LINE! Emily VanCamp was a great choice for Amanda Clark! this show just get better and better! ll though really feeling for Nolan at the minute!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! RE-NEW for SEASON THREE!!!!!!!!!!
  • show more than one new ep in a row!

    new episode of 'Revenge' is on every other month, right?
  • All the

    Love the / Amanda is great...
  • Okay show

    Revenge is a good show but i personally think they shoud've left it at season 1.

    They're trying to carry it out but it has no where to go so they are creating random silly plots.

    Season one was quite good though.

    But its so addicting I still have 2 watch it to see what happens!!!
  • great show

    Great story! I can't stop watching!!!
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