Season 2 Episode 8

Come Blow Your Horn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2013 on NBC

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  • Horn Plays With His Horn.

    We see a flashback of Horn's childhood, his mother is dying and his cure is to overdose her with pills and finish her off. The Electricity was still on, but I guess his father didn't believe in Doctor's or Hospitals, didn't really know what she was dying of. So Horn thinks that the Nanites are inside Aaron's body and can cure Horn of his brain tumor, unless I missed an episode, Rachel had that tiny capsule which she took from her son and Aaron put it into her broken leg last season, which healed in less than 30seconds. (If only they still had that book). So after some soul searching Rachel forgives her father and I certainly hope Rachel he is still alive and as for Monroe, I don't know where he went. So Neville catches up with the old ball and chain and brings him back to see his wife Justine only to end up shooting her (Justine was a great character), all because she had her own agenda, that's why the other Patriots shot her. So now Roger is on the run as well or maybe he'll just stick very close by with Neville. Just one last thing Horn, the Nanites were in the air, not inside Aaron, but your Nukes solved that problem didn't they. Fantastic Episode Again. Love This Show.
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