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Okay everybody that was awesome. We all knew that there was going to be a serious reboot of the series with the start of the season and boy was it a success - let's get to it.

The new season opened at the exact moment we left off last season - with 20 seconds to go before the nukes sent by Randall were to impact Atlanta and Philadelphia. Aaron desperately tried to turn the power back off, but as we learned later he was unsuccessful and Philadelphia and Atlanta were indeed destroyed.

Jump forward 6 months and the first character we checked back in on was Charlie who was on her own in the Plains Nation hanging out in a bar. Apparently when the power had turned back on a VERY specific song representing the first season of this show was playing (thank you writers of Revolution this was hilarious).

Anyway, the first move the show made was to let us know that Charlie had graduated from dependent on Miles high school Charlie to independent college aged Charlie. The first lesson she learned of course was that long distance relationships never work.

Then we checked back in with Miles who was in Willoughby, Texas doing Miles things:

Yeah guys, Miles wasn't looking too great, but then he's never really looked that great during this entire series since his character is predicated on the fact that he pretty much hates himself. It's also predicated on Miles doing awesome fighting/killing things so it was nice to see that there was no change there. Later, Miles returned to the walled town where he was living with Aaron and Rachel where the eyes of the law were already (wisely) keeping track of Stu. Stu? I hear you asking, yes Stu is Miles's new assumed name and it is ridiculous and sounds equally ridiculous when the other characters say it (in a good way).

We also got a quick view of Aaron with a new lady friend

Then we cut to Rachel in a house treating a Georgia soldier, when we were introduced to our third new major character (I'm assuming major, as they all survived episode 1).

Meet Rachel's dad everybody. It quickly became clear as Rachel asked the soldier about the devastation in the east that she was not mentally handling the events of the past year too well.
Our next check in with our major players was with Jason and Tom Neville who were desperately looking for their wife/mother in an Atlanta refugee camp.

What I truly appreciated in this opening quick sequence was that although this is a full reboot of the series, all of the character development of our major players made complete sense with who they were in Season 1. Charlie going off on her own and being independent made complete sense. Miles still being Miles and doing Miles things while hating himself - yep makes sense. Rachel kind of breaking down after everything that happened (Danny, Monroe assassination attempt, the bombs) made complete sense. Aaron becoming a teacher again - check. Tom kind of reverting to pre-blackout Tim without his wife (who he always had as #1, Jason was a far behind secondary concern throughout season 1) at the beginning of the episode. Jason still tying himself to his family despite his hatred of his father. They all made sense, which must have been difficult considering the drastic change in landscape of the show. Kudos writers of Revolution.

Back to the story. The Atlanta refugee camp was a mess, but I think this was meant to give us a tiny nod to a later in the episode development. Meanwhile, Miles was getting stitched up by Rachel's father, while telling her that it was no big deal his knife had just slipped.

Once Rachel was gone, however, her father ripped into Miles. Apparently, he was super happy about Rachel marrying Ben because he was smart and she used to only be into bad guys. But, he caught her looking at Miles at her wedding and knew something was up and straight accused Miles of sleeping with his brother's wife (accurate). He also told Miles that he should just leave because his daughter was too good for him and Miles more or less agreed.

Man, I felt bad for Miles - that guy never catches a break or even gets a chance to catch his breath between killing people. Man that guy needs a vacation. The next morning we found Rachel relapsing back off her rocker due the story from the Georgia soldier.

Her father tried to calm her down and told her to stop writing in the "Big Book of Crazy"

She postulated a theory that Randall was under orders from some shadowy person/organization when he set off the nukes. As we already knew from last season - she was totally right. The real big bad was even already setting up shop.

Quick sidebar here - in a world with no power does it make any sense whatsoever to set up the capital of the United States in the far right corner? Wouldn't it make more sense to centralize the capital of the country? Okay just ignore me, sorry. Elsewhere the rain on Miles parade continued as Miles decided to leave Willoughby and Rachel behind so that she could recover and be happy.

It was at this point that Elizabeth Mitchell destroyed me emotionally as she utterly broke down after Miles told her that bad things happen when they are together.

That was hard to watch. And then it got worse as we were given a flashback to Miles and Co. showing up to Willoughby when Rachel was completely broken down mentally.

However, Miles's escape proved to be short lived as upon his departure he immediately ran into a pack of roving bandits.

Checking back in with Charlie it turned out that she was looking for information on the whereabouts of Monroe. Luckily for her, her paramour had recently seen him and sent her on her way with directions. Charlies started stalking Monroe and ended up finding him in a carnival of sorts (OMG can we please talk about the star of the carnival - David Schwimmer "the last remaining Friend" - thank you for that Revolution). Monroe was spending his time with hookers (I think) and bare knuckle brawling. We then got to watch Charlie stalk Monroe for a few scenes.

She even got the down low on who Monroe was impersonating - he claimed to be named Jimmy King, which is ridiculous because we all know

Anyway Charlie devised a plan to get Monroe out into the open (which worked - and wasn't ridiculous (improvement)). Unfortunately for her two bounty hunters (my guess) got the drop on Monroe before she could put an arrow in him and made off with Monroe.

This gave me great joy for one simple reason - At some point this season it is inevitable that Charlie and Monroe will be forced to team up and it will be amazing.
Back in Willoughby Aaron was being passive aggressive with his new lady friend about the possibility of the power turning back on as he caressed something familiar

Aaron was not happy to be talking about the power again and went outside to get some firewood where something weird happened

In a very intriguing scene, a large group of fireflies gathered around Aaron and then simultaneously turned themselves off. Aaron brought this occurrence up to Rachel and mentioned that several other groups of animals had been acting weird. Apparently a bunch of "insane" things had happened to their group in the timeline we missed, but Rachel was not happy to be talking about them. About this time Miles returned with the body of the bandit he killed. Miles filled the Sheriff in on the new threat of the War Clan who would be attacking their town soon enough. The Sheriff sent for help from Austin, but it looked like it would be up to Miles and the Sheriff to save the day (IMPORTANT NOTE - we are returning to the universe rule where guns are rare, just an fyi).

On the other side of the U.S. Captain Tom was not having a good time. However, his son was having none of his sulking behavior and tried to snap him out of it.

Just in the nick of time something new arrived before the two Nevilles came to blows once again.

It was the government of the United States here to save the day! According to their representative Secretary

Here was her spiel: The poor U.S. government had been hiding in Cuba all this time, and gosh darn those rebels and various factions because the U.S. forces had been decimated. Sorry they couldn't help fight against Atlanta and Philadelphia. But hey we're here now and we're the good guys. Also we have the president. Bonus, we have proof that Georgia and Monroe bombed each other. We are patriots. USA! USA! USA!
Best response ever by our favorite Nevilles

Captain Tom figured things out right quick. The "Americans" killed his wife, so naturally

We should all rejoice because if there is one thing that we all know, no one is better at revenge than Gustavo Fring

Back in Willoughby things weren't going so well as the War Clan broke into the town. Poor Aaron died defending his new ladyfriend.

I was kind of saddened, but not particularly - with Rachel acting in pretty much the same capacity as Aaron through the end of last season he kind of felt like a loose end rather than a vital part of the team. This felt like an appropriate death for Aaron where he finally redeemed himself (in his eyes) for his failure to protect his wife during the original blackout by saving his new ladyfriend. Miles could not let this stand and went after the War Clan

Unfortunately for Miles and the Sheriff they were badly outnumbered and subsequently captured by the War Clan. As is natural in these cases they were then taken to the War Clan leader

In the final few scenes of this episode we saw Rachel wrecked, waiting with Aaron's dead body when this happened

So Aaron is alive. Is it because he has the medical nanobots inside of him? Is it because he unknowingly had the nanobots inside him before the blackout? Is it one of the "insane" things that happened to them in the last 6 months? I have no idea.

This was a great reboot to a series that had gone so far off the tracks last season that we couldn't even see them anymore. I have only one piece of advice for the writers and it comes courtesy of Miles

What did you guys think of episode 201?
How is Aaron still alive?
What's the deal with the president and the U.S. forces?
Will Charlie rescue Monroe?
Will our characters remain separate for the majority of the season?
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Oct 03, 2013
The Big Book of Crazy= Revolution Season 1 Script XD
Sep 28, 2013
theguylafayette - that was a fantastic recap. More of these please!

Favorite pictures: I am the Terminator - In this Analogy I am John Conor. That was brilliant!
Sep 26, 2013
this belongs here:

Sep 26, 2013
the only winning move is not to play!
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