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  • Feel like getting some revenge on the Revenge writers

    I used to enjoy watching revenge. Seeing how the other half live with an added weekly dose of bitch juice and verbal violence, it was original, addictive and dare I say, fun.

    Roll on to season three and wow, what a difference a year can make. With each new episode, I can't help but think, enough already! The first two seasons made sense with a solid plot and believable stories but not anymore. Now it feels as if the plot is being dragged out for as long as possible and the individual stories within the plot seem to belong in a soap opera. In fact, Revenge is very much like a soap opera now that I think about it.

    However, I don't blame the writers, I blame the concept. We all naturally view revenge as a direct and focused emotion that needs to be satisfied. It's not a comfortable emotion to sit with so there is only so much revenge we can take before we want to focus on other things. This is where I think this show is at, at the moment. Also, the writers have an impossible task with this show that is focused around revenge because how can the viewers continue to like these characters who are selfish, spiteful, vindictive, conniving and scheming all the time. There is a point where you just think, enough already! give up on the revenge and get on with your life. After all, life is too short. In the real world, all of the characters in Revenge would have gone their separate ways and Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke would have got her revenge a long time ago. I doubt someone so committed to revenge would be so morally aware of her actions, or the perfect, flawless person that Emily is portrayed as.

    I've had more than enough Revenge now and this is one show I won't be sad to see go. Enough Already!
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