Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on ABC

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  • Sad episode

    Well this was the best episode of revenge that we have had for a while, the scenes on the boat we great, I enjoyed seeing one the ryan brothers get blown up now I just hope the other one goes the same way, the highpoint of this episode was amandas death her last scene was really well acted her death was sad but necessary and it will hopeful give Emily the kick up the butt she needs to get back to her Revenge
  • This moved me

    From the pilot, I thought Revenge was an exceptionnal show, but what bothered me was the lack of emotions showed in Emily. We don't get to see her show anything (we can't really blame her for that) and I was sad to know she had been using fauxAmanda without feeling anything for her (that's what they had showed us in one episode). But in Sacrifice, and those last minutes she shares with fauxAmanda, we finally get to see her show real and uncontroled emotions, and I couldn't help myself but cry along. That's what they needed to do to complete this amazing show: first captivate, then suprise, and now, they've touched the audience. Goodbye Emily Thorne.
  • Fauxamanda redeems herself and brings the show back to life!

    Yes season 1 was perfect, and season 2 has had its ups and downs. But in my opinion the episode Sacrifice redeemed the show! I became invested in Jack and Emily/real Amanda at the beginning and so Fauxamanda has always been a little annoying, but to her credit she made up for it all in this episode. *Spoiler (Dying because she went back to get Emily's necklace and saving Jack over herself) End Spoiler If you've been skipping season 2, then this is where you should get back on board! It has the tension, action, and emotion of the first season and I'm looking forward to seeing what will come next! Emily and Jack <3
  • Amazing!

    I loved this episode and the ending was SO sad, I almost cried.
  • revenge sacrifice

    this was the best episode that revenge has ever produced this season. it was so heart wrenching the last 3 minutes were emmy worthy. i cant see why people would say that this was a bad episode, so what who cares about the background at least this episode was entertaining
  • Sacrifice

    Sacrifice was an awesome and very entertaining episode of Revenge and I really enjoyed watching because the character development was phenomenal, intriguing and complex. The story lines where well written and thought out. Victoria surprised with a cunning plan to solve hrr families problems. The terrible things Jack and Amanda went through were heart wrenching and stirred many emotions. This episode was a major epicenter of connecting storylines. I was very entertained and enjoyed how everything played out, though some parts were sad. The ending was great and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow that was a bad episode!!!

    After watching so many good episodes, I was shocked to the point of laughter when I watched this one. It made me guess that they must be suffering budget cut backs. When Amanda was in the boat, the backdrop looked like something from the 1960's batman shows. Their hair was not moving that much considering they were travelling so fast and when he looked through the binoculars, there was no movement and complete clarity. Try that in a moving boat! This show has moved to the comedy shelf. This show will do well with people with IQ scores between 70 and 85.
  • Sucked.

    What can I say? This episode sucked, plain and simple.

    At least we got rid of Nate. But we gained a new villian.

    And yeah, revenge is stupid as s***. But at least it's entertaining.
  • Officially, Revenge is the stupidest show on TV

    Also the most entertaining one, but that doesn't make it less stupid. It decreases my IQ, but heightens my senses of primal needs of being entertained in the most theatrical and plainest of ways.

    So long intelligence, hello cheap thrill.
  • AMAZING! Incredible! The best Revenge yet!

    This episode was nothing short of incredible as we finally catch up to the scene from Episod e 1 'Destiny' earlier this season. The events of this episode were just downright unpredictable and amazing, with a terrific continuation of the last episode's events.

    Obviously the most interesting moments were on the boat, but there were interesting developments with the Graysons as well! Can't believe they tried to repeat history by going after David Clakre's 'daughter'.

    I don't know who this new Initiative man is, but he looks like a serial killer so I hope Victoria can put a few bullets in him too because Helen was a lot more fascinating than this weird guy.

    But wow! What an episode! Can't wait to see what is next!