Season 2 Episode 22

Truth, Part 2

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 12, 2013 on ABC

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    For starters, I cried like hell every time Declan spoke in the hospital bed, poor chap went to GG only bcoz dumb Charlotte lied to him that she was with Daniel. I don't know how Charlotte is gonna live this. Next, I pity Daniel. He is entangled n d web of evils bcoz of every one around him; poor boy unable to comprehend what's going on around him. For the first time ever, I felt Victoria is better than Conrad. At least she is evil only to protect her children. But, believe me or not, the idea of initiative to be a group of rich men was no news to me. Somehow my gut kept telling that to me all along ever since Helen Crowley came in picture. Besides his character, conrad's acting was laudable. I feel Aiden s d best for Emily. Aiden had no choice but to kill takeda to save his skin. And he is the one to love ems for watever she s; I wish they end the tv by showing them both live in that villa. Last but not least, Nolan. How can they hurt him? God, I love his acting and I pray he is good as new for the next season
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