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Enemies circle as Emily is more lost than ever; a game-changing revelation leads to a new path of destruction.

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Jan 22, 2014
Honestly, this show is dropping in favor with me. The build up to the wedding was good yet the series lost me with this episode. The show is about revenge, Emily once again has the perfect opportunity to destroy the Grayson once and for all with the shooting yet it's stalled.

I was waiting for Emily to either announce that she was Amanda or Daniel shot her.

The whole drifter bit seemed last minute abd was not needed. What this show is starting to lack is following through, bad storyline and it's characters taking a step back rather than forward. Good acting can hold up a show, but not for long.

When your story turns to sh** the series will follow, and then good bye fans. Hello cancelation.

3 problems with this season
1. The damn writers saying F off with the plot.
2. Emily is a gold digging drifter. I'm sorry but wasn't that Vik's and Lydia's MO.
3. Charlotte hates Emily why and what for?

4 saving graces
1. Well Emily will be out for blood (The Em we all love might end up killing or utterly destroy someone that is a Grayson that leads to suicide. Hell, Charlotte can kick the bucket and I'd be mildly satisfied)
2. Nolan
3. Jack got his son back
4. Niko promises to be just what the title of the show calls for, Revengemoreless
Feb 23, 2014
Must sadly say I agree with most of what you say, one thing though. As far as I know Emily/Amanda has more wealth than just about anyone else in the series. The gold digger theory is just what the evil side think. Nolan lost his money for a while though.
Jan 22, 2014
Jan 22, 2014
Ok sorry for the miss typing ( although this season is looking like a miss typing.) What meant to say was the show was lacking good writing or better writers.
Jan 14, 2014
In my opinion, the show is becoming worse and worse, and mainly through bad plot writing. It seems as if the script writers were unseccessfuly trying to revive a deadman. I am still watching the show for the flawless acting of Madeleine Stowe (Victiria). You can always count on Henry Czerny's acting skills, too.

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