Season 1 Episode 2

Chained Heat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on NBC

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  • What the...?

    Ok, I started to watch this show because of some names (J.J. Abrams, E. Kripke) and the idea about blackout. First epizode was not superb, but it was not bad too. At least not VERY bad ;) But the second one... Are you serious? There are some major logical issues. I assume that Monroe, as former soldier, has built his militia on former US Army. How is then possible, that they have only few guns??? There should be tons of guns in army warehouses. And why, if the helicopter is so important for him, it is guarded only by few guards, when there are tousands of soldiers under his command? And, of course, only ONE of them got ANY gun (not to mention, that it is sniper rifle almost useless when using from horseback). Ok, our heroes need the rifle, so how to take it from them? We got fine archer and two swordsmen. How about to setup a trap along the road, find hide on the tree, shoot the one with the rifle, as many of the rest as possible and kill the remaining ones with sabres? No? Why? What? Because it is Revolution?!? Ah, yes. So we create in nearby cabin (hmmm, what a coincidence, it is so close to our heroes) some simple version of colt (hmmm, what a coincidence, that all those parts could be found in that cabin ;) and kill the guy (with the rifle) from a distance of few meters (with silly lost-in-the-woods story) which will let our heroine helpless amongst the guys with the sabers. BUT there are those fine swordsmen which will kill them... Well, does it sound ok to you? And this is only ONE example...
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