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  • Too implausible even for a melodrama

    Even for this kind of show, characters have to do things that are plausible for them. Emily meets the white-haired guy with no backup?? Or was the new guy we knew nothing about the backup?? Either way, this second season is losing its appeal as a guilty pleasure.
  • 2 season- Back to addiction ;]

    I just simply love this show... Comedy-drama, action and a lil' bit romance, one of the best shows. Don't forget that it's soap opera so stop complaining that it is not another DEXter or Nip/Tuck with blood, and hot sex scenes.

  • Revenge just got badder

    wow have to say victoria has gotten bad as she can be what she does next doesn't surprise me not in the least can't wait for more
  • What was so good is now so bad!

    The first season was as good as network T.V. gets. Now it's just the worst soap opera ever made. I loved the weekly target paying for the role they played in destroying Emily's father but they have forgot about why we all loved this show and turned it in to a bad soap opera that after tonight I for one will never sit through again. It's beyond ridiculous, how can anybody watch this trash?
  • Crazy addicted to this show!!!!!

    Love the script... I find it very smart! I love all the Characters and can't wait to see second season, hopefully for more seasons to come love it to much for it to end!
  • Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman

    Love the two of them together! Bowman doesn't like their relationship getting so much attention off air though. He recently said, "I tell them to [expletive]-off because it's none of their business, and then it becomes less about the show and more about who I'm dating." Just read about this:
  • Nice start!

    Other than nobody was (or should have been) surprised at Mama's rise from the dead it does set a nice setup for the season. Previews are interesting! Wonder if Em's will really hurt her half sister!
  • Background sound too loud

    I love this series but find it hard to hear the dialog that's often drowned out by the loud music in the background.
  • revenge

    i love this show!!!!
  • A modern day "Dallas" on the beach

    If you want scandal and drama watch this show. Why they moved it to Sunday night is a puzzle.

    Why is everything you like on Sundays from 9-11? Glad I have ATT uverse to tape 4 shows at one spouse still get's mad he cannot "flip" channels during those times.

    Conflicts with: Masterpiece PBS, The Good Wife, All the great HBO/Showtime/Starz great shows like Homeland, Boardwalk Empire/Game of Thrones, Spartacus to name the best of TV.
  • Is this a joke?

    Take an absurdly implausible premise, add a steady stream of unbelievable events, throw in a few soap opera cliches (if you put on a wig and glasses even your next door neighbor won't recognize you!), and tie it all up neatly with some painfully pithy revenge tales and you have the dumbest show to every get renewed for a second season. People who like revenge tales and plot twists should watch a program like "Damages" to see how it's done--"Revenge" isn't even unintentionally funny enough to watch for laughs. One more reason I will never pay attention to network TV dreck ever again.
  • Critically excellent show

    I usually dont like tv shows much but this one is an EXCEPTION. Great story and good performances. Has you rooting for the characters. I definitely want to see this show for at least the next 9 seasons!
  • Perfect to watch with girlfriend

    I understand it is a chicks soap Opera, but sue me!!

    As the title reads, if your girlfriend is tired of seing you watching tv shows she does not enjoy, give it an opportunity and probably you will also enjoy it.

  • I cannot sleep after watching each episode !

    I completely love this show - Ive never been into one tree hill, kardashians, the OC - they simply bore me - but REVENGE - this is somthing else - Thankyou Mike Kelly - I love all the characters in this - Madeline stowe is looking fab and the boys in this are simply gorgeous - great casting ! Had no idea there is a season 2 ! - I am so very excitied !
  • gosh!!

    this show is unpredictable.i like all the main characters and its replacing Nikita as an action series
  • best show ever

    A popular ABC TV Show's Revenge is my favorite. I watched many of times but can't bore. I know all of you have seen Revenge, so I don't need to tell you how beautiful this show really is.

    Revenge show is full of twists, turns, secrets, lies, and notoriety. It has incredible storyline has kept me gripped awaiting the next melody.

    "Revenge" TV Show is highest-rated series. I find out a new website where we can watch any episodes of revenge TV show
  • Love the show

    It is one of the best shows I've ever seen can't wait for the next season.
  • mrs Agnes Bennett

    This this how is brilliant I love the lead agtress she plays the part brillian not to say all the actors and actressass and are not good they are all good please let her get all of them back that brtrayed her dad .I am recording the full seris as I cant get my full of this show.the las seris I watched so mu was starsky&hutch well don
  • get a life people who r thumbing down

    Seriously thumbing down all the positive comments get a life people. And apparently there's haters.
  • The Perfect Show!

    Best show iv'e seen in a long time! Simply amazing!
  • Revenge Addiction

    It's just too perfect for me. When Emily does something I smirk like I'm the one who did it. Who knew living in the Hamptons would be as exciting as living in Gotham City.
  • Revenge

    I know all of you have seen Revenge, so I probably don't need to tell you how wonderful this show really is. The "Real" Amanda character, playing Emily, is a spitfire! She truly knows the meaning of the word revenge, even when it costs her everything... She is willing to do or give up anything that is needed, to get revenge against all who were envolved in tainting her father's good name.
  • Simply amazing!

    The TV show has been a constant watch since the first episode, the drama, the lifestyle and of course the cash are all something to envy but with all that success many skeletons have been hidden and uncovered which throughout the show's fantastic storyline has kept me gripped awaiting the next thrill.

    In the finale of the season I was left with a great feeling of excitement and wonder, the tension and wisely chosen soundtrack to Victoria's exit was one of character. The upcoming season will surely hold more in stock and hopefully we will hear from Victoria again... until then her iconic and almost ironic leave - to which those of you who have watched it will recognise why :)? perhaps it is a message?

    Perhaps she was noble and faced death or perhaps she faked it? all of which I am dying to know but until then I will greatly miss the return or possible end to Victoria's rein on the Hamptons and the grip she had on those around her.
  • Best show iv'e seen in a long time!

    This concept at first seems simple and not too complicated. but i can ensure you the writing here does it's magic - you will feel everything this girl had to go through you will get anxious when she does and hurt even more when she gets hurt.

    This woman is one of the best if not the best actress iv'e seen in my life.

    everything is so detailed to the tinyest details there could be and that just sucks you in.

    In summery i am eating my finger nails in wait for the next season!
  • Brilliant show. Bad finale!

    I love this show! and the whole season was so good with its build up to the finale but I was very dissapointed with the finale I really wanted Victoria to get what was coming to her before she 'Died'. If I was writing it Emily should of told Victoria the truth and told Victoria she had totally lost her family money and reputation and that she was going to tell Charlotte the truth and going to get her to live with her! just a little idea!
  • Starting to lose its luster

    I loved this show when it first started. It showed much potential. The last few episodes have not lived up to the previous, if the writers are grasping for ideas.
  • My opinion about the characters

    Well this is one of the amazing shows I've watched this summer and I'm eagerly waiting for season 2.

    according to me the most annoying part of this is show is Jack and Emily's romance. I mean come on they knew each other when they were kids, how can anyone possibly develop feelings at that age. It doesn't make any sense for him/ her to love each other. There are too many opportunists in the show ex: Ashley, Lydia. I hate Ashley specifically and I would be so disappointed to watch her start any sort of romance with Daniel. I think Daniel and Emily should get back and its high time she starts accepting her feelings towards him and forget about jack. Charlotte should seriously stop doing drugs. WTF is wrong with her? send her off to some rehab centre in the next season please oh and limit Ashley's character. she is way too annoying.

    I want Emily and Daniel to be together. Daniel's character shouldn't move towards the negative side. I hope Victoria is alive and that faux-manda should stay with Jack forever.

  • An unfished reckoning

    What the hell is going on anyway. The person responsible for David's fate has eyes and ears everywhere. First he kindnapped Nolan and on the top of it Emily (real Amanda) is in grave danger. i am just wondering how .......................................

    Sorry i will not give any hint

    Awesome show with an Emily/Amanda struggling to find who she trully is . Is there a possibility that she alone be the enemy to herself?
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