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  • Jesse Who????

    I have never taken the time to express my thoughts online when I am displeased. however someone should tell Jesse Palmer that he will be lucky if anyone other then his family remembers him in 50 yrs. He isn't even pictured in the cast of "Good Morning America". He should have been more gracious when Fred Astaire was mentioned. Being from Canada isn't a GOOD then he compounded it by saying Mr. Astaire's dance moves were pretty good. Everyone makes mistakes (I know I have), but own them. When you don't you come off looking entitled and more then stupid. I am not making this personal. I just feel his on air persona needs work, and I hope not who he really is. Tell him to have a long talk with Michael S (won't even try to spell his last name-see I owned I would mess it up). Michael when he doesn't know something just says he doesn't without acting like acting the fool. A CLASS ACT
  • The Last Ship

    This is about how to take a truly great book, ruin it, and turn it into a really horrible TV series.
  • Funny and at times brilliant

    This nutty show has the hapless Forrest engaging himself in all sorts of nutty adventures in order to review everyday life. The show is made up of a number of separate reviews, but the show is at its best when it ties them together into one seamless experience. This was the case in the first episode, in which stealing and addiction come together in a prom, but for the most part the show is less cohesive. But it's always quite funny.

    This show is based on an English show, and it's interesting to see how different the approach is. I've seen two episodes of that one so far (they're all on youtube). The English critic is pretentious and approaches his task with a grim certainty that it must be done. Forrest, on the other hand, acts as though he is being blown by fate into insane situations; one difference is Forrest needs a producer to egg him on in moments of doubt. It's a very different approach, and so far I like the . version better.
  • 5 Stars

    Wow, what an adventure this show is! Reviews have always been a part of the media world we live in. But what about life? Is it any good? Well, if this show is any indication, it's pretty crazy (but in a good way!) Andrew Daly and Megan Stevenson drive this short-arc long-arc story about a man with an indomitable quest to review life experiences. It's funny, poignant, and extremely well-acted. Enjoy this short 9-episode show. I guarantee you will.