Season 2 Episode 21

Truth, Part 1

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 12, 2013 on ABC

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  • Not bad, not bad, but there was a blooper

    Gripping episode... nail biting stuff.

    But Alas!! there was a blooper!!

    Did anyone else hear Jack explain his baby's absence by saying Carl was with his grandmother!

    What grandmother!?!

    I played it a few times to make sure and yep, that's what he said!!

    Just hope this isn't the start of a soapie approach to this great tele-drama.
  • Great Episode

    This was a great episode of Revenge that has left me feeling incredible excited for part 2 that ending with Grayson global blowing up with the message long live david Clarke was so epic
  • Truth, Part 1

    Truth, Part 1 was an exciting and engaging episode of Revenge as multiple storylines start to climax in the first half of the seaseason finale. I was intrigued as Charlotte's secret is revealed and Declan is accused of things he'd never do. Emily learns the truth about her mentor while the Conrads weave their individual webs. It was very entertaining and the suspense and surprises were amazing. Somethings were forseeable but great none the less. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next because so much is going on and I want to see how things unfold and/or wrap up!!!!!!!!!
  • Spectacular!

    I can't think of enough adjectives to describe this episode! I will try to only talk abou t Part 1 in this review, although that is really hard with a two-hour episode! The events that unfolded in the first hour were incredible and stunning and it set up for an intense Part 2!

    This episode was just downright flawless! Nothing I would want to change about it. Completely and utterly perfect!

    Nothing more to say about it. Perfect.
  • Two words.

    Hot damn.
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