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Sigh. This was another slow week on Revolution. After last week's slow episode, I came to the defense of the writing room and the show as I truly did appreciate gaining the perspective of how Dr. Porter came to be in the current position that he finds himself in. However, this week I find myself much less patient and a little frustrated that Revolution is slightly turning back into old Revolution where everything that is going to happen in the episode is extremely obvious and telegraphed. I'm not sure what happened to the rapid fire madness that had the show off to such a hot start this season, but I dearly hope that we return to it soon (it would also be nice to move on from Willoughby, but it doesnt seem like that is going to happen anytime soon). Again apologies for the delay in the recap, let's get down to it.

This week we started off with Miles interrogating a Patriot soldier about Horn's whereabouts while in a pool house. This is the second empty pool from this season, which I can only assume means that Charlie really enjoyed her first stint trapped in an empty pool. This only strengthens our belief in the Marlie bond. Anyway back to

The patriot soldier was not much help to Miles in his effort to find Dr. Horn in the beginning despite his interrogation technique. Off in the other parts of Willoughby, Edison was naming Miles and Aaron as the terrorists who had set off the bomb in town.

Edison then had Dr. Porter stand up and confirm his conclusions and ask the town for their help in tracking down Miles and Aaron.


Charlie was witness to this scene as her grandfather betrayed her and all I could imagine that she was thinking was this

Our other heroes were waiting not so patiently in the scrapyard for Miles and Co. to come find them as Monroe insisted they head out to search for Miles, while Aaron preferred to wait.

Back with the Matheson Clan, Charlie was all about the idea of picking up Aaron and Co. and heading on out into the wild away from the Patriots. Rachel had other ideas as she believed that the Patriots would never stop looking for them and that the only solution was to face the problem head on.

Meanwhile, Simply the Best (aka Captain Tom) was wandering into North Carolina in search of the Secretary's husband because he had fallen in love with the man while reading his letters to his wife.

Simply the Best was able to negotiate a one on one meeting with the Secretary's husband thanks to the wedding ring and quickly put his plan into action.

The man was cautious at first, but eventually agreed to go with Captain Tom to meet his wife.

Captain Tom essentially made the correct conclusion that the Secretary's treason had put the Man himself under suspicion that he most likely would not appreciate. He suggested that the Man could kill the Secretary himself thereby proving his loyalty to the Patriots. The Man agreed and off they went to find his wife.

Back in Willoughby Dr. Horn was getting antsy about Aaron and threatened to start randomly killing people, which even seemed to shock Edison. Horn made the argument that Aaron's powers would make taking over the country easier, but clearly his concern was due to something else.

Charlie and Rachel had some awkward bonding over Dr. Porter's betrayal before Miles broke up the conversation with the reveal of the location of Dr. Horn. I was less than thrilled at this point because it was brutally obvious that

We were going to spend a good portion of the episode attempting to storm/destroy the headquarters that clearly was not going to work. I really was hoping we were past this kind of thing, but I guess not.

Back in the scrapyard things were getting tense between Aaron and my least favorite character.

Cynthia had reached the correct conclusion that Aaron was responsible for her husband's death. She was actually understandably upset about it, but it did not make me sympathize with her whatsoever. Anyway, Aaron was upset as well.

Back in Willoughby a new plotline appeared for about 5 seconds as it appeared that Miles's injury had become infected (?) or something.

But, more importantly some mother-daughter bonding was taking place in the kitchen as the Matheson women cooked up some explosive material.

At this point even Rachel and Charlie knew that this episode wasn't going anywhere and that they wouldn't pull off their plan.

in ANOTHER HUGE SHOCKER Aaron was about to be captured in the scrapyard, but not before Monroe got in some parting shots

In reference to Aaron wanting his help

While Aaron and Cynthia would both be captured alive, Monroe knew that he would be killed so he just said

And then for some strange reason the writers room decided that we (the audience) must be incredibly dumb and needed the fact that Dr. Horn was sick and needed medicine hammered into our heads by treating us to a flashback from Dr. Horn's past where medicine could have helped save his mother. Essentially it was a complete waste of time and unnecessary.

Back in the present day the plan to destroy the headquarters was getting started

As expected several hitches in the plan popped up as both Dr. Porter and the newly capture Aaron and Cynthia went inside the HQ.

Then we were treated to ANOTHER flashback of Dr. Horn learns that medicine is good and saves lives.

Down in HQ Dr. Horn was ready to get started testing Aaron's abilities.

Out in the backcountry of North Carolina it appeared that Jason was not completely free from his brainwashing treatment as he violently attacked the Secretary for a moment.

Meanwhile Captain Tom and the Man were having a heart to heart in the woods.

The Man revealed that he still loved his wife and wanted to rescue her. Major Tom - do you think that you can convince this man to kill his wife that he loves in less than five minutes?

Back in Willoughby our heroes captured Dr. Porter and began to interrogate him about how he could possibly betray them. Again as we learned last week

Really Dr. Porter just wants to save Rachel and Charlie. Unfortunately for our heroes Edison and the Patriots were able to track down Dr. Porter and our heroes. Dr. Porter volunteered to go outside and buy them some time to escape much to Charlie's dismay

Dr. Porter successfully distracted the Patriots to allow our heroes to escape, but was himself taken into custody. Back in the torture chamber Dr. Horn was observing Aaron healing himself.

Dr. Horn revealed that he had an inoperable brain tumor that would soon kill him. This was the reason why he was so interested in Aaron's healing abilities. Indeed the next test would be to see if Aaron would be able to heal someone else. This was kicked off as one of the Patriots stabbed Cynthia. The results of this test would be revealed next week.

Rounding out the episode in North Carolina, Captain Tom was successful in convincing the Man that the only solution to his situation was to kill the Secretary thereby winning the challenge.

Our main heroes were back in Willoughby were they were deciding to stay and free not only Aaron, but also Dr. Porter.


Will Aaron be able to heal Cynthia?

Does Dr. Horn want Aaron to heal Dr. Horn or does Dr. Horn want the power to heal himself?

Where will Monroe pop up next?

Was there "real" tension between Edison and Dr. Horn?

Will Dr. Porter be put on trial/executed or just locked up?

Are Aaron's abilities going to be learnable/transferable without technology or even at all?

How many rescue missions has this how done so far?

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Nov 20, 2013
I kept having to check my calender, November right? This is an important month for ratings and whatnot. I know that Kripke et al are all used to CW demands (ratings, shmatings, as long as there is some fan fiction out there we are fine), but a treading water episode? It does look like Aaron has some crazy effects to them hurting Cynthia, but you just know it didn't reach all the way to Horn. The split storylines are starting to hurt my head.
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