Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2013 on NBC

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  • It gets better every week

    Not much to say... I'm keeping my breath 'till tonight !

    This show is getting better and better and better every week !
  • Intense!

    This was one of the most intense and suspenseful of episodes when it comes to Revolution. I find it really hard to compare and contrast various episodes of this show because each one is interesting in a different way, but this one really stood out for me!

    The events are shifting over to Colorado Springs where this mysterious Tower is located. I can't wait to see what is so important inside this place! It is quite exciting with all the anticipation!

    The end of the episode was spectacular with a truly breathtaking climax! Rachel is by far my favourite character on this show, and it was really her moment to shine there! What will happen netx!?

    Wow, this episode was intense! I can't wait for the next episode! The end of the season is near and I hope we get a great ending!
  • Epic :)

    'Clue' is by far one of the best Revolution episodes out there. I love the suspense, action, drama and how Jim, who was so close to Miles, betrayed him. Even Rachel with the grenade. Well, done, Revolution, well done. :)
  • Clue, this wasn't a game!

    Clue was a superb episode of Revolution and I really enjoyed watching. There was lots of action, drama and intrigue and character development. It was sadto see Nora endure so much. It was fun guessing who the spy was and I liked seeing who others thought it was. It was great seeing relationships tested. I liked how everything played out. The ending was awesome and left me in suspense. I can't wait to find out what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • This is the moment Revolution becomes intense...

    WOW! This was brilliant! Super tense, super moving, I was surprised each time :D I never thought Revolution would impress me, but now I actually want to see what happens next...
  • The Show Continues to Grow

    Loved the episode from start to finish. The ending was one of those edge-of-seats ones that has you beggining and dying to see the next episode already.

    In all honesty, the show did start off a little slow. And while some things didn't add up early on, the show certainly began to grow into something large after the first 10 episodes. Every new episode just upping the ante further and further. To a point now where it's not even just about the original thought that power is out. It's about getting it back on. But more importantly, the technology behind it. Possible that there's something much darker going on deep down behind the scenes in the tower than anyone could of ever imagined? That one episode that ended with the scientist lady sending the watchmen down into the basement on the elevator helped answer that. When screams rang out and the elevator began to make its way back up. Only for us to find the look on the scientist lady's face to be that of surprise and utter fear of something. Telling us that there is truly way more going on than just power outage in this storyline. Can't wait to find it all out!
  • Awesome Episode

    This episode was amazing from start to finish, from Nora being beaten, downed, injected with a mysterious drug, Nora breaking, Randall almost being killed by Bass. This series was a little hiccupy in the beginning but it has picked up greatly in the last few episodes. The betrayal at the air strip, Jason almost being shot because of that one guy, then Jason saving Superman Miles. The last minute of the episode had me on the edge of my seat with Rachel walking into Monroe's tent and pulling the pin on a grenade then flicking the switch off at the last second before it cut to black. I can't wait til next week!
  • ,,, work in progress

    when the discussion stream starts I'll go into it a bit more, but it was a realy good episode and the kind of episode that made me happy that I didn't give up on it after it had such a hokey start.