Review with Myles Barlow

Thursday 9:30 PM on ABC2 Premiered Oct 16, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 8/26/10
      Happiness - How does one grasp the elusive desire of happiness? Escapism - Myles inhabits the ultimate place in which to ponder the notion of escapism. Acceptance - Myles investigates the basic human need to be accepted.
    • 8/19/10
      Treechange - Myles decides to find out for himself the real consequences of getting away from it all. Art - Myles embarks on a journey to see what future there really is in being an artist. Sympathy - Myles joins a support group in search of sympathy.
    • 8/12/10
      Imitation - Myles impersonates the long lost son of the Hollington family. Hatred - Myles sets out on his own mission to be truly hated by his fellow man. Justice - Myles investigates the notion of justice after his day in court.
    • Killing Kyle Sandilands - Myles attempts a deed that may involve killing Kyle Sandilands. Fear - Myles sets out to uncover the fear of putting a 'hit' out on himself. Racism - Myles examines how racist's cope in today's modern 'pc' world.
    • B Grade Celebrity - Myles dances his way into B Grade celebrity status. Buck's Party - Myles turns to internet dating sites to find a bride in order to have a bucks party. Loss - Myles fast-tracks the death of a family member in order to experience loss.
    • 7/22/10
      Wanderlust - Myles reviews the freedom and cultural experiences of travelling abroad. Addiction - Myles dives head first into a life of addiction. Cult - Myles recruits less fortunate souls to join his cult 'The Barlowians'.
  • Season 1