Season 2 Episode 8

Come Blow Your Horn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2013 on NBC

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  • Aaron in trouble again

    Great storyline, my only beef is that the main purpose of Aaron throughout both seasons is for him to get caught and have to be rescued.
  • Interesting!

    Another great episode with some interesting moments. I thought the first half of the episode was more interesting, with a plot to take down Horn. I was really hoping Rachel would drop those little tubes despite everything!

    Not fond of the Aaron getting caught storyline. It seems repetitive? Seems like it defeated the purpose of last week's episode.

    To be honest, I just want them all to get out of Willoughby adn do something. Sometimes in the less exciting scenes it feels like everything is stagnant - the major storyline is not going anywhere.

    But despite all that, the intense scenes compensate for the episode. Not too mention the storyline with Neville - which, in my opinion, has totally been the best part of Season 2 so far!

    A good episode, but part of me is hoping for a tad more. Nonethelss, I can't help but score a 10 just excited for more!
  • Tom Vs. Everybody & Much More

    While he wasn't exactly the centerpiece of this episode Tom is coming and he will kill anyone once he no longer needs them. At times Tom's character elicited a little sympathy because he seemed just an arm of Monroe. It's being played out now he was always the most bloodthirsty and cunning one of the two. It's interesting since with only his son he has so little hope of simply fighting his way forward. Now, he has to be more of a snake in the grass, setting up his enemies up against one another instead of outright shooting and stabbing in order to have any power. What is he thinking? Interesting.

    It figured Aaron wouldn't be able to survive on his own. He's just too dependent. Monroe really didn't abandon him as much as insure Miles will have to do what, well, Miles needs to do. Miles, pretty much, is in the only position to wreck the supposed US from the inside. The Horne character needs to be eliminated too. Monroe is itching to go and by allowing Aaron as bait he's forcing it. Rachel's dad was a complication, but it becomes clear he was trying to save Rachel and Charlie as well as buying time. With Horne desperate to harness the nanobots by any means time is definitely getting tight and things are coming to a head with both Horne and the government's forces. When an elegantly deadly solution had to be scrapped, however, things became even more intense. This is where we're at. It's a pretty big set up for a showdown.

    I still like the neo-western feel of the town and the against all odds nature of the coming showdown. Kind of like the proverbial gunfight at noon looms, but with two sides of greatly unmatched power. Or, perhaps not, remember the nanobots may just take things in their own direction which no army may be big enough to conquer. Over on the community blog, The Matheson Militia, there's a real negative vibe playing out. Are they watching the same show? I feel it's still better than most of season one even if the current oppressive situation is a bit long in tooth. There's a big showdown coming is the feeling one who is really in to this must feel, and that is good.