Season 2 Episode 1

Born In The U.S.A.

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2013 on NBC

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  • Revolution or just a fresh start?

    I loved season 1 of Revolution and have been eager for the start of the new season.. Set 6 months after the end of season 1, we find the main characters split up and leading very different post apocalyptic lives. Myles, Rachel and Arron are still together and trying to build a life. Charlie is out for revenge and looking far meaner than ever. Tom starts off broken and destroyed with the presumed loss of his wife, only his son seeming to be able to contain and hold him back from the brink.

    The eposide is a little confused as we do not know what really happened in the tower and after Arron managed to get the power back off to try and save the USA. I am sure this will all become clear later on but on this episode there are gaps where seemed to feel disjointed to me.

    The fireflies have got me wondering.. Has Arron done something in the last six months to the nanoprobes. We saw he still has a pendant so presumably can still power things if he has to. But did he start something before they left the tower or is it nature trying to tell him something? I am looking forward to finding out.

    The world is darker. Much more scarier. Gangs and not militia rule. They run smaller areas, exactly as you would expect. Warlords, not rulers. AS Myles and the Sheriff went to the camp of the gang who captured them you where expecting something form Mad Max or the WildBoys video from Duran Duran of the 80's. It was nasty, full of large biker types who looked like they would rip your spine out just for looking in the wrong direction and then you met the leader and that was not what I expected!

    My overall feeling was it was a touch disjointed but showed the promise of a reborn series that is out to make up for the errors of the past and engage with it's audience and say "LOOK AT ME!!!" and that... that is a good thing!