Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on ABC

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  • Trouble


    Lydia is awake and so well! She looked practically radiant as if awaking from a spa treatment but I didn't really expect anything else. And with Revenge I'm not really questioning the credibility of Lydia's resurrection. The consequences of it are way too fun to watch.
    We all knew there was trouble ahead when Emily's past started to catch up with her in the form of her former prison mate. I almost expected that Frank would turn up again, too. But that really would have been a stretch and not subtle anymore.

    Amanda's appearance gives the story some new dynamics (as if needed) and gives us the opportunity to learn more about how Emily came to be who she now is. Although I must admit that I would have liked some more of CCH Pounder. Just now I feel like there is enough material for the rest of the season to keep us thoroughly entertained.
    There is Nolan the eager sidekick who wants to be acknowledged by Emily as a full partner in crime. I'm starting to really like him obnoxious as he might be sometimes. There is Amanda who is beginning to mistrust Emily's friendship possibly for good reasons. There is Victoria trying to do damage control as her family is falling apart. And Tyler who is teaming up with Ashley against the enemy (e.g. rich people). And naturally the re-wakened Lydia who might have some photos stashed somewhere which could incriminate Emily.

    This may not have been the most entertaining episode as of late but it was a solid one following Frank's demise. It was still captivating and entertaining (still a 10 because usually I'd like to give it a 15) and it set course to treacherous waters. I can't wait for some more Revenge!

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