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Thursday 10:00 PM on Comedy Central

One of my responsibilities as co-associate assistant to the assistant associate editor here at is to make sure our audience is informed of even the littlest of shows, the tiny blips on the entertainment radar that might go unnoticed by anyone who isn't a parent of the series' lead actor. Such is the case with Comedy Central's new project Review. This odd duck might be slipping onto the schedule with ninja-like stealth, which means it's all the more important that we discuss its watchability. So let's do just and preview Review in another edition of's Should I Make Time for This Television Program?

Review, so this is a show where someone reviews hot new gadgets and gizmos?

No, but you're on the right track! Review follows host Forrest MacNeil as he samples and then shares his thoughts on various aspects of life and human behavior. Does that sound weird to you? Well, it's meant to be. Forrest will try out stealing, being a racist, road rage, and whatever else his fake audience asks him to review. And then he'll grade each activity using a very Yelp-y rating scale of one to five stars. Is it scientific? No. Is it meaningful? Nyet. Is it funny? Maybe! 

What!? Who came up with this, and who's in it?

Review is an American adaptation of the Australian series Review With Myles Barlow, which was created by, written by, and starred Phil Loyd and ran from 2008 to 2010. Taking over for Loyd in Comedy Central's version is Andy Daly, who you might remember as that Benjamin Franklin impersonator from The Office, Principal Cutler from Eastbound & Down, or from one of his many awesome appearances on Comedy Bang! Bang! (as Dalton Wilcox the hole-in-the-ground f*cker and the Life of the Party dude). Fred Willard plays Forrest's dad, Jessica St. Clair plays his wife, and James Urbaniak plays his producer, and a bunch of well-known comedians will guest-star in various roles throughout the season.

When does Review start reviewing?

Review premieres Thursday, March 6 at 10pm on Comedy Central. It's surrounded by a bunch of Tosh.0 reruns. 

Who might like Review?

Fans of the absurd, black, and alternative comedy circles should dig this. Its closest relative on Comedy Central is probably be Nathan For You, because it's not like anything else out there, really. And obviously anyone who's a fan of Daly's improv work will love him as Forrest.

What elements of Review is worthy of five stars?

ANDY DALY. Disclaimer: I love Daly and would have his hilarious children if I could. And he's fantastic as Forrest MacNeil. The key to Review is Daly's commitment to the character of Forrest, and Forrest's commitment to his job; the show is presented documentary-style, which makes the dark comedy and satire really land, especially when Forrest is forcing his job on others, like he does when he reviews "going to the prom" and his prom date is a joyless sourpuss. Also, sometimes you'll see Forrest's work affect him personally, like when his review of addiction accidentally takes over his life. But mostly Review is hahahaha funny!

What elements of Review don't deserve any stars?

Forrest's first review—of stealing—gets off to a slow start, which could hamper viewers' immediate enjoyment of this odd little show, but stick around because it gets a lot better. However, it's important to note that Review won't be for everyone. It's not really a sketch show, it's not really a sitcom... I'm not really sure what it is. And maybe some people will think it's kind of the same joke over and over?

So, should I watch it?

Dude, I loved it. Laughed my butt clear off. This is a good friend test. If you like it, we can be friends. If not, well, it was nice knowing you. And if anyone has seen my butt, please send it back to me.

Let's take a look at a trailer!


Review premieres Thursday, March 6 at 10pm on Comedy Central.

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