Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on ABC

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  • Another 'Whoa' of an episode

    This episode continued to raise the shock stakes with the major one being the real Emily Thorne revealing herself to be Amanda Clarke to Jack! Lovely plot twist there. You can see Victoria (fantastic character) finding out about this, making way for more trials and tribulations.I just can't wait.

    Btw I've really grown towards Nolan but I'm confused as to why Emily (the real Amanda) is being so nasty to him. Especially after all the help he has given her by taking down the Graysons.

    Daniel is the most gorgeous person I have seen on television this year. He is delicious. I just swoon over him all the time.

    Another fantastic episode. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Really good!


    Loved this episode. I loved that we finally didn't meet any new characters. Every episode someone knew and major appears on the scene and this episode we stuck with the cast we know.

    We got to know the real Emily Thorne so much better. They established the close friendship between the two and it was done with very little dialogue. A lot of it was done through hugs and looks which was very compelling.

    The flashbacks showed us a lot of information as well. We see the Warden "teaching" the real Amanda Clarke while she is still an inmate. I'm interested to see that relationship grow into something greater.

    I was a little disappointed on the Tyler & Ashley front. Both of them have started heading off in very interesting directions and this week not that much happened. Although I will say Tyler channels the "Single White Female" vibe really well. He wants Daniel's life (who can blame him I want it to) and he may be crazy enough to do something to make it happen.

    Looks like the real Emily Thorne is here to stay while Frank is out of the picture. It will be interesting to see how that plays itself out.

    Victoria is pretty much alone in her house. She did it though. I think she'll be able to fix things with David especially but I think even with Charlotte. Charlotte makes it clear that she cares what her mother thinks. Although in this episode she wanted to blame Victoria completely and Conrad came through and said, "No it's both of our faults." Very diplomatic. I didn't know he had it in him.

    Overall I loved it. I like the Lydia has learned about the truth and knows already to hide it from Victoria. I like the role that the fake Amanda Clarke is going to play. She's going to cause problems.

    Interesting to see what direction Nolan takes. At the party in the pilot he seems distant to the real Amanda Clarke and I think maybe this was yet another event driving a wedge between them.

    Flashbacks were very well done, informative and well woven into the plot. The music was fitting for the episode but I don't recall anything outstanding or over the top.

  • Very slight step backwards from last week, but still incredible!

    Last week's was a tough act to follow, yet this one was almost as good, but not quite. It was still, however, incredible!!!

    I thought that the storylien with the real Emily Thorne was very interesting to watch, and I cannot wait to see what happens there next!!

    Furthermore, the daram with the Graysons and Lydia was really interesting and those last scenes were great!

    The police interrogations were really interesting! I can't wait to see how that all pans out!

    I love this show! Can't wait for more! Too bad there is a 2-week break here in Australia until the next episode! :(
  • Treachery

    Treachery was a perfect episode of Revenge and it was exciting to watch as the drama, intrigue, and scandal unfolded. I love how all the characters move around each other like a game of chess. Charlotte seeks comfort and a shoulder to lean on in Declan after hearing about her parents decision to live apart for a while which was nice. Jack and Nolan make up and become friends again. Tyler continued his manipulations and scheming and Lydia overhears some horrible truths. I liked the suspense and surprises in this episode and how it ended with Amanda sticking around, which is bound to ruffle Emily's feathers. The writing for this show is awesome and the story is really terrific. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Trouble


    Lydia is awake and so well! She looked practically radiant as if awaking from a spa treatment but I didn't really expect anything else. And with Revenge I'm not really questioning the credibility of Lydia's resurrection. The consequences of it are way too fun to watch.
    We all knew there was trouble ahead when Emily's past started to catch up with her in the form of her former prison mate. I almost expected that Frank would turn up again, too. But that really would have been a stretch and not subtle anymore.

    Amanda's appearance gives the story some new dynamics (as if needed) and gives us the opportunity to learn more about how Emily came to be who she now is. Although I must admit that I would have liked some more of CCH Pounder. Just now I feel like there is enough material for the rest of the season to keep us thoroughly entertained.
    There is Nolan the eager sidekick who wants to be acknowledged by Emily as a full partner in crime. I'm starting to really like him obnoxious as he might be sometimes. There is Amanda who is beginning to mistrust Emily's friendship possibly for good reasons. There is Victoria trying to do damage control as her family is falling apart. And Tyler who is teaming up with Ashley against the enemy (e.g. rich people). And naturally the re-wakened Lydia who might have some photos stashed somewhere which could incriminate Emily.

    This may not have been the most entertaining episode as of late but it was a solid one following Frank's demise. It was still captivating and entertaining (still a 10 because usually I'd like to give it a 15) and it set course to treacherous waters. I can't wait for some more Revenge!