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Reviews on the Run

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Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico help gamers take the guesswork out of their gaming decisions with helpful and honest reviews on the latest video game releases and hardware. Alternative Title: Tommy and Vic's Reviews on the Run Please note when you are submitting to this show, there are specific formats for the show summary and show recap. Consult Season 1, Episode 1 "Pro Trucker" for correct formats.

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AIRED ON 3/25/2006


Season 5 : Episode 7

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  • an amazing show that i agree with most of the time

    I most always agree with everything that they always say and every thing they hate.So to people that hate the show i ask you it is a show about reviewing games which to me screams personal opinion so if you disagree than don't come online and gripe oh boo hoo they hate my fav game just say that you disagree and live with it.

    I like it more than x-Play it's best competition on the G4 channel and it gives good and fair reviews to most games all and all a must see at least once and if you hate them bad mouthing you favorite game than well wait for the next show.

    oh and yes i am a nerd if you could guess from what I said.moreless
  • charmed is a fantcstic show series its about 4 sisters prue , piper ,pheoebe and paige its about love and kicking demons butt !!!!

    theres tons of rolorcoster relationships such as piper and leo (problem is the elders ) the avatars and DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! phoebe and cole (coles the problem hes the scource of all evil) and paige with her many boyfreinds this series i love youll probley love to !!! but they migth be a mistical and magical series you still have to pay attention otherwise you have no idiea wats going on ! channel 27 its on at 4:00 and 8:00 and if those are the only times you can watch these shows just watch it !!! this show series is fantastic !!!!!!moreless
  • these guys get a generous five, why? well, youll have to read my review i spose.

    to say the least, i found the show inaccurate. first of all, they only really review pop games, and do nothing for the actual production of games as far as ive seen. yeah lets complain about this game and do nothing about it. just another tv show dedicated to apathy. one thing that ticks me off, is that they give personal opinion, not review and research.. first of all, i heard one of these guys call megaman 10, megaman X. if thats not ignorant then i dont know what is, when you read roman numerals, you read the number, not the letters...what are hardcore gamers doing messing up information like this for? dont they know? i think these guys need to work on their content rather than geling their hair and throwing on a flashy jacket and pair of pants then feed information that means absolutely nothing to their audience. the show has potential, but like most shows, has lost its way.moreless
  • This is the show you should watch for video game reviews. NOT x-play.

    This is a video game review show hosted by Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico. In my opinion, this show is WAY better than it's rival x-play. The main difference in the two shows, is the fact that Tommy and Vic's main objective is to inform the viewer about the latest games and give you and idea of whether or not you should buy it. Whereas on x-play, their main objective is to make you laugh, and sadly, it fails.

    Well, back on topic, Tommy and Vic each give the games a seperate score. So for example, if you like real time strategy games, you may want to go with Vic's score instead of Tommy's, because Tommy doesn't like those games. Tommy and Vic also have a versus segment, where they compare 2 or 3 games of the same genre, and give you an idea of which one is the best.

    So, if you want quality reviews, definately check this show out. If you want lame comedy routines while they show video game footage, you may like x-play.moreless
  • Vic and Tommy Are great fun, even if you don't agree with them.

    I rarely watch review shows. Back in the day I would catch the occasional Siskel and Ebert episode on Sunday nights, but they would always dislike the movies I liked or wanted to see. (I'm still angry about their review on Lost Highway, but Robert did make it up for his Dark City review). And there are shows like X-Play which give video game reviews, but that show seems to be distancing itself from real gamers. Luckily, I found Reviews on the Run.

    Granted I watched it as Judgment Day (the same show, just called that in US viewings), it is still the same. Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico provide commentary on video games that is not only humerous but serious when need be. I pray that they will review horrible games, but it's nice to see both of them calm in reviewing a game that is actually good.

    While I can't say I base all of my video game purchases on Vic and Tommy's reviews, I still can't get enough of their show. Their teamwork in the comments do not seem scripted in the way that other shows are. Yeah, we know from an episode blooper that Vic has notes, but it's hard to tell if they are going by the script (and the all the bloopers should answer that question). With review shows where they are in the same static studio, Tommy and Vic venture out to review games in Canadian and sometimes US landmarks outside the studio. And for that reason, I think Reviews on the Run makes for a better show each week just to see where they will be shooting from. Add all this to the controversy that Tommy tends to stir up on his sometimes "negative" nature, and fans can't help but eat this show up.

    Good Job Vic & Tommy. Here's to a few more years of you two reviewing games, and ticking fanboys off.moreless