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  • Amazing!

    I am absolutley hooked on this show! Great story line and awesome actors!! Love this show!!
  • Plot suggestions

    Complicated plot.

    I suggest the laptop is scooped by a shark cruising the bay. It chokes the sahrk and he's washed up on the beach. Daniel just happens to be strolling the beach, finds th sahrks, cuts him open with his pocket knife, and retrieves the laptop.

    He rushes back to the house, opens it but the battery is dead.

    He searches thru the hundreds of power adapters in his home and cannot find one that fits.


  • Fantastic

    I really like this show, and I cannot wait for the next episode. Emily seems to hunt Victoria's first boy. It would be interesting to have new character showing up in this show because too many main roles died.
  • Intriguing

    Excellent start to the series.. Can't wait for the next episode!! One of the best shows!!
  • Best show on tv!

    If U don't think that Revenge is the best show on TV, then u are not watching it!
  • Love it!! just keeps getting better.

    Love this show. It just gets better and better. Can't wait until next season. Soooo gooood!!!!!
  • Season one and ready for season 2

    in Star world asian, revenge season 2 starts in earlier April 2013. but i can wait this series.

    i love the character of emily thorne, she is strong, smart and mysterious. and i love victoria too, she is so awesome. this movie teach me how to be a lady and high rich family.
  • Season One Had a Perfect Bittersweet Ending

    And that's where the series should have ended . Season one was great and I get the feeling that the writers thought that it might end there. But it appears that the network thought they could, for the sake of profit, squeeze a few more episodes out of the series and that's where things got complicated and confusing.

    I'm sure some viewers would have screamed if the series would have just been canceled at the end of season one, but in this case (except for the actor's continued employment) the ending episode of season one would have been a fitting (and even quite moral) spot to end things. (My rating is only for season
  • Revenge

    I'm hooked!
  • Amazing

    This show is amazing. True, the first season is just PERFECT, while the second feels kind of different, as Emily loses her mastermind status and gets more deeply involved in the plotline's twists. I don't think the show's gotten worse, it just changed and it really feels spontaneous and natural (Still, I liked the previous "deus ex machina" feeling more!).

    Anyway, TV was really in need of a show such as this! Keep it going!
  • one of the best series in a long time

    I really love this serie. I believe that both 1 and 2 are amazing. I like that it's getting more complicated. I hope they won't stop the show!
  • Revenge

    I agree with other 1 was fantastic. Season 2 much too confusing. Keep it simple.
  • Love this show it should be cancelled

    Isn't that what the networks do? Cancel the good shows and keep the ridiculous ones?
  • Good show

    I was addicted to season 1, it was so good! Season 2 has been getting progressively more boring (for example in episode 7 barely anything significant happened) hopefully they can pick it up because the concept is good but the writing has become sloppy and the storyline has to improve.
  • Best Drama on ABC

    With so many episodes per season, I thought this show would have been cancelled or ended from season 1. The writers are genius to keep a show like this interesting every step of the way, the name "Revenge" half fits the show's concept, I think its more than revenge. Also, I really hope ABC doesn't cancel this show.

    good show
  • Great show!

    love to watch this show addicting..
  • my kind of awesome

    Good show. Good acting, great writing and based on a classic.
  • LOVE IT!!!

    I love Revenge!! I can't wait for next episode to come... It would be great if David was alive... what do you think?
  • never seen it but it has to be OK because it's NOT rEaLiTy TV which totally blows!!!!!!!

    since the networks and cable channels have decided to go cheap on us and make 99 percent REALITY TV shows, wrestling (on sci-fi!!) and are always cancelling great shows... i have cancelled my cable and no longer watch any tv... i download all my shows i like off the internet and have started watching alot of bbc shows from england. I'll not sit in front of the box and watch crap in the evenings after working all day. I want quality or nothing at all from the networks / cable channels. I SUGGEST WE ALL BOYCOTT THE TV for one week each month until the REALITY CRAP is taken off the air. That crap causes brain damage... it's totally unacceptable. No one is stupid enough to enjoy that crap except some inbred bigfoot half-breed. They want to produce the cheapest crap possible and still retain the ratings to get sponsors and advertising dollars. Don't give them the appearance of ratings by watching at all. Turn off you cable / sat and download... NO Commercials!!! and only watch what you want to watch when u want to watch it... been doing this for 4 years now and it's great. Only problem is, running out of shows to watch. Sci-Fi channel, now si-fi (junk now) sold out and became a cess-pool putting on fantasy and wrestling crap... was once the best channel on cable... anyways,

    boycott cable / networks and download from internet...

    watch ur shows without commercials or interuption...

    hope the networks realize they're loosing their loyal viewers because we're NOT dumbing down and

    we HATE reality TV crap...

    screw u a-holes... you're idiots and you're gonna kill ur networks/channels if you keep on this way
  • A Dissappointment

    I liked Revenge.... when it was about revenge. But ti quickly became about Emily's love life, and her mommy/daddy/boy problems. It's a shame.
  • Yes, WillJayPA - This HAS to be a (Bad) joke!

    The first half of the first season of Revenge was quite good, with "Emily" systematically taking down - one by one - the people responsible for her father's demise. Then the writing, directing and editing got sloppy; the original plot got lost, the story lines got more and more ridiculous, and what was a relatively good drama turned into a very, very, very bad soap opera. There are way too many subplots and absolutely no attention paid to detail. Example: in season 2, episode 7, at a soiree thrown at the Grayson home for the company's investors, a young lady can be seen standing directly behind Conrad as he addressed his guests. When the camera angle changed, mid-sentence, from in front of him to behind him, the SAME young lady is seen standing on the opposite side of the room and behind Daniel. A split second and one more camera angle later, the VERY SAME young lady is standing two people away and on Conrad's right side. Either she was triplets, or a genie, blinking her way all over the room. Example: in the same episode, no one notices "Emily's" mother calmly walk up to the mansion's security panel, punch in a four-digit code (how in the world did she get access to that??!!) and disarm most of the security cameras in the home. Example: In season 1, episode 15(?), after getting knocked in the back of the head (to the tune of 15 stitches), Daniel is walking around the police station with a blood-stained bandage taped over a full head of hair. The goofs and bloopers are innumerable, but it's NOT quite funny enough to be a real sitcom. A page or two could indeed have been taken from a quality show like Damages, but this mess of a soapy soap opera is too far gone now to be salvaged.
  • A Little Confusing?

    I like Revenge it's a good show I got quite hooked in season 1. I have to admit though there is so much going on in this season it's hard to keep up. I still enjoy it I just wish they were more focused like the first season. Also I have to say this I think it's absurd that just because Emily is keeping some stuff from Aiden and isn't so trusting of him that he gets angry and betrays her. So he's upset she won't trust him so he turns around and does something that proves she shouldn't trust him at all and will probs make it so she never trusts him? Does that make a lick of sense to anyone? I know this show is famous for its twists but sometimes you can have to many twists that it takes away from the story cause people are to confused with what is going on. Just maybe they should slow it down a little that's all.
  • Too many subplots!

    Sorry but it is a real turn off.
  • Savoring REVENGE

    You guys are Wrong this show is awesome...Ohk yea alot is going on - and I do miss how she used to ruin lives in the begging of S1 , the way she would map out a plan of crazy events and get her target but now we are in the thick of the story in her past and future - I do wish Emily was more of a hardass and did'nt let her emotions get involved at all but I still love the show....MY favorite character are Victoria and Emily !! fucking love them even dead Victoria is still amazing - emilys mom is just a whacko Jackoo.....yes must love
  • Only four episodes in

    I think people need to get off the ledge. We are only for episodes into the new season. Give it time to formulate.
  • Get back to basics -- and related subplots

    TOOOO much plot churning in season 2. Story main line is lost in the thrashing around. Sub plots were great, but related to the main REVENGE plot last year. What has some dude trying to take over Jack's bar got to do with anything?? What does the new love/mystery girl/associate for Nolal got to do with anything?? Even if they do a plot twist or two to get one or both of these somehow tied to the real Amanda Clark's revenge goal -- they are not needed. And, kill off the real Emily and drop the plot re: her new baby -- NOT IMPORTANT, no relationship to the real story anymore!! There's enough going on with Victoria and her 'family' and the Clark 'family'. Quit messing up a good thing!!!!
  • Wath is up with NOLAN????

    No really! he is now following the arrow pat???

    And the story... going down a bit too... to bad I love the show
  • Starting to lose me

    I'm a big fan of this show, however they're starting to loseme and several people who are truly devoted to the show. There are so many things wrong with the story line, it's really boring-

    example one- Emily keeps showing up in the Grayson house which is totally creepy, you begin looking at Emily as a "loser". I mean get real revenge already, on a Grayson, What are you waiting for??? Complaint 2- Jack is a bore and the fake Amanda is such unrealistic bull-this girl is an ex-con/stripper/murderer but has puppy eyes over Jack? huh?and then there is the Japanese master, which is comical- the guy is so old you need a nap whenever he's on screen.I hope things get better- the man with white hair was a bad ass, why kill him off the show- Lets kill Daniel's girlfriend off the show-she is done, maybe Daniel's sister?? Remember The Living Dead is back on
  • Love this show!!!! but....

    It's so hard to hear what they say! I don't know if it is the production value or what? I'm sure production is a great team, so I can't understand why me, my mom, and all my friends say the same thing? The music score is too loud in spots and "Emily" speaks so softly, it is really hard to follow when the show is so intense and fast paced. I have dvr, so I can rewind when I miss what they say. My mom doesn't, and has to call me for recap every week! lol
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