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Before we get to talking about this week's episode I would just like to start off with a short summary of all of the men in Rachel's life.

Son - Dead
Husband - Dead
Miles - Brother-in-law/Lover, Former Bloody Co-Dictator of Monroe Republic
Monroe - Nemesis, BFF of daughter, responsible for son and husband's deaths
Aaron - friend(?) who can light people on fire with his mind
Father - new head bad guy in charge, traitor, patriot spy
Best friend growing up - Patriot spy, tried to kill her, she killed him

Let's just say that all the scenes where Rachel looks crazy staring off into space start to make a little more sense when you look at this list.

Anyway, this week we started off with Miles and Monroe attempting to set up the Patriots for Fry's death

Miles and Monroe left behind a shell casing and blood drops to implicate the patriots and dumped the body into a river. The Texas Rangers figured out that something was up and went to investigate

As the rangers left they passed by our inconspicuous heroes

Eventually the Rangers found the hideout by the river

In any event it looked like Monroe's plan to set the Texans and the Patriots at one another's throats was working and next Sunday in Foxboro New England would be playing Houston......wait okay not football...right...back to Revolution - in any case

Later that week the Matheson clan was having a good old fashioned family breakfast where there was a certain chill in the air between our two leading ladies.

On the other hidden side of town Monroe was having just another typical Monroe type day

Before he was rudely interrupted

Monroe had interrogated a Patriot soldier and discovered a wealth of information. Miles was less than thrilled that Monroe wasn't laying as low as he wanted, but he was impressed with the results of his methodology.

Over in Georgia, the Secretary and Major Tom were having some quality time together before the Secretary decided that she had gone far enough

After the Secretary unsuccessfully attempted to abandon ship they discovered a campground of murdered folks. They came to the correct conclusion that a group of the brainwashed people were likely responsible. Unfortunately for them the crazy people hadn't left yet and a firefight ensued, leading to the reveal of one of the crazies.

Remember when we spent half a season looking for Danny, yeah this was way better.

Back in Willoughby Rachel was being super passive aggressive about Miles spending more time with Monroe than with her

Okay, really she was super upset that they were hiding and teaming up with Monroe, but Miles had a point

Unfortunately, Monoe's hideout turned out to not be as good as they thought as the Patriots and Texans teamed up to capture him

Quick question - did we ever actually get a reason why Monroe supposedly nuked his own capital or was the reason given just that he was crazy and that's what crazy people do? Anyway the General of Texas and the Patriots paraded Monroe right on into town

But, no one was more upset about this than Charlie

Things were not looking good for our heroes as the Patriots and the Texans were getting along like good chums

Meanwhile we were introduced to a brand new character who was a reporter and actually knew who Aaron was

Bonnie Webster, former writer at Forbes, took all of 10 seconds before she became more interesting than Aaron's current lady fling - who's name I still cannot remember after 6 episodes. All I kept thinking was that I hope we just forget that whatshername ever existed and we just replace her with Bonnie for the rest of the season.

This episode also took some time to give us some flashbacks to where it all went wrong for Monroe and Miles three years after the blackout. It turns out that Miles was the initial aggressor (which I don't think is what happened in Season 1 flashbacks, but whatever), while Monroe was the aww shucks good guy who had a pregnant wife who was all that he cared about.

Back in Georgia the Secretary was having a bit of a mental breakdown as she tried to convince Major Tom that Jason was no longer the person that he was and that he could never be fixed.

Wow, the Secretary's backstory was pretty bleak guys. Her son had been brainwashed in one of the early trials and she considered him to be a monster now. Her husband was one of the higher ups in the Patriot ranks and definitely knew that she had been sent to her death and did not care since his personal mantra was "country before family". She was clinging to Major Tom pretty fiercely emotionally. Anyway let's wrap up this part of the storyline before we get back to Willougby. Major Tom was able to kill Jason's two cohorts, but was losing to him rather badly before the Secretary came out of nowhere and knocked Jason out.

Jason recognized his dad when he woke up later, but gave him tons of guff about being a terrible person anyway. Oh and he also dropped this little bomb (whether it was true or not is debatable) to mess with Major Tom's head.

Back in Willoughby Charlie and Miles's attempt to free Monroe was rudely interrupted when the Patriots moved Monroe into a bank vault thanks to a tip from guess who?

Miles and Charlie were less than pleased with this development, although Rachel claimed that she did not get Monroe captured in the first place.

Back in flashback country we learned two things - how Miles and Monroe met Major Tom

and what sent Monroe off the deep end

It turns out that Monroe's wife and child died during childbirth (pretty bleak). It wasn't explicitly stated that his wife died as well, but I think that was at least implied. In the end this started Monroe off on his downward spiral as he led men into a neighboring camp and slaughtered them (instead of just stealing from them as Miles has suggested)

Back in the present day Monroe finally filled Miles in on the fact that he had a son

Apparently Miles already knew about Monroe's son and had hidden him from Monroe for several years. Monroe was less than pleased about this fact.
A few hours later it was time for Monroe's execution

While the leaders were getting nice and chummy, Bonnie was in the back looking none to pleased, which seems like that might be important

Meanwhile, Monroe was being led into the courthouse/execution chamber when he spotted his BFF

Inside Rachel and her Dad would be performing the execution because of course, and there was no possible way that Rachel might be planning something sneaky

And then Monroe died

The Texans then buried Monroe's body, but the important part was the writers rooms once again playing off the inherent pride Texans have in being from Texas because of course

Back in town much to my dismay Bonnie was heading out, but she had some parting words for Aaron

And then we got the big reveal of who the Patriot traitor was

Aaron also had a run in with some random symbol that he had been doodling all day, which reminded us that the Patriots have never heard of something

Anyway more importantly Rachel was digging up Monroe

What did you think of this week's episode?

Will Monroe's kid be Charlie's new love interest?

How long will Jason be mental?

What's the deal with Aaron's symbol?

Will Bonnie be back?

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