Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • OMG!!! What is going on!?

    The storyline continues to get better an d better! I t seems impossible, but it's true! I have no idea what is yet to come and things continue to get more and more interesting with episode after apisode!

    The mots interesting sotryline today was clearly Daniel's arrest and the things that went on then. Interesting dynamics between Victoria and Conrad today, and Ashley makes an interesting moev!

    I don't wanna spoil it, but I am just stunned and can't wait to see what's next ! Keep it up, Revenge! :)
  • 1x16 "Scandal"

    This show should suck. It's set in The Hamptons and the plot is really not that bright. But, Revenge's script and Emily's personality is what gives this show the strenght to pull an episode like this. Well played Revenge... Well played.
  • 10 Plus

    This show is fantastic. I feel it is the best show on TV for drama, keeping ones interest, never knowing what's coming or going to happen next, constant surprises. When I thought I had it all figuered out,,,oops, I was way off base, never imagined. Still can't figure out what actual plot is to this show, meaning whose "revenging who", but that's what makes it so kewl.

    What is Takeda's role, (Ninja King)? Like the others here, I am not sure why he has such a great interest in Emily...and the price she must pay. I keep thinking he has a "revenge" issue of his own with the Greysons and is using Emily as a pawn in a Chess Game...but what is his motive,,not sure. Possibly to bring down and take over Greysons Empire, as he sits on the board with shares. Possibly it goes back to the Father who originally started that company. Could be he has a link with Emily's father, or mother...have we ever known the nationality of Emily's mother? That's why I love this show so many twist and turns....I literally count down the days until it returns and can hardly wait week to week to view it's return.

    I have read and heard others complain about the sporadic showings for this show...such as, they aren't consistent with it's showing. I must admit that does play a big part in this shows audience. I think that has played a part in the reviews...something for them too look into.
  • Great episode!

    This episode was AMAZING! I'm so bummed we don't get any new episodes until April.

    We finally get some questions answered. I knew somehow they would change who got shot on the beach. I can't believe that a sister and a mother can't tell the difference between a member of their own family and an outsider but whatever. They couldn't kill off Daniel, at least not yet. He still has a story to tell.

    Everything is unclear. The timeline of events seems unclear (as some others have pointed out inconsitentancies.) Who was shot by whom and when? Kara was bleeding was it from the random shots that Tyler fired at her? I'm guessing so but she rides off with the Ninja King (as I like to call him.) Does he dispose of her? Probably. Did we see it on Scandal? No. The show will undoubtable have flashbacks to this night showing us more and more as the series progresses. That is one thing that Revenge does a lot of and does it well - showing flashbacks of major events that have shaped the characters into who they are and built the "world' they live in.

    I like the idea of Victoria warming up to Emily. It's totally fake and she's only worried about "how it looks" to the public but still I like it. Far as Victoria knows Emily has only been nice to her and her son. Emily has been good for Daniel you know until this whole murder thing popped.

    In the next few episodes here are the questions:

    1) Ashley's star is on the rise but A) will it continue B) where will it rise to C) Will the Graysons take her out for using their personality life for her personal gain?

    2) Daniel or Jack? One of them is going to go down for the murder of Tyler. King Ninja left no physical evidence (at least that I saw) and both of them are connected to the scene in some way shape or form. Who is going to go down for this murder will be the focus?

    3) What will Emily do? She's created a BUNCH of trouble for herself and those around her. Will she clean up her own messes? If she has to make choices who will she look out for? Who's a priority and who isn't?

    All in all it was an amazing episode that answered some questions but left us with new ones. I"ll be tuning in when episodes re-air because so far the show has been amazing!
  • would i kill for my friends? no way! but Emily has got some truelly loyal allies.

    A woman that can not only control her but her friends also is one who can influence all kinds of situations. Emily clearly knows how to manipulate people espically Daniel. His questions over the box underneath her floor boards caused some seriouse tension between them. Emily does what she knows best and lies to Daniel explaining how critically illl Tyler was and that he should not trust what he says. I on the other hand have my suspicions that Daniel knows more about her plan than we think. That would be a very interesting twist.

    I love how Sensei is always avalible to help Emily. He attacks and kills Tyler for her, Damn!. It would be interesting to see why he is so invested in her. In a werid way its like he has chosen her path for her as she know has to choose between Daniel and Jack.
  • Scandal

    Scandal was a perfect episode of Revenge and I really enjoyed watching because there were interesting revelations bringing the season full circle from the pilot episode. The plot thickened, the characters had lots of development and more questions left me wanting more. It was interesting and a bit confusing about what exactly happened to Kara after Tyler visited her and she said good by to Jack. Daniel is a prime suspect and it seems he doesn't fully trust Emily any more until she weaves more of her deception around him. Every thing about this episode was perfect and I look forward to watching more of this series!!!!!!!!!
  • Chaos continues

    - The episode again managed to resolve some issue while bringing some new questions and that is good television! It really felt almost like a direct continuation of the last episode in every sense. I also liked the fact that Daniel is finally starting to doubt Emily, making him a much more interesting character. Plus, they're finally showing a darker side to him and the fact that despite everything he is a Grayson and he can't change that.

    - As for the reveal of Tyler's killer, I liked the Daniel reveal... I really didn't expect that. My main issues with the episode was that much like the previous one it was sort of predictable and very inconsistent. The episode just didn't grab that much until the end, it was just so obvious: Daniel will get arrested, Jack will obviously still look for Amanda despite the fact that's she's just russian trouble, Takeda and Nolan had something to do with the murder....Don't get me wrong it was still a lot of fun and interesting just predictable.

    - The second issue is the contradiction between the two episodes, in episode 15, when Jack jumped out of his vehicle after following Amanda's cab, the first thing that he heard was one gun shot; and, while Jack was running over the sand dunes to the beach, there were no more gunshots to be heard. Since no more shots were heard, the shot that Jack heard must have been Takeda shooting Tyler in the back, rather than Daniel shooting Tyler in the chest. But Takeda fired two shots into Tyler's back. So why did Jack hear only one shot when he got out of his vehicle?

    -I've still gotta hand it to the show, for always managing to unravel Emily's plans and create chaos.

    -Seriously Jack, why didn't you burn the hoodie?!

    - So Amada was "taken care off.... hopefully that doesn't mean she's dead, I like her character.

    - Charlotte, ohh Charlotte.... you're still so uninteresting. I did like her scenes with Emily, that was cute.

    - So Conrad is basically a monster. I like the fact that they finally gave us some answers on the whole plane thing.

    - Quote of the week: "Maybe your time in the juvenile detention facility will end up being an asset in Daniel's court case."