Season 2 Episode 22

Truth, Part 2

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 12, 2013 on ABC

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  • This can be wrapped up in season three

    This season has felt really long and drawn out. Every time you think Emily is going to get her vengeance on something else comes up.

    I think this show can wrap up nicely in season three. If it goes beyond that, then it's going to be painful. It's time to serve up this cold dish.
  • Best episode of the series

    Yep the first part of the season was crap! but the finale redemed this so-so season in awesome way. Revenge still kick ass after this episode.

    sorry my english sucks
  • Revenge

    I really like Revenge but it is way too predictable. I didn't believe for a second that Jack would shoot Conrad. This finale was great but season 2 didn't even have a revenge plot, please end it at season 3.
  • Most enjoyed tv

    For starters, I cried like hell every time Declan spoke in the hospital bed, poor chap went to GG only bcoz dumb Charlotte lied to him that she was with Daniel. I don't know how Charlotte is gonna live this. Next, I pity Daniel. He is entangled n d web of evils bcoz of every one around him; poor boy unable to comprehend what's going on around him. For the first time ever, I felt Victoria is better than Conrad. At least she is evil only to protect her children. But, believe me or not, the idea of initiative to be a group of rich men was no news to me. Somehow my gut kept telling that to me all along ever since Helen Crowley came in picture. Besides his character, conrad's acting was laudable. I feel Aiden s d best for Emily. Aiden had no choice but to kill takeda to save his skin. And he is the one to love ems for watever she s; I wish they end the tv by showing them both live in that villa. Last but not least, Nolan. How can they hurt him? God, I love his acting and I pray he is good as new for the next season

    I would like to congratulate all the scriptwriters for this completely unexpected did not expect such , how can I put it, sad and at the same time thrilling episode . What revelations for god sake. First of all we saw the real Conrad Grayson as a true initiator. Wow Emily at last the right moment revealed her true identity and as for Declan I really did not see it coming and I cried a river over him since he is very cute and just before he even realise that he would become a father.
  • Truth, Part 2

    Truth, Part 2 was an awesome episode and perfect season finale of Revenge. It was extremely sad to learn the outcome of who was in the building. Many storylines converged and made for great entertainment. During the black out many things happened. Regina let her crazy out in full force as she set him up. It appears more was going on behind the scenes than we were initially led to believe. There was a wide range of emotion as things progressed. The ending was great and I look forward to another season!!!!!!!!!
  • great ending!

    Season 2 was a mixed bag for me, liked the first few episodes then it got pretty bad and finally redeemed itself! I'm really hoping Adien is dead, he really messed up season 2, season 1 Emily had a revenge plot carried out in almost every episode, I really wish they would Cull 3 people in the show... Jack,Adien and Daniel... I also feel really sorry for Madeleine Stowe, she must really hate doing the charity money laundering story lines been so much into charity in real like.... one a final note, well done with this episode :)
  • Perfection

    Words can't describe how awesome the whole episode and my excitement for S3. While S2 has definitely been a mixed bag, the last batch of episodes managed to completely solidify Revenge's comeback in quality. I mean, how could you not love the episode? It was the very definition of season finale: a death, a return, a shocking reveal and overall a nice set up for the next season. So many twist and turns, that's how you do a season finale.

    I'm actually surprised at how well they pulled all the loose plot threads from this season together in this finale. It was surprisingly good, considering all season has been basically elevating the characters beyond Emily's original revenge mission and turning them into some kind of Anti-terror unit with the way they've been going after the Initiative, and with the way the Initiative seemed to be a genuine, shadowy terror organization out to ruin American lives. I was dreading this episode last week because it looked like the Initiative succeeded in their terror plot and so Emily would feel much more of an obligation to hunt them down next season.

    And then Conrad revealed the Americon Initiative was just rich people trolling America. And he's now in on the ground floor. This one reveal just made me monumentally more impressed with the show, even though it's almost certainly inconsistent with minor details before now. In one scene, the show just set things in motion that would allow for Emily to return to her original goal of ruining the Graysons and cut all the fat from the hunt for the Initiative. The fact that Aiden may be dead (yes!), Declan is definitely dead (seriously he's dead), Patrick is coming, Nolan being set up and Emily telling Jack the truth is just gravy

    Random thoughts:

    - How did Conrad win the election? No, seriously like how? Who would vote for him?

    - Charlotte and A Random Lesbian Stalker. Plot written by Mason Treadwell.

    -I'm glad they threw in one last Ice Queen faceoff between Victoria and Emily in the finale. Here's hoping they keep returning to the themes of season 1 for next year.
  • so many holes

    first of all, what were Declan doing in the tower at all? noone even bothered to ask him about it it And the evidence to arrest nolan is a video recorded in a dungeon of his girlfriend, who has been know to be kidnapped and killed, completely terrifyed telling them he is a terrorist, convinenly released weeks after her death but just after the terror attack on NY. Way to obvious setup, and would never ever hold up in court even with the worst possible lawyer.
  • The single best hour of television I have ever watched in my whole entire life.

    Looking back at my review of the Season 1 finale almost a year ago, I claimed that it was the best hour of television I had ever seen. Yet somehow Revenge has eclipsed that again!

    The second half of this finale was so moving, so touching, so full of righteousness and incredible twists and so breathtaking!

    And I just couldn't believe what went down. The last scene was executed to perfection and it was exactly what I was hoping for from the finale!

    Aside from a really tragic moment, I would want to change absolutely nothing about this episode! Downright brilliant. Jack's words to Victoria right at the end were so perfect!

    And so many questions to be answered! What happened in Emily's house!? What is up with Nolan!? And so much more!

    Please don't make me wait over four months!
  • NO NOO makeres dont do this to Nolan!!!

    Not Nolan!! is all i can think of after the Daniel,Aiden & Jack to pick a patsy from then y choose Nolan??? hasn't our Emily gone thru enuf or you have to devoid her of her 1 true friend and supporter??? n how will she manage without Nolan and all his Tech help! My guess is that Conrad set Nolan up and falcon has been working wt Conrad all along,not with really wish whatever sense of guilt is left in Victoria results in Taking Conrad down and that no harm befalls Emily Takeda gone, Aiden probably dead n Nolan in heart goes out to for Declan,i hope Charlotte gets to know the whole truth could be Victoria part 2,only she would bent on destroying Conrad..

    Ohh to have to wait 6-7 months to see what happens to our beloved Nolan n cant wait that long!!

    It was an epic 2 hour,just wish in teh coming season there would be something good for Emily n Nolan rather than the evil Graysons getting it all!!!!!!!
  • Revenge Season 2 Finale = Movie !!

    Well.. after whole night and day of anticipation since Saturday and One and a half hour of watching in excitement, we finally reached at the end of second season of our journey with our love-girl.. Emily !!

    Although the only person I feel bad about in the end was Nolan. Yeah Declan's death was sad.. but what the hell he was doing in Grayson Global ?? He'd never been there anytime before.. as far as we have seen in episodes since first season. And Aiden a lame reason to kill Satoshi Takeda.. I loved that guy and Emily did too.. he shouldn't have killed Takeda. So i think he's stupid and really don't care what happened to him by the and. I feel sorry for Charlotte, but on the other hand , think what was the necessity of all that "Regina mess". And its still not clear to me what Conrad was and what he was not, but i seriously do not know why he blew up the Greyson Global ?? Who sent "Long Live David Clark" text ?? I liked Ashley's role though. And i don't know why Emily do not just shoot Conrad and Victoria at the first place ?? Why she is saving them like desert to eat up in the end while everything is going out of her control and everyone is dying. Stupid girl. And what can i say about the end scene. After "I am Amanda Clark" - blackout - end credits. I was literally jumped off my seat seeing "Co Producer TED BABCOOK" after that long blackout. I was really hoping to see more.. now i have to wait untill next fall. A lot more to say but now.. LOVE REVENGE. BEST SHOW ON TV.

    Are you freakin' kidding me? Come on. I actually feel sorry for Declan, Charlotte's still an idiot, that funky female Charlotte stalker? Please. From there, I hold to the belief that if there's no body, they're not necessarily dead yet. Aidan better just be wounded. Finally, the whole Jack bit... I don't he recognizes Emily after being in kissing range last season? Today she doesn't have to say anything? I don't even... I know I'm saying that a lot, but I'm pretty annoyed about that whole mess. As for the whole Conrad thing, well, I guess he's just more evil than Victoria easily. I feel pretty bad for Nolan, and while I'm sure we'll find out more about the video left by his former paramour next season I imagine it's going to be a complicated aspect next year along with further revenge. I don't know what to think of the overall episode right now, so I'm only going to rate it fair to middling. All I can say though right now is I still wish Jack was the one that died. I just don't get it, suddenly he's the love interest again, Aidan's dust, and Daniel's just there. Oh, and I still want Aidan to live and I don't care who knows it.