Season 1 Episode 2

Chained Heat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on NBC

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  • season 2 loses it

    What I thought was supposed to be a story about a strong young girl whose values help to redeem the world has suddenly turned into an ugly story about a murderous slutty girl with no values.

    This show has really got to the point that it should not be aired during prime time.

    The show is pretty mediocre and really has nothing to offer now.
  • Second impression, Still no good.

    The writing in this show is elementary. There is no real suspense in the show. How did I know the guy he (the uncle) let live at the beginning of the episode, would come back and be an issue later...who would have guessed.
  • What the...?

    Ok, I started to watch this show because of some names (J.J. Abrams, E. Kripke) and the idea about blackout. First epizode was not superb, but it was not bad too. At least not VERY bad ;) But the second one... Are you serious? There are some major logical issues. I assume that Monroe, as former soldier, has built his militia on former US Army. How is then possible, that they have only few guns??? There should be tons of guns in army warehouses. And why, if the helicopter is so important for him, it is guarded only by few guards, when there are tousands of soldiers under his command? And, of course, only ONE of them got ANY gun (not to mention, that it is sniper rifle almost useless when using from horseback). Ok, our heroes need the rifle, so how to take it from them? We got fine archer and two swordsmen. How about to setup a trap along the road, find hide on the tree, shoot the one with the rifle, as many of the rest as possible and kill the remaining ones with sabres? No? Why? What? Because it is Revolution?!? Ah, yes. So we create in nearby cabin (hmmm, what a coincidence, it is so close to our heroes) some simple version of colt (hmmm, what a coincidence, that all those parts could be found in that cabin ;) and kill the guy (with the rifle) from a distance of few meters (with silly lost-in-the-woods story) which will let our heroine helpless amongst the guys with the sabers. BUT there are those fine swordsmen which will kill them... Well, does it sound ok to you? And this is only ONE example...
  • Sidequest

    Even worse than the pilot episode. As if we didn't knew already, that the brave, beautiful, innocent, good girl is on a quest against the evil of the world to rescue her naive, sick and helpless brother, we got a full episode all about showing us how brave, beautiful, innocent and good this girl is. And so that even the last viewer sees it, we also got the US flag to point at who the good guys are, just in case.

    We also got a plot - or maybe not - that had nothing to do with anything but to fill some airtime with a side quest. Yes, it seems even the writers know that the main plot is so thin it couldn't last even for the second episode.

    It's just the second episode, and I'm really into SciFi, but I'm watching it already just because I somehow can't believe it - and it's getting more and more unintentionally comical.
  • Needs better writers and a darker story line

    I enjoy the premise of the show but there are inconsistencies that tend to make me question too many things I see. Better writing would help, the actors aren't too bad. I don't mind the girl in the main story line but I'd like to see the show turn a little darker. I'll watch another show but the writing better improve soon. This reminds me of Terra Nova and that's not good, especially when it could be so much better.
  • stay cool

    I hope I hope this show follows through with the promise of the first 2 episodes. I love it so far but I fear it will end up cancelled like so many shows that are really cool and daring that end up on the cutting room floor. Don't overthink it just let it take it's course but of course the net exse will fuck it up and i will be dissapointed again sorry for the french
  • Better!!

    I actually found this episode of revolution to be pretty enjoyable, sure there are plot holes and the acting is abit shaky but if you take revolution for what it is i think it could be an fun action packed ride. I liked the flashbacks featuring charlie and her family the scene with the man threating a young charlie was pretty tense i loved that it was rachel who killed the guy in the end and not the dad. I also enjoyed the bits of character development in this episode, i enjoyed the scene with maggie and the confession about her kids it was well acted and gave us some insight into ther character and i am looking forward to learning more about her and her family. I also enjoyed charlie's personal issues with taking another mans life, so often in these types of shows characters are killing people all the time so i enjoyed that charlie felt guilt and remorse for those she killed. I also liked all the scenes involving tom, he really is turning into an interesting character/Villan and i am looking forward to whats in store for him. Overall i really liked this episode sure it wasnt amazing tv but it was fun and entertaining and thats all i ask!
  • Still very interesting!

    while this episode obviously wasn't as good as the premiere/pilot episode, it did come close. This episode didn't have any particularly great cliffhangers at the end in my opinion - unlike the premiere - but there was a lot of aciton and an interesting storyline.

    I loved the thing about Maggie and why she keeps her iPhone. I wonder if they will be able to find Grace? Should ibe interesting!

    There was a lot of fighting and action scenes, just like the last episode. I'm curious as to whether or not there will always be so much fighting. I have no problem with it, but it could potentially get boring if it gets excessive.

    Other than that, nothing I can really criticise! A great episode, and this show looks really promising in my opinion!
  • Episode Two: Chained Heat

    My primary thought after watching this episode: how can it be so boring? There's just no real tension in this show yet (hopefully there will be). The plotlines are by-the-book, the actors are mostly doing okay, but there's just something very vital missing.

    This is just episode two, but the characters are still horribly bland. Yes, I understand it takes time for the actors to get into their roles (and for us as an audience to get used to them; at least for me only Elizabeth Mitchell is someone I've seen before), but so far none of them have made me root for them.

    Random points:

    - Oh the blatant symbolism and patriotism. I've nothing against the US (or themes like nationalism), but why rub it in our face? These are the bad guys, look! They wear BLACK! And they burn the US flag! And the good guys use it as their symbol!

    - I do like the gore (or rather the illusion of it). It's definitely not Game of Thrones style sword fights, but there are some nice sounds effects to give you the impression that there's actually some damage done with these weapons.

    - That necklace MacGuffin... I suppose a pseudo sci-fi show must have one.

    - Unnecessary and overly emotional scenes trying too hard (and too early) to flesh out the characters. That scene between the English chick and the comedic relief (I have no idea what their names are...) was just plain bad. "I hold this phone because I want to see my babies again! Please restore the power!" Sure, it gives the group an emotional reason for trying to restore the power, but don't do it like this. Let the characters grow gradually.

    And finally: why is this happening now? Why 15 years after the Blackout these "huge" events happen? Why not before? Why is everyone still acting like the power was on just a few days ago?

    Overall these first two episodes have been mediocre at best. But, since it's Eric Kripke, I'm staying on for at least a few more episodes to see where this show is headed.
  • Still Not Satisfyingly Coming Together

    I am wrapping the pilot and "Chained Heat" together. Yes, the premise of our dependency on electricity as the thing that keeps us from anarchy is compelling, but there is something either jumbled, missing, or far

    Using the device of blending the present with prescient back-stories is apparently.J. Abrams stock-in-trade. I don't mind it if the outcome is a clearer picture of the present. As in "Lost" it is used to wrap an enigma in yet more mystery. This is the slow method of fleshing out what we must hope is staggering and will be the core of what has happened to create the here and now.

    So, are we to have patience or is it natural to expect more? I'm not really sure myself other than to say at this point I am compelled enough to stick with this for more information. In that regard the writers are having their way with me, but I want some clear paths for a bit of satisfaction, and to bond me with Charlie or Miles and how they fit into what has become of Charlie's mother. Hopefully, the next episode will be a tipping point to provide something other than yet more mysteries. I feel the series is stumbling around something. There is a need to be what I call "fully invested" that is still not even in its infancy. So, at this point staying tuned is still a must as I feel it could either be a goofy mis-guided attempt at a post apocalytic event reversal or even something scary and compelling.with some meat on the bone. Not sure, but let's hang around a bit longer to see.
  • Chained Heat

    Chained Heat was a superb episode of Revolution. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see how things unfolded. There was action, drama, adventure, intrigue, and mystery. I liked how every thing played out. It was interesting to see the black woman with power come face to face with a mysterious man named Russell. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!