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  • Looking Beyond What They Want You To See...

    As we can mostly all agree, "Exodus" centers around the wedding and more so, "Who shot Emily?" Well I'm going to stray away from that for a moment. Most of everything else to me as been covered. I'm a little disappointed with the most recent episode. I was expecting more for some reason. I was really hoping for more interaction between Jack and Emily this season, but instead they paired Jack off with Margeaux, who I cannot stand. In the finale Emily had to ruin their "final goodbye" to one another by telling Jack the truth about fauxmanda's death and how Emily was there in her final moments. I don't blame Jack for getting mad, but it killed me this was going to how it ended for them.

    I know a lot of people adore him, but I can't stand Aiden. I'll agree he's exceptionally good looking and he really does love Emily and she loves him, however I feel she's pushing herself to run away with him, when in reality she doesn't want to leave behind Nolan and Jack. Also, Aiden has done several things behind Emily's back and that, to me, makes for a very shady character.

    I loved Nolan in this episode, and his lines were quirky and funny as ever, but my favorite quote thus far, didn't come from him surprisingly. It came from a shocking combination of Sara and Jack.

    Sara: I saw Danny this morning. He didn't ask me but I know he wanted me to forgive him. I didn't because once I do

    Jack: over for good.

    I absolutely loved this part. It not only explained why Sara couldn't forgive Daniel but it also explained why Jack couldn't forgive Emily.

    I'm looking forward to the next episode however I really hope both Daniel and Charlotte find out about Emily's true identity. Mainly Charlotte because I feel it would help develop her character more since not a lot has happened with her this season. Emily's plan is unraveling which I honestly expected it to. No plan goes exactly how you want it to and I think the more you try to keep it within your control, the less control you end up having over it.

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