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  • Great show, hard to wait

    This show keeps you going and wanting to see the next epesode now! I can't believe they are messing around with it and not showing the show every Sunday at 10pm. That's 2 shows in one month and no hope of another next week. So.... lame
  • meeeh

    this show doesnt make sense anymore :\ and i miss Aiden <3
  • Like a train wreck..


    A lesson of tolerance. Nails on a chalkboard. Root canal. The first season of Revenge was entertaining and clever. The second season somewhat entertaining and somewhat clever. The third and currently into it's fourth and mercifully last season, it's downright dumb. Dumb and getting dumber.

    Painful to watch but like a train wreck or traffic accident on the highway I have to slow down and tune in every week to look. I have to see out for myself if it can out-stupid last weeks episode.

    Yup. It can. It does.

    Another new character. FBI agent Kate Taylor. An FBI agent who looks like she just got out of high school. We're expected to accept she's a real pro who wants to tie David Clark to Conrads murder. Right. With the terrorist bombing of a plane (way back in season one) plus David's over the top wealthy background and the millionaire Conrad Graysons social standing in the Hamptons the FBI is going to send in this young girl to solve it all. Jack mentions something about DNA on the knife. Her line to Jack: `never assume rookie'.

    Rookie? I want to put my fingers down my throat. We see the two of them a bit later at a restaurant or bar. Their hands touch and she appears to all of a sudden have the `hots' for Jack. Good grief. So many stupid things. It never ends. I can't list them all.

    I have to confess, I PVR record the show because I simply can't watch it in real time. PVR helps as it allows me the option to replay (with the volume louder) the mumbling and whispering of dialogue.

    For those not familiar with the business, you'll notice that a lot of the actor's close-ups are cropped at the top of their head as I suspect the mic is hovering about an inch out of frame. Each and everyone one of these actors should be required to hold the boom pole for an entire show. Maybe then they'd bump up their levels just a bit. Com'on guys. Speak up. Man I feel for the poor sound mixer.

    Or maybe they're whispering because the lines are so embarrassingly bad. They must bite their lip when they get a new script. Are you guys (note to producers) serious? You think this is quality stuff? You want me to read this crap? WTF. Oh ya. Pay cheques on Thursday. Yea!

  • wispering

    the plot has become ridiculous they need to stop wispering especially emily do you agree?
  • how much revenge can you have

    I really think the show should have ended last series and bringing David into it is a desperate measure - I think I have got to the point that all the characters are as bad as each other and Emily's revenge has gone too far
  • Revenge

    This show is the worst show on TV right now. Revenge has gotten sloppy. Nothing has happened on the last 3 episodes. The David/Amanda plot is ridiculous and just not believable. They just need to end this now...
  • The big reveal

    Why one star: Because I know the big twist: It will be revealed that Nolan modified the journals to push Emily into seeking revenge, and all because Nolan sought revenge. I know this because I know where the source material came from. I revealed this big "twist" during the first season when I realized what (un-credited) material was being used for this series.
  • writer's revenge

    Just when they have you hooked on a show they go stupid on you. After four episodes of alive David , I have had enough.
  • Emily Keeps Crapping on Nolan

    Nolan is the best friend Emily has and she keeps crapping on him. This is becoming a bad soap opera.
  • WTF this has gotten stupid

    This show has just gotten weird, and not in a 'twisted awesome' kind of way but more of a 'stupid storyline' kind of way.
  • Not the Amanda I know

    Who was that girl that looked like Emily / Amanda on the last show? The Emily / Amanda I know woud NEVER have left the police station after seeing her father. She would have found a way in and talked to him. NOTHING could have stopped her. But I think dear old Dad is playing Victoria. Can't wait until she gets hers. AND let me just say, I HATE that Aiden died. I hope our girl doesn't end up with Jack. Aiden was twice the man Jack could ever be. Maybe he really isn't dead either. Let's hope.
  • I am an addiced to Revenge ...

    Yes I am thoroughly addicted to this show, and season 4 is turning out to be just as surprising and awesome as I suspected it would be. The added twist of Davids return opens up a whole new arena of possible directions the show can take. I just can't get enough of this show.
  • Ashes-yup that's your TV Show

    NOLAN is the only actor worth saving, the only actor who should go forward in his career, the rest is GARBAGE, sorry , I followed it as long as I
  • I need an answer

    How far did they time jump? Somebody clue me in. Can't find it online. My email is

    Love this show. Perfect details, plots and amazing character growth
  • The story line has gone down hill

    I think they should have ended the show when Emily got her revenge. The writers seem to have run out of ideas and whats going on is totally unbelievable. Ridiculous. I think I am done.
  • Im hanging in there..

    I'm hanging in there for the love of past seasons, but if it takes David the whole season to see through Victoria or he turns out to be a badie I think I might be done! We have spent 3 seasons watching Emily revenge her father's death, he is portrayed as this hard working loving father in throw flash backs and talks she has had with Nolan. I can appreciate that through the eyes of a child a parent can be put on a pedestal but come on its been 20 years he could have tried to find her couldn't he, she didn't change her name till years after his death. I hope they have a way of explaining all this as the season plays out.
  • Cycles

    Ok, we had a cycle of revenge and it was kind of cool. But I'm afraid how far they will stretch this new cycle, maybe it is going to get too far.

  • This season is horrid :/

    Where is all the suspense? this show has really taken a nose dive which really makes me sad,
  • Stupid plot twists

    I've always liked soap operas. You never need to watch consistently to know what is going on or to just enjoy the disfunctional nature of the characters. Revenge was the best of them, IMO, but I may just give it a pass after this season's openers. Did the writers all sit down one day and discuss the best ways to confuse, piss off or annoy the viewers--especially a curmugeon like me?

    Why did they resurrect David Clark at the end of last season. Why is he alive? His death is the basic premise of Amanda/Emily's motivation. We saw him die; murdered in prison. If he had had the resources and support necessary to fake his death, he would not have been in prison in the first place.

    Why did Emily tell Charlotte who she really is? Half-sister or not, she is a Grayson. How could that possibly forward her agenda of revenge?

    Why did the shallow, self-absorbed and brainless Charlotte attempt suicide? She wasn't high at the time, so we can't use that excuse. It is completely inconsistent with her brainless, self-absorbed character as it has been written so far.

    This is my favorites show!!! The actors and actresses all do amazing jobs! Love the writing as well!! So many exciting cliffhangers and I always want more!!! Love the fashion as well. Nemily is amazing!!!!!
  • The series lives up to its name but...

    First of all, Revenge is not about good vs evil, it's about "Revenge" and the impact and the complications it has. That's why i don't actually see Victoria as the "devil" and Emily/Amanda as the "angel" as it seems that both are equally capable of doing good and bad things. It's also about what it means to have "Revenge" as a path of life. Emily becoming addicted to it is a logical and clever approach and that's actually a reason why i think David being alive is rather good for Emily. Now Emily might start to question some things about what she might become if she don't control her urges and passions. Seeing her dad on a revenge spring might prevent her for becoming what she hates, "Victoria No2" and the proper conclusion of the series should have a meaning such as "Not everything is about revenge".

    While the series has become a bit unbelievable, it still can holds its philosophical and phycological meaning. Some characters are really annoying (like Margaux and her brother) and making Jack a cop was a really stupid idea. It seems that Nolan is the most stable character of the show and also one of the few to actually being in very good terms with himself and that's why i feel that Emily needs him the most.

  • revenge

    i'm willing to give this show one more chance, and if it doesn't improve like couple episodes into the new season then i'm out. i'm normally the type of person that sticks with shows till the end no matter how bad they get but this is just unacceptable the way these writers are writing the show. it almost feels like they are making up stuff as they go along.
  • From fantastic to trash!

    I loved Revenge the first season! Even the second season was pretty good. But season 3 has been a total waste of my time. I have gone from lovng Emily to hating her and I don't really see a point continue watching this show when you don't like the main character and don't give a flying f*** about her getting her revenge anymore which the show is all about. They have milked this for way too long and the story has been dragged through the gutter. It's a real shame really. They should have ended it on season 2. If they want to save this show they have to perform a miracle.
  • Fashion of Revenge

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  • Matheus dead

    Como assim, como assim, como assim?????? The best one is DEAD??? We NOT deserve.....................
  • Lost reality...

    I really enjoyed the first season of Revenge, due to the fact the plots are more believable. Victoria, walked onto a plane that was supposed explode: survived, along with Lydia. Amanda Clarke, who was pregnant, fell from the second floor onto a marble floor: survived. Lydia Davis fell from her balcony onto a car: survived. For some reason, Daniel shot Emily twice in the stomach: survived (and then swam to shore in a wedding dress and later cauterized herself). Now David Clarke is alive? This is just pathetic. Next thing you know Aiden and Conrad are back with god knows who else. I was fine with it up to a point, but its been dragging the same plot on and on. Shows need to retain a certain realism. Revenge, sadly, has lost it. Although I still watch it time to time, I still think it should have ended a long time ago.
  • Awesome

    I can't wait for Sunday nights to watch this. They got a little off track for awhile but seem to be in full revenge mode again. Love it!!!
  • Is anyone really dead in this show?

    Now this show actually started off brilliant and epic, but as the show progressed it became unrealistic and turned into a bad soap opera. In the season 1 finale Victoria gets on a plane with Lydia that is mean't to explode, yet in season 2 it is revealed that Victoria is alive then once again in season 3 it is also revealed that Lydia is alive as well. Also at the beginning of season 1 Lydia falls of her balcony onto a taxi and falls into a coma and she still survives. Faux pregnant Amanda falls off 2 floors and slams down onto hard marble floor, she still survives. Now at Daniel and Emily's wedding Daniel overhears Victoria and Emily's conversation, and finds out that Emily lied about her pregnancy and in drunken rage Daniel shoots her twice in the stomach. Don't worry though a week later Emily is fully recovered and well. I can't believe I'm still watching this show I guess I just want to see what happens. I'm just waiting for it to be revealed that David Clarke too is alive and Emily's revenge ends up being pointless! Also I really don't care about Aiden and Margaux they are awful characters and I couldn't care less about Aiden's childhood or Margaux's relationship with her father. I really hope they get killed off.
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